Pak Studies Class 9th Chapter 3 Land and Environment MCQs Notes

pak studies 9th mcqs Chapter No 3

1. Along the borders of Pakistan and China, there is the mountain range of:


2. Pakistan can be divided into regions with reference to the climate:


3. Through which pass, Shahrah-e-Rasham connects Pakistan with China?


4. Most of the Hindu Kush mountain range is located in:


5. The name of mountain range through which Shahrah-e-Resham (Silk Route) passes:


6. Noise pollution is found in:


7. The desert of Cholistan is located in the province of:


8. The length of Durand Line between Pakistan and Afghanistan is:


9. Which country lies in the North of Pakistan?


10. Thal Desert is situated in:


11. National bird of Pakistan is:


12. The number of plateau in Pakistan is:


13. To the South of Pakistan, there lies:


14. In the East of Pakistan, there lies the country:


15. The total area of Pakistan is:


16. Central Asian countries are largest than Pakistan with the reference of area:


17. The border line of Pakistan and Afghanistan is known is:


18. In which province, the desert of Kharan is situated?


19. Which river flows in the south of Koh-e-Sufaid?


20. The plateau of Baluchistan is famous for the production of:


21. The third desert of Pakistan is:


22. River Indus, from which area enters into Pakistan?


23. The largest lake of the Baluchistan Plateau is:


24. In the Southern area of Pakistan, there is mountain range of:


25. The Northern part of Pakistan is surrounded from three sides by:


26. The height of the 2nd highest peak of the world is:


27. Sayaan mountains are situated in the province of:


28. According to the population, the second largest country of world is:


29. Area where annual rainfall is less than 10 inches is called:


30. How much part of the total area of Pakistan is covered with forests?


31. In the North-West of Pakistan:


32. Pakistan and China connect to each other through:


33. The 2nd name of K-2 is:


34. The highest peak of Koh-e-Hindu Kush is:


35. Biafo is the name of:


36. The national animal of Pakistan is:


37. Central Makran mountains are situated in the province of:


Short Questions

1. Define mountains
2. Describe five steps taken by the Government to decrease the industrial pollution.
3. Describe the effects of air pollution.
4. Describe the location of Pakistan.
5. How many regions of Pakistan with respect to its climate?
6. In which mountain range Tochi pass and Gomal Pass are situated?
7. State five causes of soil pollution.
8. State four causes of soil pollution.
9. What are the hazards to our environment now-a-days?
10. What do you mean by Glacier?
11. What is desert? Write two names of deserts of Pakistan.
12. What is length of the border of Pakistan with India and Afghanistan?
13. What is meant by deltaic area?
14. What is meant by Durand line?
15. What is meant by mountains?
16. What is meant by natural regions?
17. What is meant by physical environment?
18. What is meant by Plain?
19. What is the importance of Afghanistan and the countries of Central Asia for Pakistan?
20. What is the importance of Karachi port?
21. What steps are being taken by the Government to improve forests?
22. Where is beautiful Kashmir valley situated?
23. Where is Toba Kakar mountain range situated?
24. Which countries are situated in the North and East of Pakistan?
25. Which is the famous peak in the Greater Himalayan range?
26. Why is Pakistan important for Afghanistan and the Central Asian States?
27. Write a short note on desert region of Pakistan.
28. Write down the name and height of 2nd highest peak of the World
29. Write five reasons for decreasing of forests.
30. Write four reasons for decreasing of forests.
31. Write full name and total area of Pakistan.
32. Write physical features of Pakistan. (any two)
33. Write the four types of pollution.
34. Write the name of two important ports of Pakistan.
35. Write the names of any four major crops of Pakistan.
36. Write the names of five glaciers located in Pakistan.
37. Write the names of five natural regions of Pakistan.
38. Write the names of four Central Asian States.
39. Write the names of four glaciers located in Pakistan.
40. Write the names of four natural regions of Pakistan.
41. Write the names of two natural regions of Pakistan.
42. Write the types of pollution.
43. Write two points on Pothwar plateau.
44. Write two points on significant importance of location of Pakistan.
45. Write two reasons for decreasing of forests in Pakistan.

Long Questions

1. Describe the mountain ranges of Pakistan.
2. Describe the Salinity and Water Logging.
3. Describe the solution of the problems associated with the conservation strategies for water, land, nature vegetation and wild life.
4. Describe the Importance of forests
5. Discribe the Hazards to Human Environment.
6. Elaborate “How does climate affect the human Life?”
7. EXplain in how many temperature regions Pakistan is divided?
8. In how many climatic regions, Pakistan is divided? Write the detail of each region.
9. In how many temperature regions, Pakistan is divided?
10. Write a note on canals of Pakistan.
11. Write a note on drainage system of Pakistan.
12. Write a note on natural regions of Pakistan.
13. Write a note on of Coastal Region of Pakistan.
14. Write a note on plain.
15. Write a note on the significance of plain of Pakistan.
16. Write a note on types of Environmental Pollution.
17. Write about the wildlife found in Pakistan and threats to it.
18. Write note on Rainfall condition in Pakistan.
19. Write notes on the following: (a) Plateau (b) Plain
20. Write significance of the location of Pakistan.
21. Write the two types of plateau Pothwar.

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