2nd Year English Lesson 14 Louis Pasteur Notes MCQs Solution

english 12th Notes Chapter No 14

1. Pasteur asked for arbitration for competition. Here the word arbitration  means


2. He never shook off the physical effects of the disease. Here the word shook off means


3. Malaria was rampant in England. Here the word rampant  means


4. Providentially Pasteur mind was not injured. Here the word Providentially  means


5. Pasteur was born in quite humble circumstances. Here the word humble means


6. Injecting carbolic acid was abandoned soon. Here the word abandoned means


7. Pasteur revealed the true nature of the problem. Here the word revealed  means


8. Lister was medical peer of Pasteur. Here the word peer means


9. Pasteur’s work was enough to pay the indemnity of the France-German war. Here the word indemnity means


10. Pasteur found the treatment of hydrophobia. Here the word hydrophobia means


11. Pasteur used to embarrass his professor of chemistry with unanswerable questions. Here the word embarrass means


12. The epidemic was devastating in the silk industry. Here the word devastating  means


13. Pasteur was fortunate in processing forebears of character and strength. Here the word forebears  means


14. In practice, there was an obstacle. Here the word obstacle means


15. Lister’s aim was the prevention. Here the word prevention means


16. Today the sight of this parchment is odious to me. Here the word odious means


17. Pasteur arrived at the method of attenuating germs. Here the word attenuating  means


18. France and Germany plunged into war. Here the word plunged  means


19. They could not be seen with the naked eye. Here the word naked  means


20. His father won the cross of Legion of Honour on the field of battle for valour and fidelity. Here the word fidelity means


21. The disease yaws made blotches on the human body. Here the word blotches  means


22. Virulent germs spread disease. Here the word Virulent means


23. Pasteur enrolled in the national guard. Here the word enrolled  means


24. Pasteur was an unconquerable man. Here the word unconquerable means


25. Today this site of this parchment is odious to me. Here the word odious means


26. It stimulated other scientists to study the habits of germs. Here the word stimulated  means


27. High explosives were used extensively. Here the word extensively means


28. The conditions were agonizing. Here the word agonizing means


29. Pasteur’s father was Napoleon’s conscript. Here the word conscript means


30. The disease yaws made blotches on the human body. Here the word blotches means


31. Pasteur work was enough to pay the indemnity of the France- German war. Here the word indemnity  means


32. Pasteur father brought a small tannery. Here the word tannery means


33. Pasteur was filled with loathing of Germany. Here the word loathing  means


34. Pasteur asked for arbitration for competition. Here the word arbitration means


35. He was determined to break down this barrier. Here the word determined means


36. It was a film of indignation not of hatred. Here the word indignation means


37. Louis Pasteur abolished these superstitions forever. Here the word superstitions  means


38. Pasteur abolished these superstitions forever. Here the word abolished means


39. Pasteur took up the study of brewing. Here the word brewing means


40. The industry had flourished consistently. Here the word flourished  means


41. He got a prize for his fidelity. Here the word fidelity means


42. Pasteur was born in quite humble circumstances. Here the word humble means


43. Providentially Pasteur’s mind was not injured. Here the word Providentially means


44. Pasteur abolished these superstitions forever. Here the word superstitions means


45. Metchnikoff, a pupil of Pasteur, revealed the true nature of the problem, .Here the word revealed means


Short Questions

1. Describe the early life of Pasteur?
2. Describe the importance and popularity of the silkworm industry in France. What help did Pasteur render in curing the silkworm disease in his country?
3. Describe the Importance of Pasteur’s work on fermentation. What effects did it bave?
4. Describe the importance of Pasteur’s work on the silkworm disease?
5. Describe the Rabies disease.
6. Did Pasteur take interest in his studies at school?
7. Give an account of Pasteur’s treatment of Hydrophobia and hoe he curd the first patient suffering from it?
8. Give some instances of Pasteur’s patriotism?
9. How can malaria be checked/prevented/stopped?
10. How can we fight malaria?
11. How did Pasteur attenuate the germs of Rabies?
12. How did Pasteur discover the cure for Hydrophobia?
13. How did Pasteur discover the method of making vaccines?
14. How did Pasteur discover the treatment for the cattle disease, Anthrax?
15. How did Pasteur embarrass the professor of Chemistry at Besancon?
16. how did Pasteur prove that spontaneous generation was not a fact?
17. How did Pasteur show the way to other scientists?
18. How did Pasteur show the way to other scientists? Give an account of the discoveries?
19. How did the Pasteur’s cure of hydrophobia stir/motivate other scientists?
20. How has the world expressed gratitude to Pasteur?
21. How much useful did the protective inoculation prove for typhoid and plague?
22. How much valuable wa Pasteur’s work on brewing?
23. How serious was the problem of inflammation of wounds in Lister’s days?
24. How valuable was Pasteur’s work on Spontaneous generation?
25. How would the professor react the Pasteur’s unanswerable questions?
26. Show that Pasteur was great patriot?
27. Was Pasteur interested in chemistry?
28. What change did Pasteur bring in the realm of disease?
29. What conclusion did Pasteur draw from his experiment of Inoculating the weak germs Into a healthy animal?
30. What did Pasteur advise people to do to prevent the silkworm disease?
31. What did Pasteur do about puerperal fever?
32. What did Pasteur do when France and Germany were plunged into war in 1870?
33. What did Pasteur prove about spontaneous generation?
34. What did Pasteur write to the University of Bonn in Germany?
35. What do we mean by spontaneous generation?
36. What happened when Pasteur asked for arbitration, to settle the argument over spontaneous generation?
37. What is a tsetse-fly and what disease it causes?
38. What is a tsetse-fly, and what disease does it cause?
39. What is Hydrophobia or Rabies?
40. What is spontaneous generation?
41. What is the method of making vaccines?
42. What made Pasteur best known to the man in the street?
43. What research did Pasteur undertake when Germany and France plunged into a war?
44. What superstitions about different diseases prevailed before Pasteur?
45. What things did Pasteur inherit from his father?
46. What was done to cure the silkworm disease before Pasteur come to rescue?
47. What was Pasteur’s research on Anthrax?
48. What was the epidemic into which the French Government forced Pasteur to make research?
49. What was the outcome of Pasteur’s discoveries?
50. What was the significance of Pasteur’s preventive treatment of the cattle-disease named anthrax?
51. What were the effects of silkworm disease?
52. Which was the first human disease to which Pasteur applied inoculation?
53. Who was Louis Pasteur?
54. Why did Pasteur at first refuse to investigate the silkworm disease?
55. Why did Pasteur forget his wedding ceremony?
56. Why did Pasteur forget his wedding ceremony?
57. Why did Pasteur refuse to enter the great Ecole Normale in Paris?
58. Why was Pasteur rejected from the army?
59. Why were surgeons unwilling to operate except as a last and desperate resort in Pre-Listerian days?
60. Write down Pasteur’s services in brewing?

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