Computer Science Class 10th Unit 1 Introduction to Programming MCQs, Short, Notes

computer 10th notes Chapter 1

1. Integer data type is used to store:


2. The person who knows how to write a computer program correctly is known as a:


3. Every C program must contain a function and it is the starting point of execution.


4. Integer takes up bytes of memory.


5. A software that provides a programming environment to facilitate programmers in writing and executing computer programs is known as an:


6. The value of a______ can be changed in a program.


7. The main parts of structure of C program are:


8. Computers only understand and work in machine language consisting of:


9. Computers cannot understand


10. The series of instructions that are given to the computer are known as a:


11. Multi line comments end at:


12. A _____ is actually a name given to a memory location, as the data is physically stored inside the computers memory.


13. Data type of a variables are:


14. _____ are the statements in a program that are ignored by the compiler and do not get executed.


15. IDE stand for:


16. Single-line comments start with:


17. The type of comments:


18. Programmers write computer programs in these special languages called:


19. All IDES have their own specific:


20. _____type is used to store a real number (number with floating point) up to six digits of precision.


21. Which one from the following is not special symbol?


22. The body of main() is enclosed in:


23. Which one from the following is not a reserved word?


24. Some examples of valid variable declarations are:


25. Multi line comments start with:


26. The process of feeding or storing instructions in the computer is known as


27. A _____ is a software that is responsible for conversion of a computer program written in some high level programming language to machine language code.


28. The values without a decimal point:


29. Each programming language has some primitive building blocks and provides some rules in order to write an accurate program. This set of rules is known as _____ of the language.


30. The types of Constants are:


31. ______ is a software that allows programmers to write and edit computer Programs.


32. The alphabets digits and special symbols when combined in an allowable manner form:


33. By default_____ type int is Considered as a:


34. General structure of an include statement is as:


35. Programmer needs proper _____ for programming.


36. Which one of the following is a real constant?


37. _____ are the values that cannot be changed by a program.


38. A signed int can store:


39. While programming, if proper syntax or rules of the programming language are not followed, the program does not get compiled. In this case, the compiler generates an error. This kind of errors is called..


40. IDES for C programming language are:


Short Questions

1. Define Compiler
2. Define computer program?
3. Define constant
4. Define constant and give example?
5. Define debugging
6. Define IDE? Why we need IDE?
7. Define program
8. Define programmer
9. Define syntax
10. Define variable
11. Differentiate between char and int data types.
12. Differentiate between constants and variables?
13. Name two high level programming languages
14. What are Reserved Words? Write down any four reserved words of C Language?
15. What is a header file?
16. What is compiler?
17. What is meant by data type of a variable?
18. What is meant by declaration of variable?
19. What is meant by numeric constant?
20. Where we need to include header files?
21. Write down an example to shows a program that demonstrates the declaration and initialization of two variables?
22. Write the syntax for initiating a variable.
23. Write two rules for naming variables

Long Questions

1. Define a program and explain the programming environment.
2. Define variables. Explain its data types.
3. Write down rules for naming variables.

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