Pak Studies Class 10th Chapter 7: Foreign Relations of Pakistan پاکستان کے خارجہ تعلقات MCQs Notes

pak studies 10th notes Chapter 7
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پاکستان اور افغانستان کے درمیان سفارتی تعلقات کی ابتدا ہوئی:1947ءمیں1948 ءمیں1949ءمیں  1950 میں1948 ءمیں
پاکستان اور بھارت کے درمیان” شملہ معاہدہ” ہوا1971ء          1972ء    1967ء     1965ء1972ء    
1974ء میں دوسری اسلامی سربراہی کانفرنس منعقد ہوئی:پاکستان    مرا کشسعودی عربایرانپاکستان    
امریکہ کے شہر نیویارک میں ورلڈٹریڈ سنٹر(11/9) کا واقعہ پیش آیا2001ء           2003ء2005ء      2007ء2001ء           
QuestionABCDCorrect Ans
Economic development means: Increase in national income Increase in agricultural income Increase in employment Increase in goods and services Increase in goods and services 
5-year development plan started in Pakistan in: 19501955195819601955
According to an estimate what percentage of crops is destroyed due to crops disease? 19 percent21 percent23 percent25 percent25 percent
According to seasons, there are big groups of crops: 23452
According to the experts, Meera soil is beneficial for the growth of: ricesugar-canewheatmaizewheat
According to the facts and figures of 2013-14, number of buffaloes in Pakistan is: 33.6 million34.6 million35.6 million36.6 million34.6 million
According to the facts and figures of 2013-14, production of cotton is: 12.8 m bales14.8 m bales16.8 m bales18.8 m bales12.8 m bales
According to the facts and figures of 2013-14, production of fish is: 513900 m tons514100 m tons514300 m tons514500 m tons514500 m tons
According to the facts and figures of 2013-14, production of rice is: 3.5 m tons4.7 m tons5.7 m tons6.7 m tons6.7 m tons
According to the facts and figures of 2013-14, production of tobacco is: 0.106 m tons0. 107 m tons0.108 m tons0.109 m tons0.108 m tons
According to the facts and figures of 2013-14, production of wheat is more than: 21 m tons22 m tons25 m tons26 m tons25 m tons
According to the facts and figures of 2013-14, sports goods exported by Pakistan: 286 m.dollars287 m.dollars288 m.dollars289 m.dollars286 m.dollars
According to the facts and figures of 2013-14, the domestic use of natural gas is: 2 percent 2 percent21.2 percent22.22 percent23.2 percent23.2 percent
According to the facts and figures of 2013-14, the share of petroleum in electricity production is: 33 percent34 percent35 percent36 percent35 percent
According to the facts and figures of 2013-14, the volume of Pakistan’s imports is: 37104 million dollars 37103 million dollars 37102 million dollars 37101 million dollars 37104 million dollars 
According to the facts and figures of 2013-14, what is the volume of Pakistan’s exports? 20887 million dollars 20777 million dollars 20997 million dollars 20666 million dollars 20997 million dollars 
According to the world bank report, a person is living below the poverty line if he earns less than: 1.25 dollar1.75 dollars2.25 dollar2.75 dollar1.25 dollar
Agricultural land dependent upon stream water is: 40 percent50 percent60 percent80 percent80 percent
Alu balu is the name of: potatopomegranateapplecherrycherry
An underground water source which emerges naturally above the surface of land is called: springlakecanalstreamspring
Artificial method for reproduction of fish is called:fishingfish farmingcarpet weavingmedicine manufacturingfish farming
Baloki Sulaimanki link canal number 1, 2 and lower ban i doab are the important stream of: river Chenabriver Indusriver Raviriver Sutlejriver Ravi
Besides domestic use, it is used in urea, rayon plastic and many other industries as raw material: natural gashydro electricitythermal electricity solar energynatural gas
Capacity of water storing in Chashma barrage is: 5 lac acre feet 7 lace acre feet 9 lac acre feet 11 lac acre feet 5 lac acre feet 
Chashma-Jhelum link canal supplies the river Indus water to the river: JhelumChenabRaviSutlejJhelum
Cotton was harvested in the ancient Indus valley: 2000 b.c3000 b.c4000 b.c5000 b.c3000 b.c
Cultivation is done through karez in: SindhBaluchistanKPKPunjabBaluchistan
Daily average production of petroleum is: 60,000 barrels62,000 barrels64,000 barrels66,000 barrels66,000 barrels
Duration of 2nd five year development plan is: 1955 -601960- 651965-701970-751960- 65
Duration of 3rd five year plan is: 1955-601960-651965-701970-751965-70
Duration of 4th five year plan is: 1955-601960-651965-701970-751970-75
Fish is an important source of: carbohydratesproteinironcalciumprotein
Gwadar sea- port has been built with the help of: AmericaRussiaFrancechinachina
How long Pervez Musharraf ruled the country? 5 years7 years9 years11 years9 years
How many canals emerging from Sukkur barrage irrigate areas of Sindh:579117
How many types of canals are in Pakistan?23453
In Pakistan natural gas was discovered in: 19521956195819601952
In Pakistan, 80 percent of agricultural land is dependent upon: rain waterwells watercanal watersea watercanal water
In Pakistan, how many fishermen and their families are related to this profession: 2 lac3 lac4 lac5 lac4 lac
In Pakistan, lazer land levelling technology used in agriculture is: ancienttraditionalmoderncommonmodern
In Pakistan, steel and heavy machinery manufacturing industry is situated in:JhelumRawalpindiTaxilaMultanTaxila
In pakistan, the second largest project of hydro-electricity is: Tarbela damWarsak damGhazi Barotha dam Mangla damGhazi Barotha dam 
In Pakistan, the third largest project of hydro-electricity is: Mangla damTarbela damWarsak damGhazi Brotha damMangla dam
In Pakistan, which country dye and prepare leather? tanneriesfactoriesshopsplazastanneries
Indus plan is a project of: IrrigationagricultureindustryminingIrrigation
Jinnah barrage is located on the river: JhelumRaviSindhChenabSindh
Karez is the name of:lakeswellsunderground water channelsspringsunderground water channels
