Computer Science Class 10th Unit 2 User Interaction MCQs, Short, Notes

computer 10th notes Chapter 2

1. The format specifier % c show the data type


2. The name of printf comes from _____ that is used to print the formatted output on screen.


3. ______ divides the value of left operand by the value of right operand.


4. If both the operands are of type int, then result of division is also type of


5. C language offers printf function to display the:


6. To use getch() function, there is a need to include the library in the header section of program.


7. ____ consist of two characters.


8. ______ is a device that takes data as input, process that data and generates the output.


9. When we read character through scanf, it requires us to _____ for further execution.


10. _____ function is used to read a character from user.


11. Which operator has high precedence?


12. The main parts of scanf function


13. Each programming language has its_____or functions for I/O operations.


14. ______ is used to assign a value to a variable, or assign a value of variable to another variable.


15. Without & sign in scanf function, the program gets _______ but does not behave as expected.


16. What is the name of / operator?


17. ______ subtracts right operand from the left operand.


18. _______ are used in printf function inside the “and”.


19. In C language ______ is used as statement terminator.


20. _______ are used to perform arithmetic operations on data.


21. In C language, operator is used to check for equality of two expressions.


22. Which escape sequence is used to print the output on multiple lines?


23. ______ accepts Boolean expression and returns true if at least one of the operands is true.


24. C language allows us to perform relational operators on and data type.


25. _______ operator are applied on three operand.


26. The first part of scanf function is


27. ______ compare two values to determine the relationship between values.


28. _______ perform operations on Boolean expression and produce a Boolean expression as a result.


29. ________ calculates the sum of two operands.


30. _______ function is used to get input from user.


31. ______ operator negates or reverses the value of Boolean expression. It makes it true, if it is false and false if it is true.


32. What is the name of % operator


33. A true value of relational operator is represented by


34. _______ operator assigns the result of expression on right side to the variable on left side.


35. scanf is a built-in function in C language that takes ____ from user into the variables


36. After escape character specifies movement of the cursor to start of the next line.


37. A _____ is identifier for compiler which identifies end of a line.


38. The statement a–; or –a; used to decrease the value of a by


39. _______ performs divisions operand by the right operand and returns the remainder value after division.


40. A false value relational operator is represented by


41. The common mistake in scanf function____sign.


42. _______ function is used to clear the output screen of C language editor.


43. The expected input data type scanf function can be specified with the help of


44. printf(“My name is \”Ali\””””); In the above statement is an”


45. What is the purpose of escape sequence \\?


46. ______ operator takes two Boolean expressions as operands and produces the result true if both of its operands are true.


47. The format specifier % f show the data type


48. Which one f m the following is not a logical operator?


49. ______ is a binary operator which performs the product of two numbers.


50. What is the purpose of escape sequence \a?


51. _______ require two operands to perform the operation.


52. ______ is used as assignment operator in C.


53. The list of some basic operator types is


54. When we use %f to display a float value, it display digits after the decimal point.


55. Escape sequence specifier the I/O function of moving to the next tab stop horizontally.


56. _______ are applied over one operand only.


Short Questions

1. Define arithmetic operator.
2. Define assignment operator.
3. Define escape sequence.
4. Define format specifier.
5. Define logical operator,.
6. Define operators.
7. Define rational operator.
8. Define relational operators.
9. Define scanf function.
10. Define Statement terminator.
11. Name four operators used in C language.
12. What are logical operators?
13. What is AND operator? Explain with truth table.
14. What is difference between assignment operator and arithmetic operator?
15. What is Input/Output (I/O) functions in programming language?
16. What is meant by precedence of an operator
17. What is the difference between scanf and getch?
18. What is the difference between unary operators and binary operators?
19. What is the use of getch() functions in C language? Give example.
20. Write a program takes as input the price of a box of chocolates and the total number of chocolates in the box. The program finds and displays the price of one chocolate?
21. Write the syntax of printf()
22. Write Use of NOT operator.
23. Write uses of AND operator.
24. Write uses of OR operator.

Long Questions

1. Define escape sequence. Explain different escape sequences that are used in C language.
2. Explain Printf(), scanf(), and getch() fuinctions
3. What are escape sequences? Why do we need them?
4. What are logical operators? Explain any THREE Logical operators.
“5. Write a program that displays the following outputs using single printf() statement.
6. Write a program that takes 2-digit number form user, computes the product of both digits and shows the output.
7. Write a program that takes the input the length of one side of a quadrilateral and calculate the area of it.
8. Write a program that takes the radius of a circle as input. The program should calculate and display the area of the circle.

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