2nd Year Computer Science Chapter 6 Table and Query Notes MCQs Bank

computer 12th notes chapter No 6

1. Which of the following type of queries is used to make changes in database : 


2. Which of the following is suitable for an input mask?


3. ___is not an example action query : 


4. Which type of query is used to join two tables?


5. The resulting collection of records is called :


6. ___is wildcard character :


7. The filtered contents of a filter in Microsoft Access can be saved as  


8. The data in table is entered in :


9. The number of fields in a relation or table is called :


10. Which menu is used to sort data in Microsoft Access 


11. Which data type can be used to define a field that contains data content such as a chart, picture, or graphic object?


12. Which does not improve data entry?


13. ___field types can be indexed : 


14. Which of the following buttons of Find and Replace dialog box is clicked to start  he search process : 


15. ___table views, Field properties are shown : 


16. ___queries is used to perform calculations on the data of numeric fields : 


17. Which of the following is NOT displayed in Design view


18. ___is the object of MS-Access database file :


19. The rule that a record from a table cannot be deleted if its associated record exists  in a related table is called _____rule 


20. _________allow Access to query and sort records faster 


21. ___  can be used to define a field that can create a sequence of number  automatically :


22. ___buttons of Find and Replace dialog box is clicked to start the search  process :


23. Which of the following view in MS Access looks like an electronic spreadsheet?


24. For which data user need not to enter data for that field 


25. Which of the following is NOT an example of an Action query?


26. ___ is wildcard character :


27. Which field type can be indexed?


28. The data in tables is entered in:


29. A ___________ will link to a website or another location in the database 


30. ___type of fields is used to store the URL address of website :


31. The __________ is specified in a table to avoid duplicate entries of records  


32. To find a four-characters name that starts with H, the criteria is specified as :


33. Which sign is used for not equal to in Microsoft Access Filter  


34. What symbol indicates that you are editing a record?


35. How is primary key identified in the Relationships window?


36. OLE stands for 


37. ___menus in MS-Access contains commands that can be used to switch  between table views :


38. The actual data of database is stored in :


39. An association established between common fields in two tables is called :


40. Which of the following can be found in an MS Access database file?


41. ___query is used to join two tables : 


42. Which field is used to store URL address 


43. As in design view, you can move from field to field in the table window in  datasheet view using ________button. 


44. ___type of fields cannot be used as key field :


45. The maximum length of text type field is :


46. Arranging data or records of a table in a specific order i.e, in alphabetical or  numeric order is called :


47. ___query displays a dialog box to get information from user : 


48. Which type of query copies selected records to a new table?


49. Which of the following menus is used to switch between table views?


50. In Design view, you can move from field to field in the Table window in  Datasheet view using ______ button : 


51. Which data type can be used to define a field that consists of only numbers to be used in calculations?


52. The fundamental concept of relational database is : 


53. The Sort Ascending button will


54. Which data type is the default type?


55. What query type modifies the values in one or more records within a table?


56. Which of the following is an example of a Filter by Form expression?


57. The relationship between countries and their capitals is an example of  ________relationships. 


58. How may table view are available in MS-Access :


59. What is the term for a characteristic or attribute of an object that determines how the object looks and behaves?


60. ___   is not an example of data type in MS-Access :


61. ___specifies the Field property :


62. In a relational database, a single piece of information is called :


63. ___ can be used to define a field that can store picture, chart, or other  graphic object :


64. The structure of a table can be modified in 


65. Which key is used to move from field to field in Table window of Datasheet view?


66. ___is the default data type in MS-Access :


67. The number of records (or row) in a table or relation is called : 


68. ___views can be used to add, edit, and delete records to and from the table : 


69. The optional information while creating a table in design view is 


70. In memo type field, more than ______ characters can be stored. 


71. A value that is set automatically for a field if not value is given by the user is  called 


72. The maximum length of a field name in MS-Access is _____ characters.


73. ___is the default field size of Text data type in MS-Access :


74. The structure of table is designed in : 


75. ___manus contains Find and Replace commands : 


