Computer Science Class 9th Unit 4 Data and Privacy MCQs Short Long

computer 9th notes chapter 4

1. A malicious user disguises as a friend and tries to get confidential information, this is called.


2. In ______________ hacker may congratulate you on winning a big prize and ask you to pay the small amount in advance, so that prize can be dispatched.


3. Promises made by a software developer is known as:


4. The computer virus is simply a.


5. Gaining an unauthorized access to computers or telecommunications system:


6. Hackers may use fake emails to trap someone to give passwords and account information. This process is called.


7. DOS attackers often target ________ of high-profile organizations such as banks.


8. A key is just like.


9. The crime that involves a computer and network:


10. Cybercrime includes:


11. Foundation of all security system is based on _________ principles.


12. The term that means a user can access the data when needed is called.


13. The following is used by software or human to process a message.


14. To protect value and usefulness we may imply


15. An __________ algorithm transforms plain text to ciphertext.


16. In ___________ scammer may offer an item for sale through an auction site with no intention of delivering once they receive payment


17. What is a person who illegally breaks into others’ computer systems called?


18. Encoding data in such a way that only an authorized person can read it is called.


19. All columns and rows of the Vigenere cipher table are labeled from.


20. Which of the given is a small amount of data generated by a website and saved by a web server?


21. Caesar cipher was a Roman __________.


22. Which of the following is not the characteristics of phishing emails?


23. Which of the given says that some idea or product cannot be copied?


24. If we have data of others it is our ethical responsibility to keep their data.


25. Using computer for the purpose of some unauthorized activities is called fraud or misuse.


26. The secret information of a company refers to ___________.


27. Software ____________ is the illegal copying, distributing, or usage of the software.


28. Which of the following is not characteristic of a phishing website?


29. A ________________ is a cyber-attack to make a machine or network resource unavailable.


30. _______ software is unauthorized copy of legitimate software.


31. The purpose of computer security is/are:


32. The encrypted data is also called.


33. The activity of identifying weaknesses in a computer system or a network to gain unauthorized access to personal data is called.


34. The use of a computer or computer system to perform unauthorized activities or illegal activity is called.


35. Which of the following is not characteristics of phishing website?


36. Which of the following is not a cybercrime?


37. Which of the following method is used for encryption in which characters of the original text are replaced by some other characters?


38. ____________ means making illegal copies.


39. The ___________ is provided to only those people who buy that software.


40. Following is a way to protect an idea.


41. Which of the following doesn’t includes the types of software piracy?


42. The following method is used to replace each alphabet in plain text with another alphabet.


43. A computer expert who can steal data when it moves from one location to another is called.


44. __________ is used for authentication to enter a system.


45. A good password should be difficult.


46. The borrowing and installing a copy of a software application from a colleague is an example of _________.


47. What is making illegal copies of copyright software for use on other computers or sale called?


48. Which of the following is the responsibility to keep other’s data private?


49. Which of the following is a general form for any type of information processing represented mathematically?


50. Which of the following method uses a table known as the Vigenere cipher table for substitution of letters of plaintext?


51. The software that has no copyright reservations is.


52. The following helps to save data from hackers.


53. Which of the following is not a characteristics of good password?


54. A secret code is a ___________ that is required to read the data.


55. Caesar used method of ____________ to send messages to his soldiers and generals.


56. Protecting data from malicious users is called. 


57. Which of the given is generated, read, remembered, and reproduced for human use.


58. Software piracy has __________ types.


59. A computer key and password are.


60. ___________ excludes others from making or selling an invention using another’s person idea.


61. Which of the followingshouldnot be written down or sharedwith others?


62. The type of piracy that involves downloading illegal software is called.


63. The certain companies that solely exist to collect, aggregate, and sell consumer information are called.


64. ____________ means to keep data correct.


65. Which of the given analysis is the study of the frequency of letters or groups of letters in the ciphertext.


66. Vigenere ciphertext have ______________ that is combined with plain text to generate the ciphertext.


67. The following is used to read an encrypted message.


68. Installing more copies of the software than you have a license is called.


69. Following is a criminal activity was done using computers and the Internet.


70. Which of the following is a characteristic of a phishing email?


71. Conversion of data to an unreadable format is called.


72. Which of the following is the fraudulent attempt by sending emails to obtain sensitive information such as a password.


