Computer Science Class 10th Unit 5 Functions MCQs, Short, Notes

computer 10th notes Chapter 5

1. A good approach is to divide the problem into multiple smaller parts of sub-problems.


2. Dividing the program into multiple functions, improves the of the program,


3. Output of the function is called its ____


4. Inputs of a function are called____ of a function.


5. Types of function in C language ____


6. Which one from the following is not type of function?


7. A function that takes length and width of a rectangle as input and returns the perimeter of the rectangle, its function signature is


8. What are the advantages of a functions?


9. A function that takes radius of a circle as input and returns the area of circle. its function signature is


10. The functions which are available in C Standard Library are called


11. The functions which are defined by a programmer are called


12. A function that takes an integer as input and returns its square, its function signature is


13. _____ is a function that is used to display any thing on computer screen,


14. printf and scan are


15. ____ divide the program into smaller units, and thus reduce the comlexity of the problem.


16. ______ is another function that is used to take inpup from the user.


17. _____ functions provide reusability of code.


18. A function that takes a character as input and returns 1, if the character is vowel. otherwise return 0, if function signature is ____


19. The values passed to the function are called


20. _____ is the set of statements which are executed in the functions to perform the specified task.


21. ____ is used to define the inputs and output of a function.


22. ____is a block of statements which performs a particular task,


23. A function that takes three integers as input and returns the largest value among them, its function signature is


24. _____ functions allow us to separate the code of one task from the code of other tasks.


25. A function cannot return more than ____ values.


26. The step to divide large problem into small problems is called


27. Which functions used to perform mathematical calculations, string operations, input/output operations etc?


28. Variables in the function definition that receive the values are called of the function.


29. Which one from the following is not a advantage of a function?


30. What are the examples of function signature?


31. Following is the general structure used to make a function call.


Short Questions

1. Define built-in functions.
2. Define function parameters.
3. Define Functions.
4. Define functions? And how many types of it.
5. Define user-defined function.
6. Describe the working body of a function?
7. Enlist the parts of a function definition?
8. What do you know about the return keyword?
9. What is divide and conquer approach?
10. What is meant by calling a function?
11. What is the difference between arguments and parameters? Give an example.
12. Write down advantages of functions?
13. Write down the general structure used to make a function call and give example?
14. Write the syntax of the function signature.
15. Write two advantages of using functions.

Long Questions

1. Write four advantages of functions
2. Write a function int square(int x); to calculate the square of an integer x.
3. Write a function is Prime () that takes a number as input and returns 1 if the input number is price, otherwise return 0. User this function is main().

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