English Class 10th Synonyms Antonyms MCQs Short Notes

1. The antonym of “abandon” is ______ :


2. The man had been sent with other convicts to Australia. The word “convicts” means:


3. The word award means:


4. The word complexities means:


5. The word murderer means:


6. The antonym of “fail” is:


7. The word revelation means:


8. He decided every case brought to him by friend or foe with justice. The word “foe” means:


9. This is the lesson you should “heed”. The word “heed” means:


10. The synonym of “persevere” is:


11. The word magnitude means:


12. The word allowance means:


13. The antonym of “bright” is:


14. The synonym of “lovely” is:


15. The synonym of “seek” is:


16. The antonym of “convenient” is:


17. The antonym of “glorious” is:


18. The word mature means:


19. “Prior to the first day if the New Year it is customary for families to thoroughly clean their houses”. The word “prior” means:


20. The word sprained means:


21. The synonym of “solace” is:


22. You and I work well work together ……… are a good team.


23. The word feedback means:


24. The word revolved means:


25. The word administer means:


26. The word visuals means:


27. The word productive means:


28. The word optimum means:


29. The word heed means:


30. The word phases means:


31. The word tackle means:


32. But the point here is that it is not that convenient. The word “convenient” means:


33. The word equitable means:


34. The antonym of “foe” is:


35. Celebrations can actually last up to a month. The word “actually” means:


36. The antonym of “suffering” is:


37. The word convenient means:


38. The synonym of “abandon” is:


39. The word vulnerable means:


40. The synonym of “foe” is:


41. ‘Another popular ‘custom’ is to hang up signs and posters on doors and windows’. The word “custom” means:


42. The word recipient means:


43. The synonym of “current” is:


44. The word smashing means:


45. The word absurd means:


46. The word actually means:


47. The word wondrous means:


48. The word conduct means:


49. The antonym of “consume” is:


50. The word eternal means:


51. The word beneath means:


52. Today life has become more.


53. Their ancestors killed number of our family. The word “ancestors” means:


54. The word advantages means:


55. The antonym of “mighty” is:


56. The synonym of “reward” is:


57. The word “rich” is used as a/an:


58. Literature is the story of:


59. The word persevere means:


60. The advised the most equitable plan for the setting of the Black Stone. The word “equitable” means:


61. Which word means “to identify the nature of a problem, especially an illness?”


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