2nd Year English Lesson 15 Mustafa Kamal Notes MCQs Solution

english 12th Notes Chapter No 15

1. The Padishah himself was eager to collaborate with the Allies. Here the word collaborate means


2. The Padishah Requested for the British refuge. Here the word refuge means


3. Their conception was loyalty to armistice. Here the word armistice means


4. It was apparent that the Turks were steadily growing bolder. Here the word apparent means


5. Every indication seemed to point to one man. Here the word indication means


6. On assuming power, Mustafa Kamal first object was to educate the people. Here the word object means


7. At first the British High Commissioner demurred. Here the word demurred means


8. The Turks vowed that death was preferable to rule by Greeks. Here the word vowed means


9. Mustafa Kamal inaugurated great schemes. Here the word inaugurated means


10. The houses of the foreigners were ransacked. Here the word ransacked means


11. The allies evacuated the important Baghdad railway junction. Here the word evacuated means


12. The Rebel must report himself immediately to Istanbul. Here the word Rebel means


13. But the invasion continued. Here the word invasion means


14. Allied forces were supervising the police. Here the word supervising means


15. The armies of democracies had been hailed as deliverers. Here the word hailed means


16. Kiyazim karateka began to obstruct the Allied control officers. Here the word obstruct means


17. Government at Istanbul was branded as government of dotards. Here the word dotards means


18. At first the British High Commissioner demurred, .Here the word demurred means


19. Kiyazim Karabak refused to disband his men. Here the word disband means


20. The Encounters caused consternation not only among the allies but also in Istanbul itself. Here the word consternation means


