Pak Studies Class 10th Chapter 9: Population, Society and Culture of Pakistan آبادی، معاشرہ اور پاکستان کی ثقافت MCQs Notes

pak studies 10th notes Chapter 9

QuestionABCDCorrect Ans
اردو کے پہلے صاحب دیوان شاعرتھے ۔میرتقی میرسلطان محمد قلی قطب شاہ    خواجہ میر دردمرزا محمد رفیع سوداسلطان محمد قلی قطب شاہ 
2018-19کے اعدادوشمار کے مطابق پاکستان میں شرح خواندگی ہے۔45فیصد 55 فیصد60 فیصد 62.3 فیصد  62.3 فیصد 
2017ء کی مردم شماری کے مطابق پاکستان  کی آبادی تھی ۔قربیا 65.3 ملین       قربیا 84.2 ملینقربیا 132.3 ملینقربیا207.7 ملینقربیا207.7 ملین
بلوچستان کے علاقے قلات اور اس کے اردگردمقامی زبان بولی جاتی ہے۔ ہندکو          براہوی    سرائیکیبلوچیبراہوی
QuestionABCDCorrect Ans
“Hiba Khatoon” was poetess of languageSraikiBrahviHindkoKashmirBrahvi
According to census of 1951, the literacy rate of Pakistan was:61 percent percent 20 percent 25 percent 3361 percent
According to economic survey of 2011-12 population of male is:51 percent percent 49 percent 53 percent 4751 percent
According to modern research ______________ compiled the first Deewan.Mirza GhalibSultan Muhammad Qalli Qutab ShahMirza SoudaMeer DardSultan Muhammad Qalli Qutab Shah
According to the economic survey of Pakistan (2013-14) the population of Pakistan was:186.02 million187. 02 million188.02 million189.02 million188.02 million
According to the economic survey of Pakistan 2011-12; the population of Pakistan is:18 crore 7 laks20 crore 7 laks18 crore 2 laks20 crore 2 laks18 crore 7 laks
According to the survey of economic of Pakistan, the literacy rate of Pakistan is: percent 5060 percent percent 54 percent 2460 percent
After, how many years census record in Pakistan?Five yearsEight yearsfifteen yearsten yearsten years
Ameer Karore was to be considered as the first poet of poem:PushtoPunjabiSindhiKashmiriPushto
Collectively, Baluchi poetry can be divided into parts.23453
Females in Pakistan is: percent 51 percent 49 percent 5347 percent47 percent
First Balochi magazine was published in:19601961196219631960
For how many patients, a doctor is available in Pakistan?1222 persons 1322 persons1422 persons1522 persons1222 persons 
For how many persons, a dentists available.12854 persons16854 persons20854 persons24854 persons16854 persons
For the eradication of Polio in Pakistan a drive was started:In 1975In 1965In 1995In 1885In 1965
From which area of Pakistan Shah Abdul Latif Bhattai and Sachal Ser Must belong?SindhPunjabBaluchistanKhyber PakhtunkhwaSindh
How many accents of Pashto language?twothreearmyclassthree
How many seats are in national assembly for minorities?48101210
How many year duration of higher secondary education?TwoThreeFourOneTwo
In 1647 Shah Jahan was made which city to its capital?AgraGujratDehliDaccan  Dehli
In Baluchistan and its surrounding areas, which local language is spoken?BalochiBrahviSeraikiHindkoBrahvi
In Pakistan the average age is:57 years60 years65 years66 years65 years
In Pakistan the education of middle class is from:fifth to sixth classsixth to eight classninth to 10th classone to fifthsixth to eight class
In Pakistan, high population is in:In citiesIn villagesIn ParksIn bazaarsIn villages
