2nd Year English Sentence Correction Notes MCQs Solution

english 12th Notes Sentence Correction

1. One should do his duty.


2. We know to swim.


3. My luggages were lost.


4. He will succeed unless he does not works hard.


5. I don’t know who are you.


6. He always says the truth.


7. I have many works to do.


8. None of these two boys is serious.


9. The is the last news.


10. I swore in God.


11. I am al right.


12. I could not help to laugh.


13. Ten deers are sitting in the forest.


14. My spectacles is old.


15. Majority in the college have failed.


16. Aslam is more cleverer than you.


17. I have a work to do.


18. Dog is a faithful animal.


19. You must avoid from bad boys.


20. He went out just now.


21. He ran lest he may miss the plane.


22. The jury was divided in its verdict.


23. He availed of the chance.


24. He gave me few rupees.


25. I, he and you will help the poor.


26. Either you or I are mistaken.


27. He went out just now.


28. She is lacking of interest in English.


29. I take pain over my work.


30. Horse is a fast running animals.


31. Not only he reads out but also writes.


32. If he would have come, I would have helped him.


33. The cattle is grazing in the field.


34. The United States of America have a large population.


35. Of the two books, the second is the best.


36. She is the most matchless teacher in the school.


37. The Urdu is an easy language.


38. This is a worth buying book.


39. The both girls are tall.


40. He said that he is a poor man.


41. He made me to go.


42. She lays in bed.


43. She is not as tall as me.


44. There is a few milk in the jug.


45. I have confidence on you.


46. A horse is a faithful animal.


47. No sooner he reaches college than the peon rings the bell.


48. Everyone of you have a chance.


49. She is wiser than him.


50. I have received the letter yesterday.


51. Was it him who was standing there?


52. Unless you don’t work, you will not pass.


53. He is good of English.


54. Ten miles are not a long distance.


55. The chair’s leg is broken.


56. I can say it at his face.


57. I as well as my brother is watching TV.


58. Neither he curses nor beats.


59. He replied that he will come.


60. He, you and I told lies.


61. He is braver than any man.


62. Lubna is aiming on this target.


63. He is senior than you.


64. You as well as I am going there.


65. I found that he is guilty.


66. She is a miser lady.


67. He knows swimming.


68. She said that she is such a girl that is lazy.


69. It was raining since morning.


70. More we earn, more we desire.


71. None of the students of this class have failed.


72. God helps those who helps themselves.


73. I shall reach the station before the train will arrive.


74. The iron is found in Pakistan.


75. He would rather die than beg.


76. He doesn’t afraid of taking risks in life.


77. I have come here yesterday.


78. The murderer was hunged.


79. One should do his duty.


80. The wisdom is the gift of heaven.


81. Many a man have died fighting of the good cause.


82. Higher you go, cooler it is.


83. He is M.A in English.


84. He gave the test and got his first class marks.


85. I didn’t see somebody there.


86. At the end, I got a job.


87. Although he was old but he can run fast.


88. He disposed off the case.


89. Indus is the longest river in Pakistan.


90. I have passed my Matric in 2006.


91. Don’t prevent him to go there.


92. Anyone can do it if one tries.


93. Bring mine cap.


94. There is a cattle under the tree.


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