English Class 10th Correction of Verb MCQs Short Notes

english 10th Grammar mcqs

1. He ______to my letter.


2. How long ______you been learning English?


3. He ______here yesterday.


4. The teacher with his student’s ______cricket now.


5. If he came to me, I ______him.


6. The match started after I ______the playground.


7. Charity ______at home.


8. I ______writing this novel by June next year.


9. The match will be ______at Karachi.


10. Have you ______this book?


11. We ______a match yesterday.


12. I ______this motor bike only a month ago.


13. Shahida ______a sad song today.


14. She has not ______him back.


15. Quaid-e-Azam ______very hard.


16. He ______twenty minutes ago.


17. The court ______its verdict on Thursday next.


18. She ______English now.


19. She has ______him back.


20. He ______the office an hour ago.


21. I ______ you to ride my bike if you like.


22. She is not ______at the moment.


23. They ______their exercise by the time the teacher arrives.


24. The baby ______now.


25. She ______.English for two years.


26. I ______to airport when I saw her.


27. I ______him next Monday.


28. When I ______him he was laughing.


29. Two and two______four.


30. Are they ______idle?


31. The baby ______for milk now.


32. The book ______on table for weeks.


33. He ______in this city since 1998.


34. After you ______I went to sleep.


35. Ali ______this book since morning.


36. He ______here since 1970.


37. I am ______by the principal.


38. She has been ______the piano since 2 O’ clock.


39. They already ______their home task.


40. The Sun ______in the West.


41. She ______French for two years.


42. She ______since morning.


43. I already ______three cups of coffee.


44. At ______hard all day.


45. They are ______to dinner on Sunday.


46. Sumera ______absent because she is ill.


47. Last year he ______a prize.


48. She ______her cat very much.


49. The teacher ______the lesson well.


50. I ______writing this letter by June next year.


51. ______all books burnt?


52. She ______French at present.


53. He is ______back next week.


54. He ______to us next week.


55. Do you ______to school every day.


56. The picture is ______by the boy.


57. He tells the tale that______untrue.


58. I heard a noise ______from behind the room.


59. The mother will be ______her baby.


60. I ______for you at usual time.


61. I ______a cup of tea in the morning.


62. They ______their works by tomorrow.


63. They ______to Lahore tomorrow.


64. The earth ______around the Sun.


65. He ______us English daily.


66. When I reached the school, the peon______the bell.


67. They ______for London tomorrow.


68. I ______much money.


69. I will ______you with homework if I can.


70. She ______hard for the competition.


71. She ______to school every day.


72. She had been ______since morning.


73. It ______since last night


74. Media ______a very constructive role for society.


75. Patriots ______their lives for country.


76. He has ______his breakfast.


77. I do not ______my meals at night.


78. She ______her work before the guests arrive.


79. He ______not work every day.


80. If you had studied hard, you ______Succeeded.


81. She ______for London tomorrow.


82. He ______twenty minutes ago.


83. I have already______the letter.


84. I ______you since Monday.


85. They ______their work regularly.


86. Will all the birds’ ______?


87. Arabs started to ______pressure.


88. How long has he ______in Karachi?


89. I ______the two books.


90. They ______tea every morning.


91. He ______him next Monday.


92. She ______in this office for seven years.


93. She ______in this office for seven years.


94. The girls are ______net ball.


95. You ______since morning.


96. She______a song when I entered the room.


97. You ______in the school yesterday.


98. She is ______for London tomorrow.


99. If you ______ I shall be available.


100. It ______at present.


101. She ______before the party began.


102. He ______here since 1970.


103. The book ______on the table for weeks.


104. I ______this exercise in an hour’s time.


105. She ______taking this medicine by March next.


106. The fire ______at night.


107. Its ______to rain an hour ago.


108. I ______waiting for my friend.


109. They ______their breakfast after they had washed.


110. I already ______ letter.


111. I had been ______for you since soon.


112. They always ______back home late.


113. She will be ______her lesson of Music in the morning.


114. Good students always ______hard.


115. She______to school an hour ago.


116. She was singing a song when I ______the room.


117. These mangoes ______the market by April


118. It was ______for him.


119. It ______to rain an hour ago.


120. I ______here for two hours.


121. What ______you looking at?


122. He ______away my book.


123. They ______to sleep at ten.


124. It ______in winter.


125. I ______a book when the bell rang.


126. The packet ______there since morning.


127. He ______take the examination next year.


128. She ______to eat very much.


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