In the rural areas in Pakistan, the people live: percent 50 percent 55 percent 6065 percent65 percent
In the whole of Muslim world’s local languages, ________________ is the first language to have a translation of the Holy Quran.SindhiPunjabiBalochiPushtoSindhi
Pakistan is the largest country in the world with respect to population.Thirdfourthfifthsixthsixth
Quaid-e-Azam made a speech in regarding of place of minorities:In 1946In 1947In 1948In 1949In 1947
Rehman Baba was a poet:PunjabUrduSindhiPushtoPushto
Seats for minorities in National assembly in Pakistan are:810121410
The average age of women in Pakistan is:57 years60 years65 years66 years66 years
The best accent of the Punjab is:MajhiChachiDhaniShahpuriMajhi
The education from nursery to fifth class is known asprimarymiddleSecondaryhigher secondaryprimary
The famous poet of Punjabi language is:Hibba Khatoon  Rehman BabaBaba Bulley ShahAmeer CoreBaba Bulley Shah
The favorite food of Pakistani is:Ricemeatvegetablescerealsmeat
The first census of Indo-Pak held in:18811781198117711881
The first census was held in Pakistan:In 1951In 1961In 1971In 1981In 1951
The first Divan in Urdu Ghazal was compiled by:Mirza Muhammad Rafi SaudaSultan Muhammad Qutab ShahMir Taqi MirKhawaja Mir DardSultan Muhammad Qutab Shah
The fourth census was held in Pakistan:1972 A.D1981 A.D1998 A.D2005 A.D1998 A.D
The largest province of Pakistan, with respect to population is:PunjabSindhBaluchistanKhyber PakhtunkhwaPunjab
The literacy rate in Pakistan is: percent 43 percent 45 percent 5558 percent58 percent
The literacy rate of males in Pakistan is: percent 65 percent 6669 percent percent 7069 percent
The Medical Commission in Pakistan was established:19511955195919631963
The men are of total population in Pakistan. percent 6 percent 55 percent 551 percent51 percent
The most populated city of Pakistan is:LahoreMultanKarachiPeshawarKarachi
The national language of daily communication of Pakistan is:PunjabSindhiPushtoUrduUrdu
The poet is thought to be the first poet of Nazm (poem) in the Pashto language.Ameer CroreSher Shah SauriRehman BabaKhush Hal Khan KhattakAmeer Crore
The population of Pakistan in 1947 was:1.25 crore2.25 crore3.25 crore4.25 crore3.25 crore
The population of Pakistan with respect to 1998 census42.8 million65.3 million84.2 million132.3 million132.3 million
The second census of Pakistan was held:19511955196119811961
Tomb of Quaid-e-Azam is situated in:LahoreKarachiIslamabadZiaratKarachi
University of heaths sciences was established:KarachiMultanLahoreSahiwalLahore
Urdu is the word of which language?PersianIraniHindiTurkeyTurkey
Urdu means that:LashkargrouparmyclassLashkar
When did Quid-e-Azam make a speech regarding the place of minorities:11th August3rd September7th November12th December1.3rd September
When does university education start?After primary educationAfter secondary educationAfter higher secondary educationPrep and higher secondary educationAfter higher secondary education
Where is tomb of Hazrat Ali HajvaryLahoreQasoorKarachiMultanLahore
Which language is ancient of province Punjab?UrduPunjabPersianSindhPunjab
Who prepared the alphabets of Pashto language?AzizullahMuhammad Bin QasimAmeer KhusroSaif UllahSaif Ullah

