Class 10th Physics Unit 17 Information and Communication Technology MCQs Short Long Notes

physics 10th notes ch 17

1. Carries more than enough data to support television, telephone and computer data


2. 1GB =?


3. Which is the most suitable means of reliable continuous communication between the orbiting satellites and earth


4. Wireless communication station set up at a particular geographical location is called


5. Which are facts that are used by programs produce useful information?


6. The speed of sound in air is


7. Information in the form of audio frequency (AF) signals may be transmitted directly by


8. One Byte is to


9. Which is an electronic computing machine used for adding, subtracting and multiplying? 


10. The method used to communicate information to far off places instantly is called


11. The speed of radiowaves is equal to


12. For sending information over a long distance it has to be superimposed on


13. RF Modulator stands for


14. Which is basically an electronic based system of information transmission reception, processing and retrieval?


15. At the radio station, sound waves produced are changed into electrical signals through


16. The most important piece of hardware is


17. In computer terminology the term machinery refers to


18. The most common form of crime in computer technology is


19. Which one is not a browser?


20. Which source has shortened the distances and has brought in contact the whole world? 


21. Set of instructions and rules are called


22. Which device basically scans a page to convert its text and graphic into electronics signal and transmit it? 


23. The computer-based information system (CBIS) is formed by components


24. Allows user to view web pages


25. Also called Global web


26. Microwaves are used for


27. Cell phone sends and receives the message in the form of 


28. Microprocessor is tiny rectangular chip present in


29. The most powerful and swift computer is


30. 1MB =?


31. Which are more compact and portable?


32. Which one is not risk of ICT?


33. The technology used in cell phone or Mobile phone is


34. Cell phone network system consists of


35. Radiowaves are


36. 1kB =?


37. Which refers to the instructions or programs? 


38. Cell phone is a type of ____________having two way communications


Short Questions

Define the terms. 
(i) Information technology (ii) Telecommunication
Differentiate between the primary memory and the secondary memory.
Differentiate between hardware and software. 
Differentiate data and information.
Enlist uses of internet.
How light signals are sent through optical fibre?
What is the difference between RAM and ROM memories?
What do you understand by information and communication technology (ICT)?
What is the difference between hardware and software? Name different software.
Which is more reliable floppy disk or a hard disk?
Why optical fibre is more useful tool for the communication process?
Write advantages of E-mail.
Write some sources of communications being used now-a- days.

Long Questions

Discuss the role of information technology in school education.
Explain briefly the transmission of radiowaves through space.
Name different information storage devices and describe their uses.
What is Internet? Internet is a useful source of knowledge and information. Discuss.
What is the difference between hardware and software? Name different softwares.
What is computer? What is the role of computer in everyday life?
What are the components of information technology? Clearly indicate the function of each component.
What do you understand by the term word processing and data managing?

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