Largest share of Pakistan’s exports is: wheatsports goodsricecotton productscotton products
Madhopur barrage built on the river Ravi is now in the area of: ChinaPakistanIndiaAfghanistanIndia
Most of the Pakistan’s streams are found in: SindhPunjabKPKBaluchistanPunjab
Nuclear energy was introduced in Pakistan in: 19701971197719731971
Number of streams emerging from Guddoo barrage: 24574
Number of streams emerging from Kotri barrage:43214
Pakistan government established “Pakistan industrial development corporation” in: 19421948195219561952
Pakistan imports edible oil from America, Sri Lanka and: IranSaudi ArabiaHong KongMalaysiaMalaysia
Pakistan imports tea mostly from: Russia, India, china America, Britain, Canada Bangladesh, Kenya, Sri Lanka Iran, Dubai, Kuwait Bangladesh, Kenya, Sri Lanka 
Pakistan’s cargo-ships work under the supervision of: minority development cooperation mineral development cooperation Pakistan’s industrial development cooperation national shipping cooperation national shipping cooperation 
Pakistan’s economy is: Developedundevelopedextreme developed extremely poorundeveloped
People living below the poverty line in the rural areas is: 14 percent15 percent16 percent17 percent15 percent
People living below the poverty line in the urban areas is: 5 percent6 percent7 percent8 percent7 percent
Share of cottage industry in the export is: 30 percent35 percent40 percent45 percent30 percent
Sulaimanki, Islam and Punjnad barrages are on the river: RaviJhelumChenabSutlejSutlej
Terbela dam has been built on the river: IndusJhelumKabulRaviIndus
The breaking away tragedy of east Pakistan took place in: 19691970197119721971
The canals flow only during monsoon or summer season:non -perenniallink canalsNon-perennial canalsFlood canalslink canals
The canals supply water through the year:Non-perennialperenniallink canalsNone of themperennial
The difference between the volume of exports and imports of any country in a given time is called: balance of tradeunbalancedeficit tradeprofitable tradebalance of trade
The duration of Korean was is: 1947-491950 -501953 -551956 -581950 -50
The electricity produced by gas, oil and coal is called: hydro electricity thermal electricity nuclear electricity solar electricity thermal electricity 
The first dry port was built in Pakistan in 1973: KarachiLahoreSialkotPeshawarLahore
The first industrial conference was held in Pakistan in: 19471948194919501947
The first nuclear power was built in Pakistan in: KarachiMultanSargodhaLahoreKarachi
The height of wind-mill is: 80 feet85 feet90 feet95 feet80 feet
The largest coal reserves in Pakistan are found in the area of Sindh: sarangjhimpirlakhratharthar
The largest scheme for producing hydro-electric power in Pakistan is: Ghazi Barotha project Mangla dam Tarbela dam Warsak dam Tarbela dam 
The largest sector of Pakistan’s economy is: Tradeindustryagricultureservicesagriculture
The modern and economical methods of drip and sprinkles are used in: Irrigationmineral searchharvestingresearchIrrigation
The oil and gas development company limited was established in: 19611962196319641961
The oldest sea-port in Pakistan is: PasniKarachiBin QasimGawadarKarachi
The popular profession of people living in areas having grazing lands is: laboursheep farmingcultivationfishingsheep farming
The production of iron ore started in Pakistan in: 19531955195719591957
The reserves of gypsum found in Pakistan are more than: 250 million ton 350 million ton 450 million ton 550 million ton 350 million ton 
The reserves of rock salt in Pakistan are more than: 400 million ton 300 million ton 200 million ton 100 million ton 100 million ton 
The share of agriculture sector in the GDP is: 19 percent20 percent21 percent22 percent21 percent
The total length of seven link canals built under Indus water treaty: 390 km490 km590km690km590km
The wheat cultivation area is: 3 m hectares4 m hectares8 m hectares6 m hectares8 m hectares
Total number of cargo-ships of Pakistan is more than: 4650607050
Total population of the world is: 7 arab8 arab9 arab10 arab7 arab
Total reserves of coal in Pakistan are: 185 billion ton180 billion ton175 billion ton170 billion ton185 billion ton
Total reserves of natural gas in Pakistan are: 26.671 trillion cubic feet 27.671 trillion feet28.671 trillion feet 29.671 trillion feet 29.671 trillion feet 
Under Indus water treaty, the deficiency of water from eastern river is made up from the western rivers through: Seasonal streams perennial canals non -perennial canals link canals link canals 
Under the Indus-treaty, three eastern and three western rivers were given to: Pakistan & Iran Pakistan & Afghanistan Pakistan & India Pakistan & China Pakistan & India 
University of veterinary & animal sciences has been set up in: IslamabadKarachiRawalpindiLahoreLahore
Upper Chenab, lower Chenab, upper Jhelum, lower Jhelum and lower ban i doab are:Link canalsperennial canalsflood canalsNone of themflood canals
Warsak dam has been built on the river: RaviSindhKabulChenabKabul
What percentage of country’s labour force is attached to the agriculture? 11 percent22 percent33 percent44 percent44 percent
What percentage of world population lives below the poverty line? 11 percent13 percent21 percent23 percent21 percent
When was the” mineral development cooperation” established: 19711973197519771975
Which country helped Pakistan set up steel mill Karachi?IndiaRussiaIranAmericaRussia
Which crops grow from April to October: raindroughtKharifRabiKharif
Which crops grow from September to April: RabiKharifraindroughtRabi
Which is used to make electric wires? ironbronzecoppersilvercopper
Who came into power in Pakistan in 1958? General Sikander Mirza General Muhammad Ayyub Khan General Yahiya Khan General Zia-ul-Haq General Muhammad Ayyub Khan 
With the cooperation of World Bank, the Indus water treaty between Pakistan and India was settled in: 19501958196019621960

