2nd Year English Lesson 11 First Year at Harrow Notes MCQs Solution

english 12th Notes Chapter No 11

1. The writer put him blot and a few smudges on the paper. Here the word smudges means


2. Churchill continued in this unpretentious situation for nearly a year. Here the word unpretentious means


3. Naturally, I am biased in favour of boys learning English. Here the word biased means


4. I gained no more advantage from the alphabet. Here the word gained means


5. The headmaster showed discernment in judging his general ability. Here the word discernment means


6. They were considered such dunces that they could learn only English. Here the word dunces means


7. The writer owes a great debt to his teacher. Here the word debt means


8. I would whip them hard for that. Here the word whip means


9. The examiners short to expose my ignorance. Here the word ignorance means


10. The writer entered in an inhospitable region of examination at the age of twelve. Here the word inhospitable means


11. I learnt it thoroughly. Here the word thoroughly means


12. The headmaster showed discernment in judging the writer’s general ability. Here the word ability means


13. These examinations were a trial for me. Here the word trial means


14. The voice sounded like a summons to damnation. Here the word damnation means


15. The headmaster judged his ability from these slender indications. Here the word slender means


16. They learnt the English parsing thoroughly. Here the word parsing means


17. It was a kind drill. Here the word drill means


18. The merciful ushers collected the papers of the writer. Here the word ushers means


19. I entered inhospitable regions of examinations. Here the word inhospitable means


20. I gazed for a whole two hour at this sad spectacle. Here the word spectacle means


21. The learning English was a kind of drill for him. Here the word drill  means


22. These examinations were a great trial to Churchill. Here the word trial means


23. And there will prevail. Here the word prevail means


24. But the only thing I would whip them for is not knowing English. Here the word whip means


25. It is very much to his credit. Here the word credit means


26. The merciful ushers collected my piece of foolscap. Here the word ushers means


27. The headmaster was not dependent upon paper manifestation. Here the word manifestation means


28. Churchill continued in this unpretentious situation for nearly a year. Here the word unpretentious means


29. We were considered such dunces that we could learn only English. Here the word dunces means


30. After much reflection, I put a bracket around it. Here the word reflection means


31. It is very much to his credit. Here the word credit means


32. Then merciful ushers collected my piece of foolscap. Here the word ushers means


33. The headmaster took a broad-minded view of my latin paper. Here the word broad-minded means


34. The examiners sought to expose the ignorance of the writer. Here the word expose means


35. They learnt the English parsing thoroughly. Here the word parsing means


36. I gazed for two hours at this sad spectacle. Here the word spectacle means


37. I continued in this unpretentious situation. Here the word unpretentious means


38. It showed that he was a man capable of looking beneath that surface of things. Here the word beneath means


39. He showed discernment in judging my general ability. Here the word ability means


40. I got only a vague idea of what they looked like. Here the word vague means


41. Incidentally there arrived from nowhere in particular a blot and several smudges. Here the word Incidentally means


Short Questions

1. Churchill did not learn Latin and Greek. But it proved to be no loss for him. He learnt English only. And learning English proved to be a gain in his practical life.
2. For how much time was the writer kept in the lowest form and what advantage did he gain there?
3. How did Churchill do his Latin paper?
4. How did knowledge of English stand Churchill in good stead agter years?
5. How did Mr. Somervell teach English?
6. How many year did Churchill spend in taking examinations?
7. In which subjects did the writer want to be examined?
8. The writer says that the examiners ask the questions which students cannot answer and don not ask those which they can answer. Is the complaint just?
9. What are Churchill’s views about the ntry tests?
10. What did the writer do in his Latin paper?
11. What duty was Mr. Somervell charged with, and what did Churchill gain form him?
12. What good did Churchill’s three years stay at Harrow do him?
13. What happened to the talented boys of his school who learnt Greek and Latin?
14. What is the real, full name of Churchill?
15. What sort of man was the Headmaster at Harrow?
16. What sort of questions are asked by your examiners?
17. What sorts of questions did the examiners ask the writer in the examinations?
18. What subjects would Churchill have liked to have been examined in?
19. When did Churchill enter the unkind regions of examinations, and how long did he journey through them?
20. Where was the writer places in the school?
21. Where was the writer’s name put when the names of students were written alphabetically?
22. Who was Churchill?
23. Who was Sir Winston Churchill?
24. Why did Churchill have the greatest regard for the Headmaster, Mr. Welldon?
25. Why did Churchill not do well in examinations?
26. Why does Churchill call examination an inhospitable region?
27. Why does Churchill prefer English to other languages?
28. Why does the writer prefer English to Latin and Greek?
29. Why was Churchill admitted to Harrow despite his poor performance?
30. Why was Churchill placed in the lowest division?
31. Why was Churchill’s name at the bottom in the school list?
32. Why were Churchill and other students in the lowest form taught only English?
33. Why were the examinations a trial to Churchill?
34. Write a short note on Harrow.
35. Write an appreciation or criticism of Churchill’s views in regard to the study of Latin Greek and English and their value in earning a living?

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