73. A malicious user attack on a computer system remotely over the network is called a.


74. The use of computer or network with permission is called:


75. Piracy is also a type of:


76. Which of the following is the exclusive legal right that prohibits copying of intellectual property?


77. Vigenary table consist of ________ rows and ________ columns.


78. ___________ is called duplicating and selling software having copyright.


79. A good password has the following property.


80. Using illegal means to search the key is called.


Short Questions

1. Define advance fee fraud.
2. Define ciphertext.
3. Define confidentiality.
4. Define cracking software.
5. Define cracking?
6. Define cryptanalysis.
7. Define cybercrime.
8. Define decryption.
9. Define encryption.
10. Define integrity.
11. Differentiate between the cryptographic key and the password.
12. Give some examples of the organizations that store data of the people in computers.
13. How are computers used for fraud and misuse?
14. How do criminals’ access personal information?
15. How does transaction fraud occur?
16. How the encrypted data is converted into plain text?
17. How would you define softlifting?
18. List a few issues related to data security.
19. List a few types of cybercrimes.
20. List some aspects to secure user data.
21. List some characteristics of a good password?
22. List some characteristics of a phishing email.
23. List some examples of fraud and misuse.
24. List the types of software piracy.
25. What are computer ethics?
26. What are cookies?
27. What are hacking and hacker?
28. What do you know about cracker?
29. What do you know about frequency analysis?
30. What do you mean by availability?
31. What do you mean by copyright?
32. What do you mean by software piracy?
33. What does it mean by fraud and misuse.
34. What does mean by encoding?
35. What is a password?
36. What is a patent?
37. What is a phishing attack?
38. What is Caesar ciphertext?
39. What is CAPTCHA?
40. What is ciphertext?
41. What is client-server overuse?
42. What is computer security?
43. What is cybercrime?
44. What is hacking?
45. What is hard disk loading?
46. What is identity theft?
47. What is key?
48. What is meant by a denial of services attack?
49. What is meant by CCTV?
50. What is meant by crack?
51. What is meant by data brokers?
52. What is meant by interim cipher?
53. What is meant by piracy?
54. What is meant by piracy?
55. What is meant by trade secret?
56. What is National Response Centre against cybercrime?
57. What is piracy? Write its types.
58. What is sabotage?
59. What is Softlifiting?
60. What is spyware?
61. What is the random substitution method?
62. What is the substitution cipher method?
63. What is the Vigenere cipher table?
64. What is the Vigenere cipher widget?
65. What is Vigenere Cipher substitution?
66. What type of software is available at no cost?
67. When does hacking usually happen?
68. Who was Julius Caesar?
69. Why is encryption performed?
70. Why is it important to protect trade secrets?
71. Why it is important to register a patent?
72. Why the confidentiality and privacy have become critical?
73. Write the characteristics of good password.

Long Questions

1. Analyze the privacy and security concerns that arise with the use of the computational system. Also, discuss the aspects according to which data must be secured.
2. Briefly describe ethical issues related to data security.
3. Define computer ethics. List some important ethical issues regarding data security. Also discuss confidentiality and data privacy in detail.
4. Define piracy. Discuss software piracy and its types.
5. Define the substitution cipher method and describe its weaknesses and security flaws.
6. Define the substitution cipher method and discuss its types of encryption.
7. Describe the importance of encryption for everyday life on the internet.
8. Explain privacy concerns that arise through the mass collection of data.
9. Explain substitution cipher methods.
10. Explain the weaknesses and security flaws of substitution ciphers.
11. Explain why encription is an important need for everyday life on the internet.
12. How is the privacy of others safeguarded? What privacy concerns arise due to the mass collection of data. Give an example
13. What is a phishing attack? Discuss some characteristics of a phishing email and a phishing website.
14. What is cybercrime? Explain cybercrime types.
15. What is encryption? What is the importance of encryption in everyday life on the internet?
16. What is phishing?Explain the characteristics of phishing attack.
17. Write a detailed note on password and captcha
18. Write a note on the following terms.
19. Write the characteristics of a good password.


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