Pak Studies Class 9th Chapter 4 Women’s empowerment MCQs Notes

pak studies 9th mcqs Chapter No 4

1. An institution named “APWA” for the welfare of women was established in:


2. The 12th February day is celebrated in Pakistan for:


3. Punjab Protection of Women Against Violence Act was passed on:


4. The first woman who advocated women’s rights was:


5. An SMS number for complaint to police about violence against women is:


6. Hazrat Khadija (RA) was a famous wealthy woman in:


7. APWA was established for the moral, social and financial welfare of women by:


8. The trade center owning by Hazrat Khadija (RA) was located in the city of:


9. Hazrat Khadija (RA) was the _______________ wife of the Holy Prophet (PBUH):


10. What is the number of helpline which can be used to report cases of Violence Against Women?


11. Punjab Marriage Restraint Act was passed in:


12. In the world, one out of three women or almost _______________ of women fall victim to violence:


13. Violence Against Women Centers (VAWC) will be established at:


14. Violence Against Women can possibly be committed by:


15. VAW means:


16. The name of the first beloved wife of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was:


17. What is the legal age for marriage in Punjab?


Short Questions

1. Can violence against women be perpetrated by someone within their families or homes?
2. Define gender based violence according to World Health Organization.
3. Define the “Violence” and “Violence against Women (VAW)”.
4. Describe briefly the Punjab protection of Women against violence Act, 2016.
5. Describe the salient features of the “Punjab Protection of Women Against Violence Act” passed in 2016.
6. How has the United Nations defined Violence against Women? 
7. Name those women who guided Muslim Women during times of distress.
8. What are the acts which the Govt. of Punjab has introduced to eradicate violence against women?
9. What are the offences under “Punjab Protection of Women Against Violence Act 2016”?
10. What are the penalties for arranging a child marriage?
11. What institutions were established for the protection of women’s rights in the nineteenth century?
12. What is the function of District Women Protection Committees?
13. What kind of violence do women have to face in Pakistan?
14. What kind of Violence is made against Women in Pakistan? 
15. Which Muslim Lady worked for women’s rights in the Pakistan Movement?
16. Who are the heads of rescue teams?
17. Who were Hazrat Khadija (RA) and Hazrat Abu Talib? What was their relation with Hazrat Muhammad (SAW)?
18. Why was APWA established and for which purpose?
19. Write two names of Pakistani ladies, who struggled for the rights of women?
20. Write two steps taken by Govt. of Punjab to redress violence against women.

Long Questions

1. “Terrorism is a curse” write two points about it.
2. Analyze the common ideas about violence Against Women.
3. Describe briefly the saying. “Violence occurs because of the victim’s own fault”.
4. Describe the facilities available at Women Protection Centers.
5. Describe the history of women rights?
6. Discuss the role of women in the development of Pakistan.
7. Discuss the role of women in the Pakistan movement.
8. Highlight Government’s effort to eliminate violence against women in Pakistan.
9. How is it possible to eradicate violence against women?
10. How is terrorism effecting Pakistan?
11. Suggest four points to overcome Terrorism.
12. What are the reasons for occurring violence against women?
13. What is meant by terrorism? What is terrorism?
14. What is the legal for marriage of boy and girl in Punjab?
15. What is the Punjab Marriage Restraint Act 2015?
16. What is the status of women in Islam? Illustrate it in the light of the Holy Quran and Hadith?
17. What is the wrong with the argument that “violence against women is the fault of the victim”?
18. What steps have been taken by school against Terrorism?
19. What steps have been taken by the government to control terrorism?
20. What type of women fall victim to violence and what class of people do the offenders belong to?
21. What will you do about the doubtful persons in your school?
22. When and where did Aitizaz Hassan martyr?
23. When was Aitizaz Hassan martyred and how many students and teachers were present in Assembly?
24. Who are the victims and offenders of violence against women?
25. Who was Aitzaz Hassan?
26. Who was Bi-Jan?
27. With reference to violence against women, define the “offender”.
28. Write any two causes of occurrence of violence against women
29. Write three points on terrorism which is against the Islamic teachings.
30. Write two suggestions to control terrorism.

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