2nd Year Computer Science Chapter 7 MS Access Forms and Reports Notes MCQs Bank

computer 12th notes chapter No 7

1. How many form layouts are provided by MS Access?


2. To close the switch board automatically which command can be associated with a  button 


3. ___objects is not used to enter data into database : 


4. A ______ auto form displays one record at a time. 


5. ___is used to display options that have values in the form of True/False or  Yes/No :


6. A form is an object of : 


7. A formatting that depends on the control’s value is called


8. A report that provides a column for each field of the records in rows under the column header is known as:


9. You can drag bar to move property sheet window around screen:


10. How many are layouts of report : 


11. How many are the layouts of Form in MS-Access :


12. A single report can display data from:


13. Which of the following is used to retrieve data from one or more tables of  database and to present it to the user in a formatted way. 


14. ___ is used to retrieve data from one or more tables of database and to  present it to the user in a formatted way :


15. When displaying a sub-form within a main form, which form is based on the Primary table?


16. Which of the following is used to retrieve data from database and represent it to the user in a formatted way?


17. ___is used to display a list of items on the form :


18. ___________ report spreads the information for a single record over many rows 


19. ___control objects is also called Push button : 


20. A form that appears at the start of the application is called 


21. Which of the following is used to display a list of items in forms?


22. Which type of report can display multiple records on one page :  


23. The form which contains the subform is known as : 


24. A report may be based on:


25. Which view can be used to enter or modify data in the underlying table?


26. Which Auto form displays one record at a time?


27. In addition to navigate records can be used for __________ 


28. The forms are the _______ end of our database in Microsoft Access  


29. Which is not an example of a control element placed on the form  


30. Which menu is used to access switchboard manager 


31. Each of the following is a form layout except. 


32. If there are small finite number of values for a certain field on a form which  object will be suitable


33. What is the function of a Form in MS Access?


34. Tables are the ______ of our database in Microsoft Access 


35. A form within another form is called:


36. To link a database ________ menu is used 


37. How many basic layouts of forms are here in Microsoft Access.


38. The process of using data of another database in current database without copying  it is called __________ 


39. Form with in a form is called 


40. A form that contains a sub form is called


41. ___is not type of report : 


42. A Form that contains multiple tabs and each tab consists of a page of information  is called :


43. A form with multiple tabs and each tab consisting a page of information  


44. Which form layout displays multiple records at a time :


45. ___________ report simply provide a column for each field of the records in rows  under the column header 


46. A subform can be created using : 


47. Report can be printed using _____ menu 


48. Forms are designed for : 


49. The different design elements placed on form are called 


50. A form that contains the sub form is called 


51. ___is the main function of a report : 


Short Questions

1. Are sub-forms useful?
2. Can you apply the formatting that depends on control’s value?
3. Define Combo Box?
4. Define Command Button control?
5. Define desktop?
6. Define event?
7. Define Form Layout?
8. Define Form Wizard?
9. Define Multitasking?
10. Define Report?
11. Define some uses of clipboard?
12. Define sub-form.
13. Differentiate between Check Boxes and Radio Buttons?
14. Differentiate between combo box and list box
15. Differentiate between form and report?
16. Distinguish between checkbox and radio button.
17. How is a form constructed?
18. How is combo box used?
19. List different objects of Windows Operating System?
20. List different types of forms in MS Access.
21. List out some uses of form.
22. List some activities of Control Panel?
23. List two advantages of Report?
24. State the purpose of Sub-Form?
25. What are check boxes?
26. What are Control Objects of Form?
27. What are reports?
28. What are the different Operating systems?
29. What is a Switchboard?
30. What is Access Form?
31. What is Columnar Form?
32. What is Columnar Report?
33. What is Conditional Formatting?
34. What is Datasheet Form?
35. What is File Management?
36. What is form?
37. What is Hierarchical Form / Master/Detail Form, or Parent/Child Form?
38. What is linking?
39. What is List Box control?
40. What is meant by GUI?
41. What is meant by primary partition?
42. What is Password Text Field?
43. What is primary and extended partition?
44. What is Tabular Form?
45. What is Tabular Report?
46. What is the purpose of radio button?
47. What is the purpose of Recycle Bin?
48. What is the use of columnar form?
49. What is the use of Control Panel?
50. What is Windows Explorer?
51. What Justified Form?
52. Which control is used to execute commands in MS Access forms?
53. Which type of form is used to navigate database?
54. Why computer needs an Operation System?
55. Why is a list box used in forms?
56. Write any three advantages of form.
57. Write any three uses of reports.
58. Write the use of datasheet form.
59. Write the use of tabular form.
60. Write two types of reports in MS Access?

Long Questions


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