2nd Year English Good-Bye Mr. Chips Chapter 12 Notes MCQs Solution

english 12th Mr Chips Chapter No 12

1. He did nothing else but clean and trim. Here the word trim means


2. Grayson was preoccupie. Here the word preoccupied means


3. There were roars were laughter and tumultuous cheers. Here the word tumultuous means


4. I remember the great bonfire. Here the word bonfire means


5. But chiefly I remembered all your faces. Here the word chiefly means


6. His successor was a man named Chatteris. Here the word successor means


7. Chips went for a cure to Wisebaden. Here the word cure means


8. Chatteris was modern and sympathetic. Here the word sympathetic means


9. He courteously and wisely accepted the situation. Here the word courteously means


10. There were tumultuous cheers. Here the word tumultuous  means


11. Chips wrote his articles for the Brookfield terminal magazine. Here the word terminal  means


12. Katherine thought that the people who disapproved of modernity were bores. Here the word disapproved  means


13. He would not sever himself completely. Here the word sever means


14. The duty of the lamp boy was to trim and clean the light lamps. Here the word trim  means


15. Chips could not refute his wife’s ideas. Here the word refute  means


16. Staefel was thirty years his junior, but the two men got excellently. Here the word excellently means


17. Mr. Chips thrashed Captain’s father for exaggeration. Here the word thrashed  means


18. Chips thought Katherine, a modern woman would repel him. Here the word repel  means


19. A hard forst lasted for seven weeks. Here the word lasted means


20. There were roars of the laughter and tumultuous cheers. Here the word cheers means


21. Chips was conservative in politics. Here the word conservative  means


22. Chips once having to thrash captain’s father. Here the word thrash means


23. It would not be fair to hang on. Here the word hang on means


24. Captain had been guilty of exaggeration. Here the word exaggeration means


25. Chips lodged at the home of the German master. Here the word lodged means


26. Mr. Chips’ laughter was impeded by the laughter it rose. Here the word impeded  means


27. The whole school learned to skate on the fens. Here the word skate means


28. Chips had been keen on them ever since the first thrills of Sherlock. Here the word keen on means


29. Grayson’s father was rescue. Here the word rescued means


30. It was lit too near the pavilion, and we had to send for the fire brigade to put it out. Here the word pavilion means


31. The bonfire was lit near the pavilion. Here the word pavilion means


32. Quitters accepted the situation wisely and courteously. Here the word courteously means


33. Chips went for a cure to Wiesbaden. Here the word cure  means


34. Katherine’s idealism worked upon his maturity to produce and amalgam very gentle and wise. Here the word amalgam  means


35. The laughter that impeded in progress. Here the word impeded means


36. Chips had been keen on them ever since the first thrills of Sherlock. Here the word thrills means


37. I remembered when two-thirds of the school went down with German measles and Big Hall was turned into a hospital warHere the word went down means


Short Questions

1. How much time did Chips spend in Brookfield?
2. What did Chips say in the farewell speech?
3. What happened in 1880 in Brookfield?
4. What happened to Chips in 1913?
5. What important events of Brookfield did Chips mention in his farewell party?
6. What type of farewell was given to Mr. Chips?
7. What were the Activities of Chips after his retirement?
8. When did Chips receive his farewell party?
9. When/why did Ralston leave Brookfield?
10. Where did Chips go in 1913?
11. Who was Mrs. Brool? Why did she leave for Australia?
12. Who was the successor of Ralston and what kind of man was he?

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