2nd Year English Lesson 10 The Jewel of the World Notes MCQs Solution

english 12th Notes Chapter No 10

1. During my reign, the Nile has not been in flood for seven years. Here the word reign,  means


2. Abdul Rahman administered the people with sagacity. Here the word sagacity means


3. Abdul Rahman beautified the cities of his domain. Here the word domain means


4. He administered with sagacity and ability. Here the word sagacity means


5. Abd-ul-Rehman barely escaped assassination. Here the word assassination means


6. All this when in Christian Europe only the rudiments of learning were known. Here the word rudiments  means


7. The story of his flees in dramatic. Here the word flees  means


8. The industry had flourished consistently. Here the word flourished means


9. Al Hakam established an endowment for the salaries of teachers. Here the word an endowment  means


10. The Umayyad dynasty in Damascus was overthrown in 750. Here the word dynasty  means


11. Al Hakam was generous to scholars. Here the word generous  means


12. Abdul Rahman was a youth of exceptional nerve and ability. Here the word exceptional  means


13. Abd-ul-Rehman had shared aquiline features. Here the word aquiline means


14. In Ceuta, Abdul Rahman was offered refuge. Here the word refuge means


15. Al-Hakam’s agents ransacked the bookshops of all the major cities. Here the word ransacked means


16. He proposed that the sultanate should be abolished. Here the word abolished means


17. Abdul al Rahman imported exotic plants to his garden. Here the word exotic  means


18. Abdul Rehman administered the people with sagacity. Here the word sagacity means


19. Abd-ul-Rahman was a youth of exceptional nerve and ability. Here the word exceptional means


20. In North Africa Abdul Rahman barely escaped assassination. Here the word assassination means


21. Al Hakam agents ransacked the bookshops of all the major cities. Here the word ransacked  means


22. Al-Hakam was generous to scholars. Here the word generous means


23. Abdul Rahman had sharp aquiline features. Here the word aquiline  means


24. Abd-al-Rehman imported exotic plants to his garden. Here the word exotic means


25. The houses of the foreigner were ransacked. Here the word ransacked. means


26. In Spain, he initiated an intellectual movement. Here the word initiated  means


Short Questions

1. Describe Al-Hakam as a lover of books?
2. Give a brief account of Caliph Abd al-Rahman’s court?
3. Give a brief account of caliph Abd-al-Rahman I’s royal palace al-Zabra.
4. Give a brief account of Cordova as one of the most cultured city in Europe.
5. Give a brief account of the great mosque of Cordoba?
6. Give an account of the all-round progress made by the Arabs under Abd-al-Rahman III?
7. Give an account of the early career of abd-al-Rahman I his dramatic escape and his adventures in Africa?
8. Give an account of the trade/exports of Muslim Spain.
9. Give an account of the University of Cordova.
10. How and to which country did Abd-al-Rahman I make his way after his dramatie escape from death in 750?
11. How did Abbasids behave with Umayyad family?
12. How did Abd-al-Rahman deal with the governor appointed by the Abbasid caliph to contest his rule?
13. How did Abd-al-Rahman escape from the soldiers of Abbasids?
14. How did Abd-al-Rahman I bring Spain under subjection?
15. How did Abd-al-Rahman I look like?
16. How did Abd-al-Rahman I show himself master in the arts of peace?
17. How did Abd-al-Rahman III strengthen his state?
18. How did Umayyad caliphate begin in Spain?
19. How magnificent was Cordova?
20. How much royal revenue was collected annually in Abd-al-Rahman I’s regime and where was it spent?
21. How much was Abd-al-Rahman guarded in his palace?
22. How was the court of Abd-al-Rahman?
23. Hwo did Cordova win international fame?
24. In Which field did Abd-al-Rahman take interest after he had proved himself a great man in the art of war?
25. Name some of the provinces and cities of Spain under caliphate that were famous for their industrial activity and natural resources?
26. Was Al-Hakam a good reader?
27. Was there a library in the capital of Spain?
28. Whare was situated the University of cordova and what was its status in the institutions of the world?
29. What did a Saxon nun say about Moslem capital Cordova?
30. What did Abd-al-Rahman do in 773?
31. What did abd-al-Rahman do to make himself strong and to beautify his capital?
32. What did Abd-al-Rahman do with the governor of Spain appointed by the Abbasid’s caliph?
33. What did Abd-al-Rahman found two years before his death?
34. What did Abd-al-Rahman III do to make the Muslim state of Spain stable and sovereign?
35. What did AI-Hakam do to promote learning and scholarship in his kingdom?
36. What did Al-Hakam do for the University of Cordova?
37. What did Al-Hakam do to promote the University of Cordova?
38. What did the Abbasid caliph say on receiving the head of his governor?
39. What had become of the Muslim state of Spain by the time of Abd-al-Rahman III’s ascension?
40. What is the Generalife?
41. What kinds of plants did Abd-al-Rahman introduce in his palace?
42. What made Cordova the most cultured city in Europe?
43. What objects did Abd-al-Rahman I achieve with the aid of his body guard and his standing army?
44. What sort of Army did Abd-al-Rahman develop?
45. What was the coinage system of the Spanish Arab?
46. What was the condition of silk-worm industry in Spain?
47. What was the contribution of Spanish Arabs in the field of agriculture?
48. What was the income of the state and how was it used?
49. What was the industrial condition Of Moslem Spain?
50. What was the magnificence of Cordova?
51. When and by whom was the great mosque of Cordoba founded?
52. When did Abd-al-Rahman die?
53. When did the state of Spain become unstable?
54. When was the Friday sermon delivered in the name of the Abbasid Caliph discontinued?
55. Where did Abd-al-Rahman escape and how did he live there?
56. Where did Abd-al-Rahman go from Ceuta?
57. Where was the palace al-Zahra situated and how many rooms and guards were in it?
58. Which dynasty did Abd-al-Rahman belong to?
59. Who offered Abd-al-Rahman I refuge in North Africa?
60. Who overthrew the Umayyad dynasty in Damascus, and how did they treat the members of the defeated house?
61. Who overthrew Umayyad?
62. Who was Al- Hakam?
63. Who wrote “Aghani” and what did Al-Hakam do to secure the first copy of it?
64. Why was Cordova styled “the jewel of the world”?
65. Why was Generalife so famous?

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