2nd Year English Lesson 16 A Dialogue Notes MCQs Solution

english 12th Notes Chapter No 16

1. They were looking for asylum .Here the word asylum means


2. Farasat replied in pensive way. Here the word pensive means


3. Explosive should be timely reported .Here the word explosive means


4. Is there any other cause? Here the word cause means


5. Many newborn are affected by malnutrition .Here the word malnutrition means


Short Questions

1. What type of news was there in the newspaper?
2. Why did farasat and Salim become sad after reading the news?
3. Describe the four categories of the child abuse?
4. How can we overcome child abuse?
5. What are the basic rights of children in Islam?
6. What are the threats to the children living in war zones of the world?
7. How can parents teachers and media perform their duty is to eliminate this evil of child abuse from the society?

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