21. The Turks were infuriated by the occupation of the richest Turkish province. Here the word infuriated means


22. The Turks were infuriated by the occupants. Here the word infuriated means


23. High explosives were used extensively. Here the word extensively means


24. Mustafa Kamal was making exceptionally good use of the freedom. Here the word exceptionally means


25. Mehmet regained Anatolia by subtlety. Here the word subtlety means


26. Week by week little Encounters increased. Here the word Encounters means


27. It was flame of indignation. Here the word indignation means


28. Allies dissolved the National Assembly. Here the word dissolved means


29. The Nation’s rights have been violated. Here the word violated means


30. Mustafa Kamal toured to demonstrate how to use the new language. Here the word demonstrate means


31. Everyday brought freshmen and new gear. Here the word gear means


32. The local Turks vowed that death was preferable. Here the word vowed means


33. The last of the sultan’s was on his way to exile. Here the word exile means


34. Mustafa Kamal was the savior of Turkey. Here the word savior means


35. Mustafa Kamal refused to disband his men. Here the word disband means


36. They rush to join battle with the invader. Here the word invader means


37. He left as he could trust no one but an old conductor of Royal orchestra. Here the word orchestra means


38. The changes in all branches of Turkish life have been stupendous. Here the word stupendous means


39. The Grand Turkish national assembly gave the verdict. Here the word verdict means


40. The Turks were steadily growing bolder. Here the word steadily means


41. A Congress of delegates should be called at once. Here the word delegates means


42. Government, at Istanbul, was branded as Govt. of dotards. Here the word dotards means


43. There was no one to enforce the terms of the Treaty. Here the word Treaty means


44. It involves an utterly different tactics. Here the word tactics means


45. He would not consent to the operation. Here the word consent means


46. He initiated the intellectual movement. Here the word initiated means


47. It was apparent that the Turks were growing boulder. Here the word apparent means


48. Back along the wire went the most momentous Telegram in the history of Ottoman Empire. Here the word momentous means


49. Mustafa Kamal was the Saviour of Turkey. Here the word Saviour means


50. Istanbul became suspicious of his intentions. Here the word suspicious means


51. They evacuated the important Baghdad Railway. Here the word evacuated means


52. A general massacre of the Armenians was expected. Here the word massacre means


53. There came the peremptory command of that rebel should report. Here the word rebel means


54. Turkish Patriotism was no longer vague. Here the word vague means


55. Nor was Mustafa Kamal a lenient master. Here the word lenient means


56. Some undefeated remnants of the Ottoman Army began to obstruct in Allies. Here the word remnants means


57. He was determined to break down this barrier. Here the word determined means


58. To educate the people was a gigantic task. Here the word gigantic means


59. All the orders of the Padishah should be considered null and void. Here the word null and void means


60. By the unanimous vote of the Grand National Assembly. Here the word unanimous means


61. He proposed that the Sultanate should be abolished. Here the word abolished means


62. There was only one policy to be pursued. Here the word pursued means


63. By the unanimous vote of the assembly, Sultanate was abolished. Here the word unanimous means


64. They issued orders that the ship of Mustafa Kamal should be intercepted. Here the word intercepted means


65. The nation’s rights have been violated. Here the word violated means


66. The industry had flourished consistently. Here the word flourished means


Short Questions

1. Describe Mustafa Kamal as a great reformer?
2. Describe the reforms introduced by Mustafa Kamal with reference to the position of women?
3. Describe the reforms introduced by Mustafa Kamal with reference to the adoption of the roman script?
4. Describe the reforms introduced by Mustafa Kamal with reference to the change in dresses?
5. Describe the reforms introduced by Mustafa Kamal with reference to the industrial and economic development?
6. Describe the reforms introduced by Mustafa Kamal with reference to the removal of illiteracy?
7. Discuss the educational reforms of Mustafa Kamal.
8. Give an account of Allies control of Turkey after World War I?
9. Give an account of industrial and economic development made in Turkey after Mustafa Kamal came into Power?
10. Give an account of the departure of Mehmet from Istanbul?
11. Give an account of the functions of the revolutionary Grand National Assembly?
12. Give an account of the Greek attack and their defeat?
13. Give an account of the retreat of the Greek?
14. How did Mehmet try to regain Anatolia for himself?
15. How did Mustafa Kamal at last end the Ottoman Government in istanbul?
16. How did Mustafa Kamal change old titles?
17. How did Mustafa Kamal make people learn the use of the Roman script?
18. How did the patriots react to the idea of entertaining the terms of treaty by the Ottoman Government at Istanbul?
19. How did the revolutionary Turkish Grand National Assembly come into being?
20. How had the armies of the democracies been welcomed after the World War I was over?
21. How have the changes in all branches of Turkish life been stupendous compared with those of Western Europe?
22. Narrate the main terms of peace the Allies wanted to impose?
23. Since when has Turkey had been fighting continuously, according to Wilfrid F. Castle?
24. Sum up in a few sentences the work of Mustafa Kamal as a great nation-builder?
25. What did an American medical practitioner chronicle about the daily deterioration of the position in Anatolia?
26. What did Mustafa Kamal do to prepare people for patriotic revolt?
27. What did Mustafa Kamal do when the Nationalists left him alone to join Mehmet?
28. What did Mustafa Kamal reply when he was ordered to return?
29. What did Mustafa Kamal say about woman’s right?
30. What did Mustafa Kamal suggest when Mehmet urged the Nationalists to transfer their activities to Istanbul?
31. What did the patriots do when the Allies put Istanbul under a collective arrest and dissolved “the National Assembly”?
32. What plan of resistance did Mustafa Kamal sketch at a secret meeting in Anatolia?
33. What reforms did Mustafa Kamal introduce regarding the headdress?
34. What was Mehmet’s reply to Mustafa Kamal’s invitation that urged him to take the lead against the foreign enemies?
35. What was Mustafa Kamal’s reply?
36. What was Mustafa Kamal’s reply to Mehmet’s order of returning to Constantinople?
37. What was Mustafa Kemal’s first object after he came into power?
38. What was the attitude of the Turkish government towards the Allies after World war I?
39. What was the attitude of Turkish people/ Turkish government towards the Allies after the First world War?
40. What was the condition of Izmir after war?
41. What was the first step Mustafa Kamal took to educate his people?
42. What was the first task Mustafa Kamal undertook after assuming power?
43. What was the reaction of the Turkish patriots to the intention of the Allies to partition the Ottoman Empire?
44. What was the reaction of the Turks when the Greeks occupied Izmir and Aydin?
45. What were Mustafa Kamal’s views about women?
46. What were terms offered to Turkey by the Allies?
47. What were the old titles of the Sultan?
48. What were the two problems which Mustafa Kamal faced to educate the people?
49. What would have been the result if the terms of the Allies had been accepted?
50. When did Mehmet leave Turkey?
51. When did the Allies decide to divide Turkey among themselves?
52. When did Turkish Grand Assembly meet for the first time in Ankara?
53. When was the name of the Ottoman Empire wiped from the slate of history?
54. Where/how was the battle fought between the Greeks and the Turks?
55. Who abolished Sultanate and when?
56. Who practically controlled Turkey after war?
57. Who was in power at Istanbul when the war was over?
58. Who was selected to crush the revolt against the Allies in Anatolia?
59. Why did Mehmet order Mustafa Kamal to return to Constantinople?
60. Why did Mehmet’s plan fail?
61. Why did Mustafa Kamal simplify the Turkish language?
62. Why did Mustafa Kamal suggest for the parliament to sit in Ankara?
63. Why did the trick/ paln of Mehmet fail to capture Mustafa Kamal?
64. Why did the Turkish people reject the treaty?
65. Why did the Turkish people reject the treaty?
66. Why was educating people a gigantic task?
67. Why was it necessary to simplify the language?
68. Why was Mustafa Kamal sent to Anatolia?
69. Why was the Ottoman Government branded as the puppet government by the patriots?
70. Why were the old titles and nobilities abolished?
71. Why were the terms of the Allies not accepted?
72. Write a note on Mustafa Kamal’s activities in Anatolia?

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