Pak Studies Class 9th Chapter 2 Pakistan movement and Emergence of Pakistan MCQs Notes

pak studies 9th mcqs Chapter No 2

1. In 3rd five year plan, it was decided to increase per capita income at the rate of _______________ %:


2. Where was Quaid-e-Azam born?


3. The Battle of Biksar was fought in:


4. When did Quaid-e-Azam addressed to the Pakistan officers?


5. Liaqat Ali Khan was born in:


6. Six Points Formula was presented by:


7. When did General Muhammad Ayub Khan impose martial law?


8. The World War II broke out in:


9. The Political party got majority in 1970 elections in the East Pakistan:


10. India hijacked and delivered their own aeroplane Ganga to:


11. Amrita Bazar Patrika was named of:


12. The second constitution was enforced in:


13. When was Resolution of Lahore passed in annual session of All India Muslim League?


14. The movements of “Civil Dis-obedience” and “Quit India” were launched by:


15. When was the battle of Palasi fought?


16. Indus Water Treaty was brokered by:


17. General Muhammad Yahya Khan took over the government in:


18. The head of the Agriculture Reforms Commission by Ayub Khan was:


19. Which language was declared the national language after the establishment of Pakistan?


20. Which party won the majority seats from West Pakistan in the general elections of 1970?


21. How many ministers from Muslim League were included in the interim Government in 1946?


22. When did the Quaid-e-Azam join the Muslim League?


23. Cripps Mission came to India in:


24. ___________________ named Resolution of Lahore as “Pakistan of Jinnah”.


25. Who presented the Pakistan Resolution?


26. General Muhammad Yahya Khan,the president of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan announced a legal Framework Order (LFO) to hold general elections in 1970. According to LFO, the number to National Assembly seats was:


