Class 9th Biology Chapter 3 Biodiversity

biology 9th notes Chapter No 3

1. In which season Houbara bustard migrates to Pakistan and settles here?


2. ____________ have cell wall made of chitin.


3. The group of nearest Genera is called:


4. Eucalyptus plants were imported from:


5. A related group of genera comprises


6. Right sequence of taxa’s of taxonomy is


7. Prions are composed of:


8. Carlous Linnaeus divided nature into kingdoms:


9. The kingdom Protista includes:


10. Number of persons increasing in the world population after every one minute is:


11. Which organism is included in kingdom monera.


12. The basic unit of classification is:


13. Viruses are assigned to the kingdom:


14. ____________ are the borderline of living and nonliving.


15. The groups into which organisms are classified are known as:


16. An order is a group of related:


17. Five kingdom classification system was introduced by:


18. The animal unable to reproduce is


19. In three kingdom classification system fungi were included in kingdom:


20. ______________ are included in kingdom Protista.


21. The branch of biology which deals with classification is called:


22. The diversity of plants in a region is called:


23. Who introduced the system of classification of organisms for the first time:


24. Viruses are not classified in any kingdom because:


25. Species that are in the same are more closely related than, ,


26. Which of the following similarities are not considered while classifying organisms into groups and subgroups?


27. Limited evidence suggests that until 600 million years ago, all life consisted of:


28. Which of the following is/are derived from plants?


29. Common example of kingdom Fungi is:


30. Proposed three kingdom classification:


31. A certain organism is multi cellular, adapted for photosynthesis, and has multi cellular sex organs. To which kingdom does it belong?


32. kingdom Protista includes.


