English Class 10th Unit 5 The Rain MCQs Short Notes

English 10th Notes Chapter 5

1. He ________ to the party yesterday.


2. This car __________ it’s too old.


3. We ___________ a letter the day before yesterday.


4. Junaid is an ox. The metaphor is an ox means


5. A new restaurant ________ last week


6. Shahid is a volcano after hearing his brother borrowed his car without permission. The metaphor shahid is a volcano means.


7. Lubna is the apple of her father’s eye. The metaphor Lubna is the apple means:


8. Waleed is a real couch potato. The metaphor couch potato means


9. Faraz is a giant in his class towering a foot over his classmates. The metaphor Faraz is a giant means:


10. Maria was feeling blue after her cat was hit by a car. The metaphor feeling blue means


Short Questions

1. What do the rich and the poor leaves stand for?
2. Do you also like the sun coming out after rain? Why?
3. What does the poet hear in “The Rain”?
4. What according to the poet is a sweet noise?
5. What will happen after the rain stops?
6. How does the sun come out after rain?
7. How does the light fill the drops? 
8. What makes the scene lovely?

Long Questions

Write a summary of the poem “The Rain”.

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