Short Questions

1. Among which countries Istanbul treaty was signed?
2. Discuss Pakistan’s contribution towards peace keeping in the world.
3. Explain Pakistan’s relations with Maldives and Bhutan.
4. Explain relations between Pakistan and Nepal.
5. Explain relations between Pakistan and Sri Lanka.
6. Name basic six organs of united Nations organization.
7. Name two organs of United Nations.
8. Under which amount the Pak-Saudi Fertilizer of Mirpur Mathelo and Pak-Arab Fertilizers of Multan were privatized?
9. What are the social values?
10. What do you know about the secretariat of United Nations?
11. What is European Union?
12. What is Geneva pact?
13. What is meant by Foreign Policy?
14. What is meant by secretariat of United Nation?
15. What is SAARC?
16. What is the length of Shahra-e-Rasham?
17. When and where did organization of Islamic conference establish?
18. When and where did the World Trade Centre tragedy take place?
19. When and Where was United Nations established?
20. When did Iran recognize Pakistan?
21. When did Organization of Islamic Conference establish?
22. When did relationship between Azerbaijan and Pakistan establish?
23. Which countries are members of SAARC?
24. Which countries of Security Council have the right to Veto?
25. Which countries were visited by Prime Minister Muhammad Khan Junejo in 1986?
26. Which country was recognized Pakistan first?
27. Who gave its idea and when was it established.
28. Why Nepal is famous?
29. With which country battle of 1965 held?
30. Write any two properties of culture of Pakistan.
31. Write any two reasons of economic degradation of Afghanistan.
32. Write four about Jihad-e-Afghanistan.
33. Write historical background of OIC.
34. Write history of Kashmir issue.
35. Write name of any two countries.
36. Write names of any two central Asian states which separated from Russia.
37. Write names of eight Islamic countries.
38. Write responsibilities of General Assembly.
39. Write role of Pakistan in OIC.
40. Write the introduction of Bhutan in three lines.
41. Write the introduction of Japan in two lines.
42. Write the name of any two parts which signed between Pakistan and India?
43. Write the name of two neighboring countries of Pakistan.
44. Write the names of central Asian states.
45. Write the names permanent members of security council.
46. Write the responsibilities of International Court of Justice.
47. Write two objectives of foreign policy.
48. Write two Pakistan’s contribution towards Peace keeping in the World.

Long Questions

1. Analyze Pak- China relations
2. Analyze the relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan.
3. Analyze the relations between Pakistan and India.
4. China is Pakistan’s neighboring Country which has always supported Pakistan in difficult time. Elaborate it.
5. Describe Pakistan’s relation with America.
6. Describe Pakistan’s relation with Saudi Arabia.
7. Describe the relationship of Pakistan with Central Asian Countries.
8. Discuss Pakistan’s contribution towards peace keeping in the world
9. Explain Genesis and Development of Kashmir problem
10. Explain relations between Pakistan and Bangladesh
11. Explain the relations between Pakistan and Iran.
12. Explain the relations between Pakistan and SAARC Countries.
13. What is meant by Foreign Policy? Explain the objectives of Pakistan’s Foreign policy.
14. Write about the six basic organs of the United Nations and their responsibilities.
15. Write any two Ideological objectives of Pakistan
16. Write any two responsibilities of security council.

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