2nd Year Computer Science Chapter 3 Database Design Process Notes MCQs Bank

computer 12th notes chapter No 3

1. In database correctness and consistency refers to the 


2. In ERD there are 


3. Which Involves the area identification and selection 


4. Customers, cars and parts are examples of:


5. An advantage of partitioning is:


6. ___is called the preliminary investigation of the required database :


7. ___   components of physical database design refers to the correctness and consistency of data : 


8. Which of the following are ingredients of data modeling?


9. In___activities, the possible inputs for the database are collected :


10. What is the major objective of database design :


11. Merging the relation is also known as:


12. ___ is an example of one-to-many relationship :


13. Which of the following is related to modality?


14. Which of the following keys is not unique?


15. ___  is not component of physical database design : 


16. In ERD model, the relationship between two entities is represented by a


17. ___tools in involved to the Data Analysis : 


18. Database development process involve mapping of conceptual data model into


19. Refers to a method of database distribution in which one database contains data that are included in another database.


20. In _______________database is divided critical and non critical fragments


21. In _______________database is divided into fragments 


22. Organizing the database on secondary storage is related to :


23. Father & children is an example of 


24. Which of the following is a one-to-many relationship?


25. Which one is not a data distribution strategy 


26. ___ is related of modality :


27. ___is an example of one-to-one relationship :


28. ___is not a basic data distribution strategy :


29. Database users require _____________ information 


30. ___is not related to an entity : 


31. Merging the relations is also called :


32. In E-R diagram, a diamond shape is used to represent a(n) : 


33. The process to identify the data objects and the relationships between them is :


34. A factor to consider when choosing a file organization is:


35. Which of the following activities are involved in data analysis?


36. In which strategy full copy of database is assigned to more than one sites in the network


37. Organizing the database in computer disk storage is done in:


38. All the relationships are 


39. ___is a type of relationship : 


40. A technique for physically arranging the records of a file on secondary storage device is called 


41. Which of the following keys does not hold uniqueness property 


42. In which phase proper market analysis is also worked out 


43. The optional relationship is represented by : 


44. In hybrid distribution which kind of fragments are stored at only one site


45. In an E-R diagram, a rectangle represents


46. A person’s name, birthday and social security number are examples of:


47. The relationship between entities is represented graphically by using.


48. An index may be created on 


49. In E-R diagram, an oval shape is used to represent a(n) : 


50. The implementation model of database design is derived from


51. In         components of physical database design, the size of database is  estimated :


52. In hybrid distribution which kind of fragments is stored at only one site : 


53. ___  is used to associate entities with one another :


54. ___components of physical database design is another form of data  protection : 


55. In hybrid distribution, what types of fragments are stored at only one site?


56. ___components of physical database design is related to the networking  through which the data of database is shared among different users : 


57. The relationship between the entities is represented graphically by using :


58. An entity related to itself in an ERD model refers to 


59. Critical fragments are stored at ____site(s)


60. Possible inputs and the required functionality output of system is determined during 


61. All the hardware costs are considered during 


62. Which of the following is used to describe the characteristics of an object?


63. The primary objective of ERD is to represent 


64. The relationship can be:


65. In which strategy there is a problem of update 


66. In___ activities, the cost factors are taken into consideration : 


67. ___ defines the nature of the relationship : 


68. ___represents entity :


69. Data is stored at single site while following 


70. Which one is the ingredient of data modeling : 


71. Which component of physical database design refers to the consistency of data? Indexes


72. ___activities is performed in logical design process :


73. What indicates the connection between entities 


74. In E-R diagram, a rectangular box is used to represent a(n) : 


75. Which of the following is an example of one-to-one relationship?


76. ___is the basic data distribution strategy :


Short Questions

1. Define an attribute. Give examples.
2. Define analysis.
3. Define entity or object.
4. Define Modality.
5. Define the term analysis.
6. Differentiate between cardinality and modality.
7. Differentiate between security and integrity?
8. How can you identify if a relationship is optional or mandatory?
9. How is database integrity maintained?
10. Identify different components of ER diagram.
11. List different types of relationships.
12. List four data distribution strategy.
13. Name the symbols used in ER model for attribute, entity and relationship.
14. What data distribution strategy?
15. What is “File Organization”?
16. What is “Merge Relations”?
17. What is a relationship? Give an example.
18. What is an entity?
19. What is centralized strategy and also write its disadvantages?
20. What is conceptual OR logical database design?
21. What is data analysis?
22. What is data modeling and its ingredients?
23. What is data modeling?
24. What is database design?
25. What is database implementation?
26. What is E-R diagram?
27. What is ERD?
28. What is hybrid strategy OR differentiate between critical and non-critical fragments?
29. What is index?
30. What is logical database design?
31. What is Many-to-Many relationship?
32. What is meant by cardinality of relation?
33. What is meant by centralized database distribution?
34. What is meant by degree of relation?
35. What is meant by integrity constraints?
36. What is meant by Normalize the Relations?
37. What is meant by requirements’ analysis?
38. What is modality?
39. What is One-to-Many relationship?
40. What is One-to-One relationship?
41. What is partitioned database distribution?
42. What is partitioned?
43. What is physical database design?
44. What is project planning?
45. What is Recursive relationship?
46. What is relationship?
47. What is replicated database distribution?
48. What is replicated strategy?
49. What is the importance of project planning?
50. What is the major objective of physical database design?
51. What is the primary objective of ER diagram?
52. What is the purpose of analysis?
53. What is the purpose of database design process?
54. What is the purpose of logical database design?
55. What is the use of data volume and usage analysis?
56. What symbols are used to show the cardinality of one and many?
57. Which activities are involved in data analysis?
58. Which are the major three inputs to physical database design?
59. Why is requirement analysis conducted?
60. Write any four criteria used to select file organization?
61. Write any three constrains for selecting a file organization.
62. Write some examples of entity.
63. Write the components of physical database design?
64. Write the ingredients of data modeling?
65. Write the purpose of feasibility study.
66. Write three types of relationship between two attributes with one example of each?

Long Questions

1. What is data modeling? Also discuss its components / ingredients?
2. What are the different steps involved in analysis stage while designing a database?
3. What are relationships and what are their types?
4. What is cardinality? Explain briefly.

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