2nd Year English Good-Bye Mr. Chips Chapter 18 Notes MCQs Solution

english 12th Mr Chips Chapter No 18

1. Cartwright was whispering to Merivale. Here the word whispering  means


2. Katherine was an astonishing girl-wife. Here the word astonishing  means


3. Ralston told Chips that it was his forbearance that he had put up with him so long. Here the word put up with  means


4. Chips was stirred by the warmth of fire and gentle aroma of te. Here the word aroma  means


5. Chorus sang in his ears in final harmony. Here the word Chorus  means


6. Chips did not bother about the details. Here the word bother  means


7. Chips in sheer bewilderment said, “slovenly”? .Here the word sheer  means


8. Mr. Chips saw Merivale stooping over him. Here the word stooping  means


9. A boy me Chips in the lane outside the School. Here the word lane  means


10. Merivale said, “You old ruffian, feeling all right”. Here the word ruffian means


11. From that honour within his reach at last, he shrank instinctively. Here the word instinctively means


12. Chips began to move adventurously. Here the word adventurously means


13. Chips nearly answered that he could go to blazes. Here the word blazes means


14. Linford would remember and tell the tale. Here the word tale means


15. Chips began a faint and palpitating chuckle. Here the word palpitating  means


Short Questions

1. How long did Mr. Chips stay at Mrs. Wickett’s? When did Chips die?
2. What type of novel is “Good-bye, Mr. Chips”?
3. What was Chips’ reaction on Cartwright’s statement about his being issueless?
4. What was the headmaster saying when he closed his eyes?
5. When and where did Chips die?
6. When did Brookfield hear the news about Mr. Chips’ death?
7. Who was Cartwright?
8. Who were around Chips when his fit of unconsciousness was over?
9. Write a note on death scene of Mr. Chips.
10. Write a note on Mr. Chips as a teacher.

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