Computer Science Class 10th Unit 4 Data and Repetition MCQs, Short, Notes

computer 10th notes Chapter 4

1. When we use a loop inside another loop it is called structure.


2. When we want to repeat a pattern for multiple times then we use


3. Assigning values to an array for the first time, is called


4. We can use loops to perform different operations on


5. _____ can be used as array indexes.


6. An _____ is one of the most commonly used data structures.


7. A very important feature of arrays is that we can use _____ as array indexes.


8. Which on from the following is not a type of loops?


9. An array can be initialized at the time of its


10. How can we initialize an array in C language?


11. If we need to repeat one or more statements then we use


12. _____ is the first part to be executed in a for loop.


13. How we can declare an array of type int that holds the daily wages of a labors for seven days?


14. We can use______inside loop structures.


15. Each run of a loop is called


16. Can for loop contain another for loop?


17. What is correct syntax of for loop


18. Each element of an array has an index that can be used with the _______ as array_name[index] to access the data stored at that particular Index.


19. C language provides ____ kind of loop structures.


20. _____ is a container to store collection of data items in a specific layout.


21. A _____ array can hold multiple real values.


22. An important property of array is that it inside the computer memory.


23. A ____ is a data structure that can hold multiple values of control statement


24. An array can hold multiple integer values.


25. An array Index starts with


26. We can use _____ inside if structures in any imaginable manners.


27. If we do not initialize an array at the time of declaration, then we need to initialize the array elements


28. ______ help us in reading the values from array


29. Using_______we can easily take input in arrays.


30. Which one of the following is the size of arr[9] assuming that int is of 4 bites?


Short Questions

1. Define Array.
2. Define Data Structure?
3. Define loop body.
4. Define Loop structure.
5. Define loop.
6. Define nested loop.
7. Explain two purposes of using loops
8. How to access an array elements?
9. How we declare an array?
10. Is loop a data structure? Justify you answer.
11. What is mean by array? What are the important features of an array? Write a flowchart to understand the FOR loop?
12. Write a program that displays the values from 1-10 on the computer screen?
13. Write down the method to initialize an array?
14. Write syntax of for loop

Long Questions

1. Write a program that stores the ages of 5 persons in an array and then display on screen.
2. Write a program that displays the values from 1-10 on computer screen
3. Write a program that adds corresponding elements of two arrays.
4. Write a program that displays factorials numbers from 1-7
“5. Write a program to display the following pattern of stars on screen?

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