Pak Studies Class 10th Chapter 8: Economic Development معاشی ترقی MCQs Notes

pak studies 10th notes Chapter 8
QuestionABCDCorrect Ans
پاکستان کی معیشت کاسب سے بڑا شعبہ ہے۔تجارتصنعتزراعتخدماتزراعت
پاکستان میں پن بجلی کی پیداوار کا سب سے بڑامنصوبہ ہے۔غازی بروتھا پروجیکٹمنگلاڈیمتربیلا ڈیموارسک ڈیممنگلاڈیم
معاشی ترقی سے مراد ہے۔قومی آمدنی میں اضافہزرعی مدنی میں اضافہروزگا میں اضافہاشیاوخدمات کی پیداوار میں اضافہاشیاوخدمات کی پیداوار میں اضافہ
پاکستانی معیشت ہےترقی یافتہترقی پذیرانتہائی ترقی یافتہانتہائی غریبترقی پذیر
QuestionABCDCorrect Ans
Dry port in Rawalpindi was established in:19741984198619901990
5 year developmental plan started in Pakistan in:19501948195819601950
According to the fact and figures of 2013-14 the production of rice is approximately million tons.
Chromite is an important mineral which is mostly used for manufacturing of:SteelCementPaperPaintSteel
Economic development means:Increase in national incomeIncrease in agriculturalIncome Increase in personal incomeIncrease in factual national incomeIncrease in national income
In approximately billions was sold to Pak-American fertilizer.1316222416
In Karez system, Through water resources irrigation is done:BaluchistanSindhPunjabKhyber PakhtunkhwaBaluchistan
In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa coal reserves are found only inDegariChaughiHanguHarfyHangu
In which district Kheora rock salt is situated:MianwaliAttockJehlumSargodhaJehlum
In which province Gwadar port is situated?PunjabSindhBaluchistanKhyber PakhtunkhwaBaluchistan
Karez is mostly made in those areas where is:evaporation processwinterhailingrainevaporation process
Mangla Dam is the biggest source of hydroelectric power in Pakistan, situated on:River IndusRiver KabilRiver JehlumRiver ChanabRiver Jehlum
Most of canals of Pakistan are running in:PunjabSindhKhyber Pakhton KhaBaluchistanPunjab
Natural gas discovered in:19501952196019621952
Nuclear energy was introduced in Pakistan in:19651968197119801980
On Baluchistan coast line, a seaport has been built in Gwadar with the help of:ChinaAmericaSaudi ArabiaIranChina
On River Indus the biggest project for the production of hydroelectric power.Mangla DamWarsik KamMalla Kand DamTerbela DamWarsik Kam
Pakistan government established “Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation” in:19421948195619521956
Pakistan has established a steel mill or Iron mill in Karachi with the help of:AmericaJapanRussiaChinaRussia
Pakistan imports edible oil from America, Sri Lanka and:IranSaudi ArabiaHong KongMalaysiaMalaysia
Pakistan imports the edible oil beside America and MalaysiaIranSaudi ArabHong KongSri LankaSri Lanka
Pakistan Railway constructed dry ports in Peshawar and Multan:In 1980In 1985In 1986In 1990In 1986
Pakistan’s economy is:developmentunder-developmentextremely developedextremely poorunder-development
Polo is famous:In LahoreIn MultanIn GilgitIn KarachiIn Gilgit
The ancient source of energy is:Sui gasMineralcoalelectcoal
The duration of second period of economic development is:1947-19501950-1960 1960-19701970-19801950-1960 
The first atomic energy plant was established in Pakistan in 1971.At ChashmaIn LahoreIn KarachiIn IslamabadIn Karachi
The first period of economic development of Pakistan was:1947 to 1950  1947 to 19521947to 19551960 to 19471947 to 1950  
The first port was built in Pakistan in:KarachiLahoreSialkotPeshawarLahore
The largest reserve of natural gas in Pakistan is found in:ZiaratSibbiSuiQuettaSui
The largest scheme for producing hydro-electric power in Pakistan is:Ghazi Barotha ProjectileMangla DamTarbela DamWarsak DamTarbela Dam
The largest sector of Pakistan’s economy is:tradeindustryagricultureservicesagriculture
The mineral Development corporation was established in:In 1970In 1971In 1986In 1975In 1975
The requirement of electricity in Pakistan is in Megawatts.1866018760188601896018860
The resources of Sulphur in Pakistan are million ton.80 percent percent 6 percent 4 percent 280 percent
The total gas discovered in Pakistan in 1952 at:PunjabSindhBaluchistanKhyber PakhtunkhwaBaluchistan
The total length of Link (Rabta)-canals is:490 km590 km690 km790 km590 km
To solve the water issue, between Pakistan and India, Indus waters treaty is agreed:In 1960In 1950In 1970In 1947In 1960
Under Indus water plan link canals were built.56787
Warsak dam is constructed on:Rive JehlumRiver KabilRiver IndusRiver ChanabRiver Kabil
What exports “Rice Trading Corporation”?ricewheatcottongarmentsrice
When did Federal Ministry of Industry present the plan of dry ports to government of Pakistan?19651967197219691972
When was first dry port built?19711972197619741976
Where are resources of Kalabagh raw iron found?Mianwali AttockJehlumSargodhaMianwali 
Who came into power in Pakistan in 1958?General Sikander Mirza  General Muhammad Ayub KhanGeneral Yahya KhanGeneral Zia-ul-HaqGeneral Muhammad Ayub Khan
With the cooperation of the World Bank, the Indus Water Treaty between Pakistan and India was settled in:1950  1958196019621960
With which help of country, Gwadar port is constructed?Sri LankaChinaIranMalaysiaChina

