Pak Studies Class 10th Chapter 10: Protection of Women تحفظِ نسواں MCQs Notes

pak studies 10th notes Chapter 10
QuestionABCDCorrect Ans
عدالت متاثرہ خاتون کی شکایت کو کتنے یوم میں نمٹاتی ہے؟ 70809010090
خواتین کے تحفظ کے کیے  GPS سے منسلک کون سی چیز بنائی گیئ ہے؟ ہار   انگوٹھیبرسلٹ گھڑیبرسلٹ
پنجاب حکومت نے پنجاب تحفظ نسواں ایکٹ منظور کیا24جنوری2010 15ستمبر201524فروری 2016 16فروری201524فروری 2016
سائبر کرائم سے مراد ہے۔۔ ٹیلی وژن کے ذریعے کیے جا نے والے جرائم  ٹیلی فون کے ذریعے کیے جانے والے جرائم  مو با ئل اور کمپیو ٹر  کے ذریعے کیے جانے والے جرائمریڈیو کے ذریعے کیے جانے والے جرائممو با ئل اور کمپیو ٹر  کے ذریعے کیے جانے والے جرائم
متاثرہ خواتین کی مدد کے لیے یونیورسل ٹا ل فری نمبر ہے 10431085101610301043
QuestionABCDCorrect Ans
Which thing linked to the GPS has been made for the protection of women.Garland Ring BraceletWatch Bracelet
Within how many days the court settle the complaint of the aggrieved woman.70809010090
Which is the universal toll-free number for the aggrieved woman.10401041104310421043
When was the Punjab Protection of women against violence Act passed?5 March 201624 February 201610 April 201616 June 201624 February 2016
Cybercrime means crimes committed.TVTelephoneMobile and computer RadioMobile and computer 
The number of women in the provincial assembly, as well as the national assembly, is.33 percent34 percent35 percent32 percent 33 percent
Maryam Mukhtar was …. of Pakistan.Prime ministerMicrosoftware engineerFirst martyrdom pilot None of themFirst martyrdom pilot 
In today’s …. century many rights have been given to women.1920212221
…. got a noble prize.Arfa KarimMalala Yousaf Mariam Mukhtarnone of them Malala Yousaf 
Khula and divorce are not….. in PakistanGoodBadEncouragedNoneEncouraged

Short Questions

1. Define the term “gender’’.
2. What is meant by the term “violence”?
3. Give a few examples of violence against women in the society.
4. What notable achievement has the Punjab Government made regarding the protection of women?

Long Questions

1. Describe the functions of District Women Protection Committees (DWPCs).
2. Describe the salient points of the Punjab Protection of Women Against Violence Act 2016.
3. What services are provided in Violence Against Women Centers (VAWCs)?

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