2nd Year English Good-Bye Mr. Chips Chapter 13 Notes MCQs Solution

english 12th Mr Chips Chapter No 13

1. Chatteris asked Chips to join Brookfield again if he felt equal to it. Here the word equal to  means


2. Chatteris said that he worked till midnight every night and got cold-shouldered a slacker on top of everything. Here the word slacker  means


3. The armies were clenched in deadlock from the sea to SwitzerlanHere the word deadlock  means


4. The boys were construing Virgil. Here the word construing  means


5. Chatteris asked Chips not to take anything strenuously. Here the word strenuously means


6. They became hysterical. Here the word hysterical means


7. Chatteris said that the substitutes for those young masters who went in uniform with dreadful. Here the word substitutes  means


8. Chatteris said that Chips knew All the ropes of BrookfielHere the word ropes  means


9. It was Sensational when first Brookfeldian was killed in war. Here the word Sensational  means


10. The armies were clenched in deadlock from the sea to SwitzerlanHere the word clenched  means


11. Chips watched then trial games. Here the word trial games means


12. Then came the frenzied Edwardian decades. Here the word frenzied  means


13. The first shock and then the first optimism. Here the word optimism means


14. Was it only a century or was it an epoch? .Here the word epoch means


15. I do sympathies with you. Here the word sympathies  means


Short Questions

1. What did Chatteris read out on every Sunday night during the war?
2. What happened to Brookfield during the war in 1915?
3. What request did Chatteris make to Chips about helping him?
4. What services did Brookfield render during the world war I?
5. What was Chips views about war?
6. What was the status of Chips in Brookfield?
7. Which disease was Chatteris suffering from?
8. Why did Chatteris go to Chips at his residence?
9. Why did Chatteris request Chips to rejoin the school?

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