2nd Year English Good-Bye Mr. Chips Chapter 2 Notes MCQs Solution

english 12th Mr Chips Chapter No 2

1. Chips had no private means. Here the word means means


2. Wetherby restored its fortunes somewhat. Here the word restored  means


3. The epilogue was to come still. Here the word epilogue  means


4. Brookfield is an old foundation. Here the word foundation means


5. Sometimes Brookfield dwindled to non – existence. Here the word dwindled means


6. Chips was given an uproarious farewell. Here the word uproarious means


7. At the age of fifty, Chips was the doyen of the staff. Here the word doyen  means


8. At the beginning, Chips discipline was not reliable. Here the word reliable means


9. After staying for a decade at Brookfield, Chips begin to find a comfortable niche in his minHere the word niche  means


10. Chips realized inadequacy of his qualifications. Here the word inadequacy means


11. Its subsequent history never raised it to front – rank status. Here the word subsequent means


12. Some snobbish people said that they thought they had heard of BrookfielHere the word snobbish  means


13. Behind a rampart of ancient elms lay BrookfielHere the word rampart  means


14. Chips knew the inadequacy of his qualification. Here the word inadequacy  means


15. Brookfield looked russet under its autumn mantle of creepers. Here the word mantle  means


16. At fifty he was the doyen of the stuff. Here the word doyen means


17. Chips was not boastful or conceite. Here the word boastful means


18. Chips remembered funny anecdotes. Here the word anecdotes means


19. Brookfield turned out many manufacturers. Here the word manufacturers means


20. Some snobbish people said that the thought they had heard of BrookfielHere the word snobbish means


21. There was more to come, an unguessed epilogue an encore played to a tragic audience. Here the word epilogue means


22. Chips learnt his shortcoming after many tests and trials. Here the word trials means


23. Brookfield was heaven for Chips. Here the word heaven means


24. His dream had been to get a head ship eventually. Here the word eventually means


25. Brookfield became  illustrious, sometimes. Here the word illustrious means


26. Across the road, behind a rampart of ancient elms,lay BrookfielHere the word rampart means


27. Chips was not conceite. Here the word conceited means


Short Questions

1. Describe Chips’ room at Mrs.Wickett’s house?
2. Did Brookfield enjoy a good repute?
3. How did Mr.Chips entertain guests at Mrs.Wickett’s house?
4. How was Chips room furnished at Mrs. Wicket’s?
5. Name the newspaper which Mr.Chips used to read ?
6. What kind of books were read by Mr.Chips?
7. What kind of people did Brookfield supply?
8. What type of a room did Mrs. Wicket let to Mr. Chips?
9. What was Chips family background?
10. What was Chips status at Brookfield at sixty?
11. What was Chips status in the staff at fifty?
12. What was the condition of the house?
13. What would Chips busy himself with at Mr. Wicket’s?
14. When did Chips retire and what was presented to him on the day of his retirement?
15. When was Brookfield established?
16. When was the structure of the building of Brookfield rebuilt & extended?
17. Where was Brookfield situated?
18. Which type of book did Chips enjoy?
19. Who was collingwood?
20. Who was Mrs.Wickett?

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