2nd Year English Good-Bye Mr. Chips Chapter 1 Notes MCQs Solution

english 12th Mr Chips Chapter No 1

1. A phenomenon that was. Here the word phenomenon means


2. Taking his first class was a tremendous ordeal for Chips. Here the word ordeal  means


3. Big Hall full of lusty barbarians ready to pounce on him as legitimate prey. Here the word prey means


4. When you are getting on in years. Here the word getting on means


5. Big Hall full of lusty barbarians ready to pounce on him as legitimate prey. Here the word lusty means


6. He took Mrs. Wickett in the lobby and whisper. Here the word whisper means


7. The sudden hush as he took his place. Here the word hush means


8. Chips remained ragged at Melbury. Here the word ragged  means


9. You are past the age when people get horrible diseases. Here the word horrible means


10. He remembered first tremendous ordeal. Here the word ordeal means


11. Big Ball full of lusty barbarians ready to pounce on him as legitimate prey. Here the word pounce means


12. Wetherby was very fatherly and courteous. Here the word courteous means


13. A Stupid fellow. Here the word Stupid means


14. The scowl he assumed to cover his inward nervousness. Here the word assumed means


15. He was at the mercy of unprincipled ruffians. Here the word unprincipled means


16. Nothing wrong with him—only Anno Domini. Here the word Anno Domini means


17. The first Colley could not grasp the Ablative Absolute. Here the word grasp  means


18. Perivale would say sipping a cup of te   .Here the word sipping means


19. He had a vivid recollection of old Wetherby. Here the word recollection means


20. Sleep came more like a mystic intensifying of perception. Here the word intensifying means


21. He remembered that day of his preliminary interview. Here the word preliminary means


22. He had a vivid recollection of old Wetherby. Here the word vivid means


23. He remembered first tremendous ordeal. Here the word tremendous means


24. It put a strain on his heart. Here the word strain means


25. Chips sang out in that jerky, high-pitched voice. Here the word jerky means


26. He measured his time by the signals of the past. Here the word signals means


27. The boys looked like little ruffians. Here the word ruffians means


28. He was at the mercy of unprincipled ruffians. Here the word ruffians means


29. Sleep came more like a mystic intensifying of perception. Here the word mystic means


30. Baiting of new masters was an exciting sport. Here the word exciting means


31. Big Ball full of lusty barbarians ready to pounce on him as legitimate prey. Here the word legitimate means


32. He was taken to the Great Exhibition as a toddling chil    .Here the word toddling means


33. Give your enthusiasm to BrookfielHere the word enthusiasm means


34. Decent little boys but as a mob, pitiless and implacable. Here the word a mob means


35. The last blood-red rays slanting in slabs through the stained-glass windows. Here the word slanting means


36. Sleep came more like a mystic intensifying of perception. Here the word perception means


37. Chips saw the Great Exhibition as a toddling chilHere the word toddling child means


38. He took Mrs. Wickett aside in the lobby. Here the word lobby means


39. You there in the fifth row. Here the word row means


40. He had put in for Brookfield after a year at Melbury. Here the word put in means


41. The boys seemed to be ready to pounce on him as their legitimate prey. Here the word pounce  means


42. A chubby little fellow made a century. Here the word chubby means


43. Autumn gales rattling the windows. Here the word rattling means


44. Chips had a vivid recollection of Wetherby. Here the word recollection  means


45. Chips was suffering from anno domini. Here the word anno domini means


46. Sleep came to Chips like a mystic intensifying of perception. Here the word perception means


47. Decent little boys but as a mob, pitiless and implacable. Here the word implacable means


48. Chips assumed a scowl ill his first class. Here the word scowl  means


49. You get very sleepy at times. Here the word sleepy means


50. It was queer that the things were so clear in Chips’ memory. Here the word queer  means


51. You are a splendid example of inherited traditions. Here the word inherited means


52. Baiting the new teachers was a fun for the boys. Here the word Baiting  means


53. The boys were implacable in mobs. Here the word implacable  means


54. Big hall full of lusty barbarians ready to pounce on him as legitimate prey. Here the word barbarians means


55. The scowl he assumed to cover his inward nervousness. Here the word scowl means


56. The blood rays filtering through glass windows. Here the word filtering means


57. Chips’ voice had a good deal of sprightliness in it. Here the word sprightliness  means


58. Autumn gales rattling the windows. Here the word gales means


59. You are a splendid example of inherited example. Here the word splendid means


60. Like lazy cattle moving across landscape. Here the word landscape means


61. He had been ragged there a good deal. Here the word ragged means


62. He could never grasp the Ablative Absolute. Here the word grasp means


63. It had a good deal of sprightliness in it. Here the word sprightliness means


64. The biggest fool of the lot roars of laughters. Here the word roars means


Short Questions

1. Briefly explain his preliminary interview with Mr.wetherby ?
2. Describe Chips first day experience at Brookfield?
3. How did Chips measure his time?
4. How did Chips punish the boy who dropped a desk lid?
5. How did Mr. Chips handle his first class at Brookfield school?
6. How did Mr. Wetherby advise Chips?
7. How did Mr.Chips measured his time when he was living at Mrs.Wicketts’s house?
8. How did the boys look when Chips took his first class at Brookfield?
9. What advice did Mr.Wetherby give to Mr.Chips?
10. What did Chips do before sleeping?
11. What did Chips doctor say about Chips?
12. What did Mr.Chips do before going to bed?
13. What did Mr.Chips say to third Colley?
14. What did Mr.Chips used to do in his old age?
15. What did the first colley become years later?
16. What is the significance of the title of the novel?
17. What kind of fellow was Mr. Wetherby?
18. What kind of sleep did Mr. Chips enjoy?
19. What mischief was made in the very first class of Chips at Brookfield and who made it?
20. What was the most fatal complaint diagnosed by Dr. Merivale?
21. What was the name of Chips doctor and how often did he visit Chips?
22. What was the name of chip’s doctor?
23. What would Chips say to the son of the first colley?
24. When did Wetherby die?
25. When had Chips taught before joining Brookfirld?
26. When was Chips born?
27. When was Mr. Wetherby the headmaster of Brookfield?
28. Who is writer of novel,”Good Bye Mr.Chips”?
29. Who was Colley?
30. Who was Forrester?
31. Who was Merivale?
32. Who was the Headmaster of Brookfield when Mr. Chips joined it?
33. Why 1870 was easy to remember for Chips?
34. Why was Mr. Chips afraid of taking his first class at Brookfield School?

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