Class 10th Biology Chapter 18 Pharmacology MCQs Short Long Notes

biology 10th notes Chapter 18

1. The substances used for the treatment, cure, prevention or diagnosis are called


2. Opium is prepared from


3. Addictive drugs which physically effect on the sympathetic nervous system are called


4. Which statement is true about Tetra-cyclines? 


5. Strong pain killers are


6. The drugs used to reduce pain are known as;


7. Pathogens contain proteins called: 


8. Antibiotics are the chemicals produced by: 


9. What is meant by bactcriostatic  


10. Antibiotics are derived from


11. Who is credited as the pioneer of smallpox vaccines? 


12. Expired drugs can cause damage to: 


13. Most common abused narcotics is


14. Drugs obtained from plants and fungi are


15. How many types of drugs are obtained from plants and fungi?


16. The example of sedatives is


17. Antibiotics are used for the;  


18. Sulpha-drugs stop the synthesis of:


19. It is a material containing a weakened or killed pathogen and used to immunity to a disease by stimulating production of antibodies? 


20. Semi-synthetic drug from morphine is


21. Hallucinogens include the


22. Which drugs are produced from minerals?


23. Which of the following statement is true about vaccination? 


24. Aspirin is categorized as;


25. The flower of plant foxglove is of


26. Which of these addictive drugs are also used as painkillers?


27. Cardio tonic is known as


28. Digitalis is obtained from the leaves of


29. The antibiotics used to treat wide range of infection are known‘ as: 


30. Which part of bacteria is affected by cephalosporin?


31. Sulfonamides are broad spectrum bacteriostatic antibiotics, which inhibit the


32. Drugs taken for specific number are


33. Antibiotics are not effective against


34. Drugs produced in the laboratory are called


35. Which one of the following statements belongs to Cephalosporin’s?


36. Tetracyclines are 


37. Which one of the followings recognizes the weakened’ or dead pathogens as


38. What is true about vaccines? 


39. Streptomycin is obtained from


40. Morphine directly affects


41. The idea of sterile surgery was prompted for the first time by


42. Which of the following drugs is obtained from plants?  


Short Questions

1. Against which disease the children should be vaccinated before attending the school?
2. Define antibiotics.
3. Define Hallucinations?  
4. Define pharmacology and distinguish it from pharmacy.
5. Define pharmacology and distinguish it  from pharmacy
6. Define pharmacology?  
7. Define sedatives and give examples.
8. Define the term cephalosporin.
9. Define the term disinfectants.
10. Define vaccine. Who prepared the first vaccine?
11. Define vaccine?  
12. Differentiate between analgesic and antibiotic.
13. Differentiate between antiseptic and antibiotics.
14. Differentiate between bactericidal and bacteriostatic.
15. Differentiate between medicinal and addictive drugs.
16. Differentiate between medicinal” drug and addictive drug
17. Differentiate between narcotics and hallucinogens
18. Distinguish between bactericidal and bacteriostatic antibiotics.
19. Do all vaccines provide life time immunity?  
20. Do vaccines provide lifetime immunity?
21. Enlist the sources of medicinal drugs?  
22. Explain drugs from animals.
23. How did the terramycin develop ?
24. How drugs are classified?  
25. How drugs are obtained from animals?  
26. How many types of drugs are classified?
27. How marijuana is obtained?’  
28. How morphine is made from?  
29. How synthetic drugs are prepared?  
30. In which year Sir Alexander got a noble -prize?
31. Make a difference between broad spectrum and narrow spectrum antibiotics.
32. Name any addictive illegal drug?  
33. Name drugs produced from minerals.
34. Name the common types of drugs.
35. Name the diseases which are treated by using cephalosporins?  
36. Name two drugs obtained from animals.
37. What are addictive drugs?  
38. What are antibiotics?  
39. What are antigens?
40. What are broad spectrum antibiotics?
41. What are Hallucinations?
42. What are Narcotics?
43. What are sources of morphine and digitalis?
44. What are Sulpha drugs?
45. What are synthetic drugs?
46. What are the common method of administering vaccines?
47. What are the effects of sedatives?
48. What are the non-prescription drugs?
49. What are the prescription drugs?  
50. What are the problems associated with drug addicts?  
51. What are the three major groups of Anti-biotic?  
52. What are the uses of heroin?  
53. What did Joseph Lister introduced  for sterilise surgical instruments  ?
54. What did Sir Alexander discovers?  
55. What do you know about Morphine and codeine?
56. What do you know about tetracycline?
57. What do you know about Thiazide diuretics?
58. What is cardiotonic?
59. What is diamorphine?
60. What is difference in prescription and non-prescription drugs?
61. What is heroin? What is its effects on CNS?
62. What is marijuana? To which category of addictive drugs does it belong?
63. What is meant by broad-spectrum antibiotics?
64. What is meant by drug?
65. What is meant by Hallucinogens?
66. What is meant by narrow spectrum antibiotics?  
67. What is meant by Social Stigma?
68. What is meant by Tetracyclines?
69. What is pharmaceutical drug or medicinal drug?  
70. What is streptomycin?  
71. What is the botanical name of marijuana plant?  
72. What is the cause of expired drugs?  
73. What is the effect of using addictive drugs?
74. What is the function of cardiotonic digitalis?  
75. What is the function of Terramycin?
76. What is the use of silver nitrate powder?
77. What is the use of sulpha drugs?
78. What is tincture of iodine?
79. What is vaccine? Write two names of commonly used vaccines.
80. What was the old name of pharmacology?
81. When pharmacology was developed?  
82. Where do Narcotics play an important role?  
83. Where does morphine act?  
84. Where does penicillin come from?  
85. Which antibiotic is obtained from soil?
86. Which drugs are harmful for human health?  
87. Which drugs are included in hallucinogens?
88. Which idea did Joseph promote?  
89. Which medicines are taken for a specific number of days?
90. Which vaccine does not provide lifetime immunity?
91. Write down some types of crimes of drug addicts?  
92. Write down the function of antiseptics?  
93. Write down the functions  of vaccines?  
94. Write down the results of intake of small and high doses of marijuana?
95. Write down the use and function of mineral iodine?  
96. Write the contributions of Sir Alexander Fleming in the field of pharmacology.
97. Write the important contributions of Joseph Lister in the field of surgery.
98. Write the name of any two drugs made from minerals
99. Write the name of two drugs which are obtained from minerals.
100. Write the role of antibodies.
101. Write two effects of marijuana.
102. Write two functions of B. Lymphocytes.

Long Questions

1. Define medicinal drugs. Describe the different principle usage of important medicinal drugs.
2. Describe drug addiction and associated problems.
3. Describe the resistance of bacteria against antibiotics.
4. Describe the three types of addictive drugs.
5. Describe the types of medicinal drugs on the basis of their types.
6. Discuss different sources from where medicinal drugs are obtained.
7. Explain major groups of antibiotics.
8. Explain narcotics and hallucinogens.
9. What is Marijuana? What are its effects.
10. What point should we kept in mind during the use of medicine?
11. Write down a note on vaccines and the mode of action of vaccines.

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