27. The growth of an economy from backward to advanced economy is known as:


28. Rowlett Act was passed:


29. Who did present famous Fourteen Points?


30. The convention of Muslim League on 9th April 1946 was presided by:


31. The Objectives Resolution was passed in:


32. After the emergence of Pakistan, the language was declared as National Language along with Urdu Language


33. Simla Conference held in:


34. President General Muhammad Ayub Khan introduced land reforms in:


35. The year of Delhi-Muslim proposals:


36. Red Cliff was a:


37. A mission of the British Government came to India in 1942 under the leadership of:


38. In which annual session of All India Muslim League was the Pakistan Resolution passed?


39. Hussain Shaheed Suhurwardi was the chief minister of:


40. When was the Indian Independence Act approved?


41. On what time of 6th September 1965, India attacked Pakistan?


42. In which city, Quaid-e-Azam addressed on February 14, 1948?


43. When did Sindh Muslim League pass a resolution in favour of partition?


44. According to constitution of 1956, the number of National Assembly members was:


45. President of Pakistan General Muhammad Yahya Khan announced Legal Framework Order:


46. When did Labour Party come into power in Britain?


47. Who was sent to India as viceroy at the time of Indian Independence?


48. Liaqat Ali Khan Visited the United States of America in:


49. How many rupees were deposited in reserve bank of the United India, at the time of partition


50. When did Sir Syed Ahmad Khan use term “Two-Nation” Theory firstly?


51. The duration of 3rd five year plan was:


52. How many members consisted of the first National Assembly of Pakistan?


53. Quaid-e-Azam worked as first Governor General of Pakistan for:


54. Who did preside over the 27th session of All India Muslim League?


55. The constitution of 1962 was consisted of _____________________ articles:


56. How many princely states were there in the Sub-continent when the partition of India took place?


57. Who did introduce a new system of Basic Democracies in 1959?


58. The Constitution of 1956 remained enforced for a period of:


59. When did Liaqat Ali Khan join All India Muslim League?


60. Which state was ruled by Sultan Fateh Ali Khan Tipu?


61. The Raja of Kallicut was:


62. The total number of the members of the Basic Democracies was:


63. The duration of 2nd five year plan is:


64. Jinnah-Gandhi talk started in:


65. When did Quaid-e-Azam present his famous Fourteen Points?


66. When Gandhi wrote a letter to Quaid-e-Azam?


67. Ayub Khan announced that presidential elections would be held in:


68. The East Pakistan was emerged as an independent state on the map of the World in:


69. When was Liaqat Ali khan assassinated?


70. When did one unit in West Pakistan come to an end?


71. The year of Montag-Chemsford Reforms is:


72. How many years did General Ayub Khan rule?


73. When was the Lucknow Pact made between Muslim League and Congress?


74. Government of Britain declared to rule out over India:


75. What percentage was the population of East Pakistan of the total population of Pakistan?


76. When West Pakistan was made one unit?


77. When was Nehru Report presented?


78. The constitution of 1956 consist of:


79. Liaqat Ali Khan signed Liaqat-Nehru Pact in:


80. With the efforts of the United Nations, a ceasefire took place in the war of 1965 on:


Short Questions

1. According to the “Objectives Resolution 1949” what are the fundamental rights of the citizenship?
2. Describe any five points of the Land Reforms introduced by Ayub Khan.
3. Describe any four points of the Land Reforms introduced by Ayub Khan.
4. Describe the holding of All Parties Conference under the 3rd June, 1947 plan.
5. Describe the manifestoes of the Muslim League and the Congress in the General Elections 1945-46.
6. Describe two causes of the war 1965.
7. Describe two main purposes of cabinet mission plan 1946.
8. Explain parliamentary system of government.
9. Hindustan occupied forcedly many independent states after the partition. Write the names of any two states.
10. How and when did Constituent Assembly of Pakistan elect its President?
11. How did Quaid-e-Azam get the title of “Ambassador of Peace”?
12. How did the India occupy Kashmir?
13. How did the provincial Groups formed in the Cabinet Mission plan?
14. How many princely states were in the subcontinent? Write names of any two these states.
15. How was constitution of 1956 abrogated?
16. How was Lahore resolution named as Pakistan resolution?
17. How was the first constitution Assembly formed?
18. How was the Malakand Division formed?
19. Many important personalities presented the opinion to partition India. Write the name of any five such personalities.
20. Many important personalities proposed for the partition of Sub-continent. Write name of any four personalities.
21. Many prominent personalities gave suggestions to divide sub-continent. Write names of any two of them.
22. Mention any four targets of 2nd five year Development.
23. Mention any two targets of 2nd five year Development.
24. Mention five targets of 3rd Five year Development plan.
25. Narrate the standpoint of Quaid-e-Azam on Rowlatt Act 1919.
26. Narrate three proposals of Cripps Mission.
27. What are the points for the feature policies described in the Legal Frame Work Order? Write any two.
28. What are the points for the feature policies described in the Legal Framework order?
29. What do you know about “Bhutto-Mujeeb differences” in the separation of East Pakistan.
30. What do you know about hijacking of Ganga Aero plane in separation of East Pakistan?
31. What do you know about Rowlatt Act? Write briefly.
32. What do you mean by Economic Development?
33. What is colonialism?
34. What is meant by presidential constitution in the constitution of 1962?
35. What is meant by Single Citizenship?
36. What is meant by Union Council and Union Committee?
37. What plans were being made by the religious Hindu parties to damage the identity of Muslims of Sub-continent? Write any two.
38. What was Indus Water Treaty 1960.
39. What was the period and total seats of National Assembly, According to L.F.O.,1970?
40. What was the reaction of congress on cabinet Mission plan?
41. What was the reaction of Muslim League on cabinet mission plan of 1946?
42. What was the reply of Quaid-Azam in Jinnah-Gandhi Talks 1944?
43. What was the role of Pakistan Navy in the war of 1965?
44. What were the targets of 2nd Five year Development Plan?
45. When and between which countries Indus Water treaty was Signed? 
46. When and where the First Prime Minister of Pakistan Liaquat Ali Khan was born?
47. When and where was Laiquat Ali Khan martyred?
48. When and where was Simla conference held?
49. When and where was Tipu Sultan martyred?
50. When did Gandhi write a letter to Quaid-e-Azam? Write the text of his letter.
51. When did Indian Independence Act approve?
52. When did Pakistan emerge on the map of world?
53. Which areas of Muslim majority, India got as a result of unjust division by Radcliff?
54. Which party came into power in England in 1945 and who was its Prime-Minister?
55. Which resolution was presented by the Chief Minister Bengal, Mr. Hussain Shaheed Suharwardy in the convention of Assembly members of Muslim League in 1946?
56. While presiding over the All India Muslim League session at Lahore in 1940, Quaid-e-Azam identified the direction for the struggle of the Muslims.
57. Who was the first speaker of the Assembly of Pakistan?
58. Who was the last Viceroy of Hindustan and when did he come to India?
59. Why did Congress reject Crips Mission proposals?
60. Why did India play a drama of hijacking of Ganga Aero plane?
61. Why was congress interested to put Abu-ul-Kalam Azad in Defense Council by the side of Muslim League?
62. Write any five points of Muslim Family Laws Ordinance.
63. Write any four Islamic Provisions of the constitution of 1956
64. Write any four targets of 2nd five year Development of 1960-65.
65. Write any three points of Wavell plan.
66. Write any two administrative problems of Early Pakistan.
67. Write any two Islamic Provisions of the constitution of 1956.
68. Write any two points of C.R. Formula.
69. Write any two points of Muslim Family Laws Ordinance.
70. Write any two points of this address.
71. Write any two points of Wavell plan. 
72. Write any two salient features of Legal Frame Work Order. 
73. Write five Islamic Provisions of the Constitution of 1956.
74. Write on the River water issue.
75. Write text of the Pakistan Resolution
76. Write the name of First Governor and Chief Minister of West Pakistan.
77. Write the names of any two personalities who proposed for Sub-continent Partition.
78. Write the names of five ministers of the Muslim League in the Interim Government.
79. Write the names of four ministers of Muslim League included in the interim Government 1946.
80. Write the names of four ministers of the Muslim League in the Interim Government 1946-47.
81. Write the names of the members of the cabinet Mission plan 1945-46.
82. Write the names of two Cabinet Mission members 1946.
83. Write the names of two members of the cabinet Mission plan 1946.
84. Write the names of two non-Muslims Judges of Punjab Commission.
85. Write the role of air force in the war of 1965?
86. Write three early problems of Pakistan.
87. Write tow points on Rowllet Act?
88. Write two early problems of Pakistan.
89. Write two important features of Constitution of 1956.
90. Write two lines about the introduction of Tipu Sultan.
91. Write two points on the division of Assets.
92. Write two proposals of Cripps Mission.