Short Questions

1. According to census of 1998, what is the density of population in Pakistan?
2. According to population census, Pakistan is on which position in the world?
3. Describe four elements of Pakistani culture.
4. Describe the importance of religious uniformity.
5. Describe two basic features of culture and society in Pakistan.
6. Explain any five measures taken at the government level to resolve educational problems.
7. Explain the role of minorities in Pakistan.
8. For first time in which regional language the Holy Quran was translated?
9. Give some suggestions for the solution of the educational problems.
10. Give some suggestions to control the health problems in Pakistan.
11. How man percent there is an increment in population rate?
12. How many times census has been held after the freedom of Pakistan?
13. How many times the census has been held in Pakistan?
14. Now-a-days what is density of population in Pakistan?
15. Point out any two social problems of Pakistan.
16. To which city, Shah Jahan made his capital instead of Agra in 1647?
17. What culture is according to Edward Taylor?
18. What is a census?
19. What is density of population in different provinces of Pakistan?
20. What is meant by middle education?
21. What is meant by minorities?
22. What is meant by rural and urban distribution of population?
23. What is meant by university education?
24. What is prep education?
25. What is primary education?
26. What is the average age of males and females in Pakistan?
27. What is the literacy rate of males and females in Pakistan?
28. What is the meant by density of population?
29. What is the ratio of men and women in Pakistan according to census of 2011-12?
30. What steps government is taking to increase literacy rate in Pakistan?
31. What was the role of Rehman Baba in the development of Pashto language?
32. What were some important topics of the poetry of Khushaal Khan Khatak?
33. What were some important topics of the poetry of Khushaal Khan Khatak?
34. What were the services of Makhdoom Muhammad Hashim in the Sindhi literature?
35. When did the campaign start for the eradication of polio in Pakistan?
36. When the first sentence was published in Sindhi language?
37. When was first census in Indo-Pak history held?
38. Which are famous accents of Sindhi language?
39. Which are sufi poets of Punjab?
40. Which are the infectious diseases in Pakistan? Write the name of four diseases.
41. Which are the major games of Pakistan?
42. Which are the other countries?
43. Which department is controlling Middle, secondary and higher secondary education?
44. Which foods are appreciated in different areas of Pakistan?
45. Which is the first book of Pashto language and when did it publish?
46. Which Pashto accents are famous and what is their difference?
47. Which problems are created by the unequal distribution of wealth?
48. Which problems arise because of overpopulation?
49. Which steps our government is taking for the betterment of primary education:
50. Which topics are prominent in Pashto language?
51. Which University is established for the widened of Urdu language?
52. Who compiled first deewan of Urdu language?
53. Who was Hiba Khatoon?
54. Write a note on educational condition of Pakistan.
55. Write a note on Secondary education.
56. Write a short note on national language of Pakistan.
57. Write about some common values among provinces of Pakistan.
58. Write about two customs and traditions of Pakistan.
59. Write any two educational problems of Pakistan.
60. Write four harms of urban life.
61. Write names of any two poets of Urdu language.
62. Write names of some famous novel writers of Punjabi.
63. Write some important religious festivals of Pakistan.
64. Write some words about Punjabi folk tales.
65. Write the factors that affect the distribution and density of population?
66. Write the name of fifth era, Kashmir.
67. Write the names of any two famous poets of Sindhi language.
68. Write the names of famous Sarieki literature poets.
69. Write the names of local languages of Pakistan.
70. Write the names of three major folk tales in the Punjabi language.
71. Write the names of two important historical buildings.
72. Write the names of two non-Muslim judges of Supreme court of Pakistan?
73. Write the names of two poets of Baluchi literature.
74. Write two accents of Baluchi language.
75. Write two famous poets of Pashto language.

Long Questions

1. Describe the meaning of word Urdu. From which language it is derived? Write its reason and describe the different steps of origin of Urdu language.
2. Elaborate on the educational structure of Pakistan.
3. Elaborate on the major social problems of Pakistan.
4. Explain the various stages of development of the Punjabi and Sindhi languages.
5. Give some suggestions for the solution of educational problems.
6. Give some suggestions to control the health problems in Pakistan.
7. What is meant by culture? Explain the basic features of Pakistani society and culture.
8. Why Urdu language is national language in Pakistan?
9. Write a note on Kashmir language
10. Write a note on Sindhi Language
11. Write a note on Urdu language
12. Write about the performance of minorities in different departments of Pakistan.

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