2nd Year Computer Science Chapter 11 Decision Constructs Notes MCQs Bank

computer 12th notes chapter No 11

1. Which expression can be used in if condition : 


2. The three programming structures are:


3. What will be the output of (7 > 8)  : printf(“ABC”) :printf(“XYZ”); 


4. ___control structures executes program statements one after another : 


5. Which statement in switch case structure cause rest of the statements to be skipped : 


6. The conditional operator takes _________ expression. 


7. The value that cannot be used in expression of switch statement 


8. ___ is not decision-making statement :


9. The value of expression in switch statement must be of type


10. You can use a decision statement to: 


11. ___is used for making two-way decision : 


12. ___ is suitable when multiple choices are given and one choice is to be  selected :


13. Another term for a computer making a decision is:


14. Which of the following keywords is not used in switch statement : 


15. Which of the following operator is used as decision making statement


16. Which operator in C language is called ternary operator : 


17. The case block ends with :


18. A ___________structure chooses which statement or a block of statements is to execute 


19. When two case labels are used without having any other statement in between  them they work as _______ operator 


20. How many basic control structures are there :


21. If the value of switch expression is float compiler will


22. In if-else-if statement only_____ block(s) of statements is executed 


23. Which one is not a selection structure 


24. The last statement of each case in switch statement must be a :


25. In switch statement, each case label may be an integer or :


26. label provides the code that executes if no case label is matched.


27. ___structures is a selection structure :


28. ___selection structures is the simplest form of decision making structure :


29. Which of the following is not a decision making statement 


30. When a relational expression is false, it has the value


31. Which of the following is an optional part in switch statement : 


32. Which of the following operators is used as decision-making statement :


33. __________structures are used to control the flow of execution in a program 


34. Which one is not a control structure 


35. A group of statements enclosed in opening and closing braces is called


36. Which one is a control structure : 


37. The conditional operator is an alternative of : 


38. ___is not used for making two-way decision : 


39. An expression that uses a relational operator is known as:


40. The selection statement is also known as :


41. The keyword is used to specify two specify two choices with if statement


42. Another name of conditional operator is 


43. In if statement, false is represented by:


Short Questions

1. Define control structure?
2. Define if-else statement?
3. Define nested if statement? Also, write its general form.
4. Define selection structure?
5. Define simple if statement?
6. Differentiate between break and default in switch statement?
7. Differentiate between if and if…else statement.
8. Differentiate between nested if and sequence of ifs?
9. Distinguish between if…else and switch statements.
10. How are instructions executed in sequence structure?
11. Is it important to use break and default statements in switch statement?
12. List different types of control structures for writing programs.
13. What happens if break is missed in case block?
14. What is “switch” statement?
15. What is a condition?
16. What is a flowchart? And write some its benefits.
17. What is break statement?
18. What is compound statement?
19. What is conditional operator?
20. What is Control structure?
21. What is if-else statement?
22. What is loop structure?
23. What is meant by repetition structure?
24. What is meant by selection structure?
25. What is sequence-structure?
26. What is switch statement?
27. What is the compound statement?
28. What is the use of “if-else” statement?
29. When you must use curly braces { } with a selection or repetition statement?
30. Which branching mechanisms are used in C language?
31. Which data types can be used in the expression in the switch statement?
32. Why break statement is used in a switch () structure?
33. Why should you use a default label in a switch statement?
34. Write one similarity and one difference between if…else and conditional operator.
35. Write some rules of using switch case in C program.
36. Write the alternative of if-else statement in C.
37. Write three advantages of switch statement in C language.
38. Write three selection statements and three repetition statements.

Long Questions

1. What are control structures? Also discuss its different types.
2. What is an if statement? Explain with the help of an example and flow chart.
3. What is an if-else statement? Explain with the help of an example and flow chart.
4. What is conditional or ternary operator? Explain with the help of example.
5. What is a switch statement? Explain with the help of example.
6. What is nested if statemnt? Explain with the help of example and flow chart.
7. What is if-else-if statement? Explain with the help of example and flow chart.

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