Class 10th Biology Chapter 17 Biotechnology MCQs Short Long Notes

biology 10th notes Chapter 17

1. ______ involves the artificial synthesis, modification, removal, addition and repair of the genetic material (DNA).


2. What is incorrect about biotechnology ?


3. ______________ is used to dissolve blood clots


4. Ethanol is the final product of


5. Ethanol is formed by the fermentation of


6. It has been calculated that 50 kg of yeast produces


7. Which of the following can be produced by genetic engineering?


8. Which of the following statement is FALSE about genetic engineering?


9. The vectors of isolated gene are


10. ______________ is a malted food


11. Lactic acid is the final product of


12. In Scotland, in 1997, what an embryologist Ian Wilmut produced from the Body  cell of an adult sheep?  


13. The bio-technology techniques were used to:


14. Wheat dough is fermented by


15. The form of old bio-technology is:   


16. The enzyme used to cut the gene of interest in a donor organism is


17. Find the correct match for the fermentation product and the organism involved


18. _________________ carry out alcoholic fermentation


19. _______________ is the process in which there is incomplete oxidation-reduction of glucose


20. In 1978, scientists prepared human insulin by:  


21. Cross-breeding of animals and cross pollination of plants are techniques of:  


22. The yield of protein:  


23.  _______________ is a fermented food.


24. Which of the following microorganisms carry out lactic acid fermentation?


25. ______________ is effective against brain and lung cancer


26. Scientists successfully prepared human insulin by inserting the insulin gene in bacteria in


27. Interferon’s are:    


28. Formic acid is formed by the fermentation of


29. The enzyme urukinase is used to:  


30. Glycerol is formed by the fermentation of


31. Human began using micro-organisms as early as 4000 BC for making:


32. Which one is NOT an objective of genetic engineering?  


33. The first step in genetic engineering is;  


34. Interferon’s were produced in the genetically modified micro-organisms for the first time in:  


35. Scientists were able to cut and paste the DNA of organisms in:  


36. All fermentation are the results of


37. ___________________ means the production of any product by the mass culture of microorganisms


38. The enzyme used for joining the isolated gene with the vector DNA is


39. Acrylic acid is formed by the fermentation of


40. The work on genetic engineering started in


41. Algae grown in ponds“ produce:  


42. Alcoholic fermentation is important in


43. Fermentation and other such processes which are based on natural capabilities of organisms and considered as:  


44. The process that is same in both aerobic and anaerobic respiration is


45. Which of these is an anti-viral protein‘?  


46. ______________ is an anti-viral protein


Short Questions

1. Before genetic engineering, how many sheep brains were required to be produced?
2. Briefly describe the use of biotechnology in the field of food and agriculture
3. Define alcoholic fermentation.
4. Define biological vectors and give examples.
5. Define Biotechnology.
6. Define Fermentation.
7. Define genetic engineering.
8. Define glycolysis/ carbohydrate fermentation and write the name of its product.
9. Define lactic acid fermentation.
10. Define Modern Biotechnology.
11. Define Plasmid.
12. Define vector.
13. Describe carbohydrate fermentation?  
14. Describe fermenter?  
15. Describe the uses of fermentation in dairy products.
16. Enlist the name of industrial products produced by fermentation?
17. Explain the process of alcoholic fermentation?  
18. Explain the role of Pasteur in the field of fermentation?  
19. For what purposes vaccine is used?
20. Give an example how biotechnology is helping for better environment.
21. Give any two advantages of SCP.
22. Give examples of fields in which biotechnology is being applied?
23. Give uses of formic acid in -industry?
24. How cheese is formed?
25. How controlled environment is provided for the process of fermentation?
26. How gene of interest is isolated?
27. In biotechnology what does the term fermentation means?  
28. In biotechnology, what is meant by genetically modified organism (GMO)? How is it made?
29. in which year genetic engineering was developed?  
30. In which year interferon was produced?
31. Name any two industrial products made by fermentation? Also describe their uses in the industry.
32. Name the bacteria which helps in lactic acid fermentation?  
33. Name the embryologist who produced sheep (Dolly)?  
34. Name two basic types of Fermentation.
35. On which basis fermentations are classified?
36. What are interferons?
37. What are the products of the two types of carbohydrate fermentation?
38. What are the uses of alcoholic fermentation?
39. What are the uses of lactic acid fermentation?  
40. What do you know about Dolly?
41. What do you know about old Biotechnology?
42. What in meant by Transgenic?  
43. What is a transgenic organism?
44. What is Alcoholic fermentation?
45. What is Batch fermentation?
46. What is Beta-Endorphin?
47. What is continuous fermentation?
48. What is Fermenter? 
49. What is genetic engineering’?  
50. What is GMO?
51. What is Human Genome Project?
52. What is Lactic acid fermentation?
53. What is meant by genetic engineering?  
54. What is meant by Recombinant DNA Technology/Genetic Engineering? Give its one benefit.
55. What is meant by single cell protein or novel protein/minifood? How are these produced?
56. What is meant by single cell proteins?
57. What is meant by transgenic plants?
58. What is Recombinant DNA?
59. What is Restriction endonucleases?
60. What is role of endonuclease and ligase?
61. What is single cell protein (SCP)?  
62. What is the contribution of Pasteur in the field of fermentation?
63. What is the importance of genetic engineering?    
64. What is the meaning of fermentation on Biotechnology?
65. What is thymosin?
66. What is urokinase?
67. What type of environmental issues are solved by using biotechnology?  
68. What type of help genetic engineering has provided to control haemophilia and thalassemia?
69. Where are microorganisms produced for single cell protein production?
70. Which acid is used in the production of plastic?
71. Which bacteria species is used in the production of Glycerol ?
72. Which basic steps are involved in genetic engineering?
73. Which enzyme is used to dissolve blood clots?  
74. Which medicine was made by genetic engineers for viral diseases
75. Which medicines have been produced by using biotechnological techniques?
76. Why SCP is gaining popularity day by day?  
77. Why single cell protein are named as?  
78. Write any two achievements of genetic engineering.
79. Write any two applications of fermentation.
80. Write any two characteristics of transgenic animals.
81. Write any two objectives of genetic engineering.
82. Write clown about the Biotechnology in the field of medicine?
83. Write down the application of fermentation in beverage products.
84. Write down the few uses of Ethanol in industrial products.
85. Write two benefits of the use of fermenter.
86. Write two uses of glycerol.

Long Questions

1. Briefly explain the process of fermentation.
2. Define genetic engineering. Write the objectives of genetic engineering.
3. Describe the basic steps of genetic engineering.
4. Describe the role of Biotechnology in the field of Environment and Medicine.
5. Describe the scope and importance of Biotechnology in the field of medicine, food and agriculture.
6. Discuss the application of fermentation. 
7. Explain the groups of fermented food.
8. Explain the industrial products obtained through fermentation.
9. Explain the scope and importance of Biotechnology.
10. Explain two basic types of carbohydrate fermentation.
11. What are fermenters? Write two methods of fermentation process.
12. What are the advantages of using fermenters?
13. What is meant by Single Cell Protein? Write the significance of SCP.
14. Write down the achievements of genetic engineering.

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