2nd Year English Good-Bye Mr. Chips Chapter 17 Notes MCQs Solution

english 12th Mr Chips Chapter No 17

1. Chips was heretical about the Boers. Here the word heretical  means


2. It was cold and foggy and he dare not go out. Here the word foggy  means


3. His faculties were unimpaire. Here the word faculties  means


4. His meeting with Linford had exhausted Chips. Here the word exhausted  means


5. It was queer that the things were so clear in Chips’ memory. Here the word queer  means


6. Linford said that he had just come from the sanatorium. Here the word sanatorium means


7. Linford had an expression of anxious timidity. Here the word timidity means


8. The foggy day gave Chips a chill. Here the word chill means


9. Chips was orthodox about Lloyd George and Budget. Here the word orthodox  means


10. The whole pageant of the past swung before him. Here the word pageant  means


11. Chips began his usual ritualistic blending of te. Here the word ritualistic  means


12. With a glance at the clock, Chips told Linford that he could not stay anymore. Here the word glance  means


13. Chips told Linford that he was growing up into a cross sort of worlHere the word cross  means


14. Over the fog-laden air came the bell for call-over, tremulous and muffle. Here the word tremulous  means


15. Linford said good-bye in a shrill treble. Here the word treble means


Short Questions

1. Describe Chips last meeting with Linford?
2. How did Chips entertain Linford?
3. How was Linford received by Chips?
4. What did Chips understand when Linford told him that he was told that Chips wanted to see him?
5. What did Linford say when Chips said him good-bye?
6. What sort of discussion did Chips have with Linford?
7. What were the feelings of Chips after Linford’s departure?
8. What were the feelings of Chips when Linford had gone away?
9. What were the two things Chips had never done in life?
10. Why did Linford come to see Chips?

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