Long Questions

1. Comparison between Cripps Mission and Cabinet Mission Plans proposals.
2. Describe Causes of Separation of East Pakistan.
3. Describe different steps of Basic Democracies System. 
4. Describe early problems of Pakistan.
5. Describe in detail the reaction of the political parties to the Cabinet Mission.
6. Describe Muslim family laws ordinance.
7. Describe salient features of Constitution of 1962.
8. Describe the background of the Pakistan Resolution, its basic points and the reaction of the Hindus at the approval of this Resolution.
9. Describe the political, social and educational services of the Aligarh movement.
10. Describe the role of Quid-e-Azam in the establishment of Pakistan.
11. Discuss the background of C.R. Form with its main points
12. Elaborate important points of objectives Resolution.
13. Elaborate the role of Liaquat Ali Khan as the first Prime Minister of Pakistan.
14. Explain the role of Quaid-e-Azam as first Governor General of Pakistan,
15. Explain the salient features of “Legal Framework Order” (LFO) 1970.
16. Explain with detail about the elections of 1945-46.
17. Narrate the British Colonial System in India.
18. Narrate the main points and implementation of 3rd June, 1947 Plan.
19. What were the main causes of General Ayub Khan’s Martial Law?
20. Which was the party won the elections 1970?
21. Who was the first prime ministry of Pakistan? Describe shortly about his life.
22. Why were the elections of 1945-46 held? How did the results of these elections benefit the Muslims?
23. Write a not on Elections 1965?
24. Write a note on basic Democracies System.
25. Write down the Accession of States and Tribal area to Pakistan.
26. Write down the fourteen points of Quaid-e-Azam ?
27. Write salient features of the Cabinet Mission plan 1946.
28. Write salient features of the Constitution of 1956.
29. Write some events of Indo-Pak War 1965.
30. Write some Islamic Provisions of constitution of 1956.
31. Write the role of Liaquat Ali Khan as the first prime Minister of Pakistan.

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