2nd Year Computer Science Chapter 5 Introduction to Microsoft Access Notes MCQs Bank

computer 12th notes chapter No 5

1. ________ is a statement that extracts specific information database.


2. Microsoft Access database window include __________ buttons  


3. In Access, the structure of a table can be created in :


4. ___ objects is used to display data as well as to change data of database :


5. There are _______ major database objects in Ms. Access 


6. ___ is the most popular and powerful DBMS : 


7. The bar which identifies the database application you are running in Microsoft Access


8. To database object which actually stores data is called 


9. The bottom most bar in Ms. Access is called 


10. ___represents of wizard of DBMS :


11. Using __________ you can create tables, forms, reports and queries in very short time 


12. Each set of related items in a table is called. 


13. Which of the following object is used to retrieve data from database and present  in a formatted way : 


14. A step by step procedure to perform a task easily available in a software is called  


15. Which bar is used to see that CAPS button on keyboard is on 


16. The maximum number of tables in a database can be:


17. Which is not included in database wizard 


18. Which of the following are objects in an MS, Access database?


19. ___is not a database object :


20. To create a database in file new database there is a button named


21. In a table each column represents a 


22. ___is the fundamental property of relational database : 


23. The smallest meaningful unit of data in a database is called:


24. The output of the query is in the form of a


25. ___is not true about a query : 


26. MS-Access is a :


27. A report may be based on 


28. A query is a more flexible way of 


29. An MS Access table contains:


30. A database may contain :


31. In a table each row represents a 


32. A place where we can see all the tables and their relationship 


33. Microsoft Access saves the database with the extension 


34. To automate repeated tasks __________are used 


35. ___objects is used retrieve data from database and present in a formatted way :


36. The actual data of database is stored in :


37. ___ is element MS-Access application window : 


38. It is very simple to create database using


39. What is displayed in title bar of an open database?


40. ___is true about query : 


41. A database consists of various components called the 


42. A record is a complete set of __________fields 


43. ___is a collection of related data organized in rows and columns : 


44. Which object is used to store data and define structure for the data in a database?


45. A window that organizes all objects in the database is called


46. ___  objects of MS-Access database is used to create user-interface to  perform different operations on database : 


47. In access, the structure of a table is created in ________view 


Short Questions

1. Define database object.
2. Define form.
3. Define macro?
4. Differentiate between an application window and a database window?
5. How do fields and records differ?
6. How does a database differ from a table?
7. How many methods do create the database?
8. List any five buttons available on Access database window.
9. List any four facilities provided by RDBMS.
10. List any three advantages of reports.
11. What are Forms?
12. What are Queries?
13. What are Reports?
14. What are Scroll Bars?
15. What are Tables?
16. What are the database objects?
17. What are Toolbars?
18. What do you know about MS Access?
19. What do you know about RDBMS?
20. What do you mean by IDE?
21. What is a database wizard?
22. What is a form?
23. What is a module?
24. What is a query?
25. What is a table?
26. What is an IDE?
27. What is Data Redundancy?
28. What is database object?
29. What is database wizard?
30. What is meant by “Microsoft Office Integration”?
31. What is Menu Bar?
32. What is Microsoft Access?
33. What is Program Control Icon?
34. What is Status Bar?
35. What is the use of database window in MS Access?
36. What is the use of reports?
37. What is Title Bar?
38. What is wizard?
39. What will happen if the same name of the database is done?
40. Which database object is used to create and format printed output?
41. Which database object stores the data in the database?
42. Write any four advantages of IDE.
43. Write any three advantages of forms.
44. Write some features/benefits of Access?
45. Write the four major database objects in MS Access.
46. Write the names of any five parts of MS Access application window.

Long Questions

1. What is MS-Access? What are the benefits of using it?
2. Explain the procedure for creating a new database in MS-Access.
3. Explain the procedure to open and exit an existing database.
4. Discuss the MS-Access Application Window, title bar, menu bar, toolbar, scrollbars and status bar in detail.
5. What is database window in the MS-Access? Also discuss different buttons (objects) available in this window.

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