2nd Year English Good-Bye Mr. Chips Chapter 10 Notes MCQs Solution

english 12th Mr Chips Chapter No 10

1. Though the avenues of politics were twisted, Chips had faith in EnglanHere the word avenues  means


2. Then that frenzied Edwardian decade came. Here the word frenzied means


3. Chips was destined later to condole. Here the word destined means


4. The boys of Brookfield were patrolling the railway. Here the word patrolling  means


5. There was clang of school bell at an unaccustomed time. Here the word unaccustomed means


6. The legendary lady was sitting like a crumbing doll. Here the word legendary  means


7. There was a clang of the School bell at an unaccustomed time. Here the word unaccustomed  means


8. Brookfield boys were patrolling the line. Here the word patrolling means


9. The legendary lady was sitting like a crumbing doll. Here the word crumbing  means


10. Fixing the multitude with a cold presaging severity. Here the word multitude means


11. Chips was a less ferocious animal. Here the word ferocious  means


12. However the avenues of politics twisted and curve. Here the word twisted means


13. When they brought in a mere youngster of thirty-seven, glittering with firsts and blues. Here the word glittering means


14. Chips’ years were studded with remembered pictures. Here the word studded  means


15. He was altogether milder. Here the word milder means


16. Chips had faith in England flesh and bloo. Here the word flesh and blood means


17. Meldrum succeeded Wetherby. Here the word succeeded  means


18. The fourth form was construing Virgil. Here the word construing means


19. Young Grayson was pre-occupie. Here the word pre-occupied means


20. England was steering into channels where a hair’s breadth of error might be catastrophi. Here the word catastrophic means


21. He was an altogether milder and less ferocious animal. Here the word ferocious means


22. Chips was not in running with that kind of person. Here the word running means


23. England was steering into channels where a hair’s breadth of error might be catastrophi. Here the word steering  means


24. Grayson’s father had been rescue. Here the word rescued means


25. There was a clang of the School bell at an unaccustomed time. Here the word clang  means


26. The legendary lady was sitting in her carriage like a crumbling doll. Here the word legendary means


27. Ralston saw the multitude with cold presaging severity. Here the word presaging  means


28. Everyone was summoned to a Big Hall. Here the word summoned  means


29. There hair’s breadth of error might be catastrophi. Here the word breadth means


30. Meldrum had held office for three decades. Here the word three decades means


31. A quite, nervous boy. Here the word nervous means


32. However the avenues of politics twisted and curved. Here the word avenues means


33. Brookfield fitted herself into England without disproportion. Here the word disproportion means


34. Ralston was pontifical. Here the word pontifical means


35. There was a clang of school bell at an unaccustomed time. Here the word clang means


36. The whole school centered emotionally upon his anxieties. Here the word anxieties means


37. Grayson was excused lesson. Here the word excused means


38. Chips’ year were studded with remembered picture. Here the word studded means


39. Was it only the century or was it an epoch. Here the word epoch means


40. He talked of them as if they were queer animals out of a zoo. Here the word queer means


41. In 1900 old Meldrum succeeded Wetherby as head. Here the word succeeded means


42. There a hair’s breadth of error might be catastrophic. Here the word catastrophic means


43. Everyone was summoned to assemble in big hall. Here the word assemble means


44. Everyone was summoned to assemble in big hall. Here the word summoned means


45. Chips was destined later to condole. Here the word condole means


Short Questions

1. Describe Katherine’s tragic death?
2. How and when did Katherine die?
3. How did Ralston look?
4. What did Chips receive on the 1st April 1898?
5. What duty was assigned to the boys of the Brookfield when the railway men were on strike?
6. What was the April foolery Chips faced?
7. What was the effect of Katherine’s death on Chips?
8. When and how did Meldrum die?
9. When did Mr.Chips become acting head of Brookfield for the first time?
10. Who was Mr. jones and what was his duty?
11. Why did Chips not want to receive condolences?
12. Why did Chips take class on the day his wife died? How did Chips try to forget the grief of his wife’s death?

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