Short Questions

1. Define economic development.
2. Define gypsum. 
3. Describe two solutions of agricultural problems.
4. From which countries does Pakistan import steel and iron?
5. From which countries does Pakistan import tea?
6. From which two countries does Pakistan Import edible oil?
7. How electricity is generated through wind mills?
8. How livestock farming is beneficial for humans?
9. How many canals are built under the Indus Water Plan and what are their lengths?
10. How thermal electricity is produced?
11. Make three suggestions to solve agricultural problems in Pakistan.
12. Narrate four important problems being faced by the agricultural sector of Pakistan.
13. Narrate the uses of gypsum.
14. To fulfill its requirements from which countries Pakistan import petrol and petroleum products?
15. To which countries does Pakistan export its surgical instruments?
16. To which countries does Pakistan export sport goods?
17. To which countries Pakistan export its leather products?
18. What are flood streams?
19. What are important Canals of river Jhelum?
20. What are the important projects of producing hydro-electric power in Pakistan?
21. What are the important sources of obtaining electricity in Pakistan?
22. What are the products made by petroleum?
23. What are the uses of limes stone?
24. What are the uses of Sulphur?
25. What does OGDCL stand for?
26. What is Karez?
27. What is meant by balance of trade?
28. What is meant by cottage industry?
29. What is meant by crops of Rabi and Kharif?
30. What is meant by fishing?
31. What is meant by Ghazi Brotha Dam?
32. What is meant by import and exports?
33. What is meant by OGDCL?
34. What is meant by small industry?
35. What is meant by solar energy?
36. What is the difference between two water canals and Barren canals.
37. What is the disadvantage of logging and salinity?
38. What is the importance and use of coal?
39. What is the name of that department which was established to find oil and gas in the country?
40. What is the use of gypsum?
41. When and where the natural gas was discovered in Pakistan?
42. When the Minerals Development Corporation was established?
43. Where are coalmines found in Sindh?
44. Where in Pakistan nuclear electricity stations have been installed?
45. Which areas are famous for coal reserves?
46. Which areas are famous for lime stone reserves? Where are lime stone reserves in Pakistan?
47. Which areas are famous for natural gas reserves?
48. Which cities in Pakistan are famous for making of sport goods?
49. Which organization was established in 1975 for the development of economic resources?
50. Which type of land is suitable for the cultivation of cotton?
51. Write any four suggestions to eradicate poverty from Pakistan.
52. Write any two cash crops of Pakistan.
53. Write are the names of four rivers of Pakistan.
54. Write important water resources in Pakistan.
55. Write names of any five small industries of Pakistan.
56. Write names of any four cottage industries.
57. Write names of different minerals found in Pakistan.
58. Write names of five cottage industries.
59. Write names of some important imports of Pakistan?
60. Write names of some large industries in Pakistan.
61. Write names of two new projects of irrigation in Pakistan.
62. Write some important exports of Pakistan.
63. Write some problems our small industry is facing.
64. Write some uses of copper.
65. Write the definition of economic progress as given by Professor Arthur Lewis
66. Write the name of 5 cities of Pakistan where dry ports are established.
67. Write the names of any four Rabi crops.
68. Write the names of any four vegetables which are cultivated in Pakistan.
69. Write the names of four countries from which Pakistan imports iron and steel.
70. Write the names of four link canals built under the Indus Water Plan.
71. Write the names of four reserves of mineral oil or petroleum in Pakistan.
72. Write two important sources of energy.
73. Write two main reasons of poverty in Pakistan?
74. Write two of some important sea ports of Pakistan?

Long Questions

1. Discuss the production of important energy resources in Pakistan and their usages.
2. Explain about the exports of Pakistan.
3. Explain the four major Crops of Pakistan.
4. Explain the importance of sea ports and dry ports in Pakistan.
5. Explain the important problems being faced by our agricultural sector.
6. Explain what the cottage, small and large scale industries of Pakistan are?
7. Give some suggestions to solve the agricultural problems in Pakistan.
8. What was Indus Water Plan? Write about its important canals.
9. Write importance to sources of energy for economic development.
10. Write the role of agriculture in the development of Pakistan.

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