76. How many types of relationship are there :


77. A field’s width indicates:


78. _________controls the value of a record and sets it in a specific format  


79. Criteria to find a word which starts with z and ends with c but can have any  number of characters 


80. Which rule states that a record from a table cannot be deleted if it’s associated


81. ________ specify criteria for the data entered in the worksheet  


82. How many table views are available in Microsoft Access?


Short Questions

1. What is a cross table query?
2. Compare Filter by Form and Filter by Selection.
3. Define criteria in a query?
4. Define filter.
5. Define sorting.
6. Define the term cardinality of a relation.
7. Define the term degree of relation.
8. Define the term table in database.
9. Differentiate between Auto Number and other data types.
10. Differentiate between design view and datasheet view?
11. Differentiate between Filter by Selection and Filter by Form?
12. Differentiate between relationships and join?
13. Differentiate between sorting and filtering?
14. Differentiate between wildcard operators (? and *)?
15. How can you minimize redundant data in a relational database?
16. How does a query datasheet differ from a table datasheet?
17. How is a new record added to a table using data sheet view?
18. How is datasheet view different from table design view?
19. How to create table in design view?
20. How to find duplicate values in the table?
21. List different types of filters.
22. List out five characteristics of a table.
23. List some advantages of queries.
24. Name different types of queries.
25. Name three methods for creating tables in MS Access.
26. Name two table views available in Access.
27. What are queries?
28. What are the characteristics of tables?
29. What are two two table views available in Microsoft Access?
30. What are wildcards?
31. What does cascade delete mean?
32. What does cascade update mean?
33. What is a create query?
34. What is a currency field?
35. What is a join?
36. What is a parametric query?
37. What is a query?
38. What is a select query?
39. What is a table?
40. What is an action query?
41. What is an append query?
42. What is AutoNumber data type?
43. What is crosstab query?
44. What is data type?
45. What is date/time data type?
46. What is Hyperlink data type?
47. What is Input Mask?
48. What is meant by “Field Validation Rule”?
49. What is meant by degree of relation?
50. What is meant by Freezing Columns?
51. What is meant by the cardinality of the relation?
52. What is memo data type?
53. What is MS Access IDE?
54. What is number data type?
55. What is OLE data type?
56. What is Primary Key and how to apply primary key in MS Access?
57. What is referential integrity?
58. What is referential integrity?
59. What is sorting?
60. What is Test data type?
61. What is text data type?
62. What is the cardinality of a table/relation?
63. What is the degree of a table / relation?
64. What is the purpose to create indexes?
65. What is the use of action query?
66. What is the use of datasheet view in MS Access?
67. What is the use of Default view?
68. What is the use of field size property?
69. What is the use of input mask?
70. What is the use of Match Case option in Find dialog box?
71. What is the use of query wizard?
72. What is the use of select query?
73. What is Yes/No data type?
74. When is it better to use Table Design view to create a table than Table Wizard?
75. Where is field property modified?
76. Which feature of MS Access is useful to find the record from a large table?
77. Which field property is used to restrict the values that can be entered?
78. Which table view is used to design a table structure in MS ACCESS?
79. Which type of query can extract data from multiple tables?
80. Why are field properties used?
81. Write any three uses of queries.
82. Write the advantage of Auto Number.

Long Questions

1. What is table? Also discuss its different characteristics.
2. Define the following terms. Degree of a relation, Cardinality of a relation, Database, Object, Table, Field, Record, Design View and Datasheet view.
3. What is MS-Access IDE? Also discuss different views of a table in MS- Access.
4. How tables are created in Design View? Write stepwise procedure.
5. What are the different data types available in MS-Access?
6. How different field properties of a table are defined in MS-Access? Briefly describe them.
7. What is an input mask? In how many ways can it be created?
8. What is a primary key? How it is marked?
9. How to create a table using Wizard and by entering data?
10. How to add, edit and delete records in a table?
11. How to Insert and delete a field in a table?
12. How to Resize, Freeze and Hide rows and columns.?
13. How to find and replace data in a table?
14. What are the spelling and Auto correct and print options in MS-Access?
15. How to create and edit table relationships in MS-Access?
16. What is a join?
17. What are relationship and join? Also discuss referential integrity.
18. What is a Query? Also discuss its uses and advantages
19. What are the different types of queries available in MS-Access?
20. How to create a Query using Design view?
21. How to create a Query using Query wizard?
22. What is sorting and filtering? Also discuss different options available in them.

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