33. The order of Human according to classification is


34. A group of related species is:


35. A genus is a group of related:


36. Which of the following does not belong to kingdom Plantae?


37. A species that no longer lives in an ecosystem is called:


38. Bacteria are assigned to the kingdom:


39. The organisms among a ___________ can interbreed and produce fertile offspring in nature.


40. Asterias rubens is the scientific name of:


41. Most fungi are:


42. It deals with the classification of organisms.


43. Which of the following animals is infertile?


44. Pea plant belongs to the _________ Fabaceae.


45. All viruses are:


46. Which of the following characters is not found in kingdom monera?


47. Fungi get their food by:


48. Which of the following living organisms acts as plant as well as animal?


49. The scientific name of pea plant is:


50. Classification means the grouping of organisms on the basis of:


51. In which kingdom would you classify unicellular eukaryotes?


52. The branch that traces the evolutionary history of organisms is known as:


53. The Taxon of order was introduced first time:


54. Which of the following group includes organisms all of which are Prokeryotes?


55. Alliums cepa is the Scientific name of:


56. Family is a group of related.


57. Which one is the correct way of writing a scientific name?


58. In Binomial nomenclature, the first letter of the name is capitalized.


59. According to two kingdom classification system heterotrophs are included in:


60. Sparrows are more closely related to:


61. When the last member of a particular species dies, the species is said iu be


62. The term diversity means:


63. The national bird of Pakistan is:


Short Questions

1. About how many peoples are added to world population in each day?
2. Define Binomial nomenclature.
3. Define biodiversity. Describe briefly the meaning of biodiversity.
4. Define Classification.
5. Define species.
6. Define systematics.
7. Define Taxonomic hierarchy.
8. Define taxonomy and systematics.
9. Define taxonomy.
10. Define the basic unit of classification or Species.
11. Define the term viroid and Prions.
12. Describe biodiversity in three lines.
13. Describe Kingdom Fungi.
14. Describe the importance of Biodiversity.
15. Differentiate between fauna and flora.
16. Enlist the characteristics of Kingdom Monera.
17. Enlist the effects of deforestation.
18. Eucalyptus is harmful for other plants growing near it. Explain.
19. Give a list of extinct animals in Pakistan.
20. Give importance of biodiversity.
21. Give significance of forests.
22. Give the benefits of using binomial nomenclature?
23. Give the characteristics of kingdom Animalia.
24. Give the characteristics Plantae.
25. Give the characteristics Protista.
26. Give the types of Protista.
27. Give two reasons for the exclusion of Kingdom Fungi from Kingdom Plantae.
28. How biodiversity is distributed on Earth?
29. How can you divide the five kingdoms into two groups on the basis of types of cells?
30. How does biodiversity help in industrial production?
31. How is biodiversity lost by over-hunting?
32. How many migratory birds are killed every year while passing through Chitral?
33. How would you define ‘taxonomic hierarchy’?
34. How would you define order?
35. How would you define the term “biodiversity”?
36. Illustrate the meaning of the word “taxa”.
37. Is the interbreeding concept of species applicable to organism which reproduce asexually?
38. Mule is result of unnatural cross. Why?
39. Name any four taxa of classification.
40. Name any two endangered species in Pakistan.
41. Name five kingdoms of classification.
42. Name the basic unit of classification?
43. Name the five main groups of organisms.
44. Name the largest and smallest taxa.
45. Name the two organizations working for conservation of biodiversity in Pakistan.
46. principles of writing a scientific name?
47. Summarize the importance of biodiversity.
48. To which kingdom does ‘Amanita’ belong?
49. What are Taxa? Give examples.
50. What are the aims of classification?
51. What are the reasons of decline of Indus dolphin?         
52. What are the reasons of decline of Houbara bustard?
53. What are the rules
54. What do you know about HJP?
55. What is a genus?
56. What is animal diversity of Northern areas in Pakistan?
57. What is binomial nomenclature?
58. What is conservation of migratory birds in Chitral, NWFP?         
59. What is deforestation? Write its causes.
60. What is IUCN?
61. What is Northern Areas Conservation Project?
62. What is term acellular?
63. What is the basis of classification?
64. What is the difference between extinct and endangered species?
65. What is the origin of biodiversity?
66. What is the role of Ibn Rushd (Averroes) in classification? 
67. What is the role of over-hunting in extinction?
68. What was the work of Robert Whittaker? Give his basis of classification.
69. What were the objections on three kingdom system?
70. What were the objections on two kingdom system? or Why is two kingdom system unworkable?
71. When is scientific name abbreviated? Give an example.
72. Which factors do affect biodiversity of a region?
73. Why is Carolus Linnaeus famous?
74. Why viruses are not included in five kingdom system?
75. Write at least two characteristics of the animals belonging to kingdom protista.
76. Write at least two properties of fungi.
77. Write down the aims of taxonomy and systematics.
78. Write down the classification of human.
79. Write down the scientific name of fruit fly.
80. Write down the scientific name of orchid tree.
81. Write the biological classification of human.
82. Write the biological classification of pea.
83. Write the names of five kingdoms of organisms.
84. Write the names of national animal and national bird of Pakistan.
85. Write the scientific names of piyaz, house crow and starfish.
86. Write two points on the importance of biodiversity.


Long Questions

1. Define endangered species and explain with two examples.
2. Describe impact of human beings on biodiversity.
3. Describe the aims and rules of classification.
4. Explain Binomial Nomenclature.
5. Explain the impact of human beings of Biodiversity.
6. Explain three major types of organisms placed in kingdom Protista.
7. Viruses are considered as borderline between living and non-living organisms. Explain.
8. What is classification? Describe its aims and basis.
9. What is taxon? Write taxonomic hierarchy in order.
10. Write a note on binomial nomenclature.
11. Write a note on conservation of biodiversity.
12. Write a note on endangered species in Pakistan.
13. Write a note on five Kingdom classification system.
14. Write a note on Species.
15. Write a note on status of viruses.
16. Write a note on Taxonomic hierarchy.
17. Write a note on three kingdom classification system.
18. Write a note on two Kingdom classification system.
19. Write the causes and effects of deforestation.

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