2nd Year English Good-Bye Mr. Chips Chapter 14 Notes MCQs Solution

english 12th Mr Chips Chapter No 14

1. Out of vast experience, there emerged a kindly, gentle confidence in himself. Here the word emerged  means


2. The strange randomness of the world beguiled him. Here the word randomness  means


3. The yarn was passed on and appreciate. Here the word yarn  means


4. Katherine gave Chips a calmness and poise. Here the word poise means


5. Chips had no general Jingo bitterness against the Boers. Here the word Jingo  means


6. They might have despised anyone else for the weakness. Here the word despised  means


7. From that honour within his reach at last, he shrank instinctively. Here the word shrank  means


8. chips made new jokes about anti-air-raid blinds. Here the word blinds means


9. Chips said that he would continue as a Head if they refrain from appointing him officially. Here the word refrain  means


10. From that honour within his reach at last, he shrank instinctively. Here the word instinctively means


11. The ideas of generosity were becoming rare in a frantic worlHere the word frantic  means


12. Chips felt very fit, the actual work was not taxing. Here the word taxing means


13. The strange randomness of the world beguiled him. Here the word beguiled  means


14. Chips said that he was just like those new colonels and majors, just like a war-time fluke. Here the word fluke means


15. Katherine had not been able to bequeath all her minHere the word bequeath  means


Short Questions

1. How did Chips feel when he rejoined Brookfield?
2. What did Chips say about the bayonet-practice?
3. What is rissole? What joke did Chips make about it?
4. What was meant by Chips latest?
5. When did Chips become the Acting head of Brookfield?
6. When/how did Chips perform his duties as the Head of Brookfield?

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