Computer Science Class 10th Unit 3 Conditional Logic MCQs, Short, Notes

computer 10th notes Chapter 3

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Short Questions

1. Define condition.
2. Define Control statement.
3. Define Nested Selection Structures?
4. Define selection statement.
5. Define sequential control.
6. Describe of different components involved in the general structure of if statement?
7. Differentiate between if statement and if else statement with an example?
8. Differentiate between sequential and selection statements?
9. Draw a flowchart that show the structure of if- else statement?
10. How we can close if there are more than one instructions under if statement or else statement?
11. What are nested selection structures?
12. What is Switch-Case structure?
13. Why do we need selection statements?

Long Questions

1. Explain the structure of if-else statement in details.
2. Explain the if-else statement.
3. Write a program that takes the percentage of students as an input and displays “Pass” if the percentage is above 50.
4. Write a program that takes 2 integers as input and tells whether first one is a factor of the second one.
5. Write a program that takes a number as input and displays “Yes” if the input number is a multiple of 3, and has 5 in unit’s place.

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