2nd Year Biology Chapter 26 Some Major Ecosystems MCQs Bank

biology 12th notes chapter 26

1. Mountains of Karakorum and Hindukush are the region , also called as


2. The dominant plants of grasslands are


3. Which of the followings is an essential requirement for life?


4. In which type of ecosystem is the smallest fraction of nutrients present in soil


5. Phytoplanktons are drifting:


6. Coniferous forest


7. Average rain fall in temperate deciduous forest is


8. The average annual rain fall of temperate deciduous forests is between


9. Deserts generally occur in region where annual rain fall is less than


10. Which biome is characterized by plants that lose their leaves each autumn?


11. Ecosystem


12. The scientific name for rhesus monkey is


13. Ecosystem present on Land or Soil is called


14. Coniferous forests located at high altitude are


15. In temperate grassland the rate of primary production is about


16. Decomposer


17. The rate of primary production is about 700-1500 gm/m2 annually in:


18. The soil of terrestrial ecosystems have some adaptations for animals and plants


19. Cacti and Euphorbias are the plants of


20. In aquatic ecosystem, near shore zone is called


21. The largest desert in the world is


22. Annual average rain fall in deserts is less than


23. Which one is not a desert?


24. Primary consumer animals may also be called as


25. Lichen


26. Layering s the characteristic of


27. What is the annual rate of primary production in temperate grassland?


28. Grassland in tropic climates have woody trees and are called


29. Cacti and Euphorbla are the deserts plants which store water in their 


30. Desert ecosystem of Mianwali and Bhakkar is called:


31. Most plants fit only into a few ecosystems, which type of plant seems in ecosystem of grassland


32. Biomass


33. Profundal zone


34. Which one is not related with Tundra?


35. Felis begalensis is the Zoological name of


36. Boreal


37. Fresh water ecosystem covers fess than


38. The earth’s climates are primarily effected by the circulation pattern of


39. Which ecosystem is divided into littoral, limnetic and profundal zones?


40. The zone of deep standing water under the limnetic zone is known as


41. Grasslands in temperate climates are called


42. Coniferous forests of high altitude are known as


43. Limnetic phytoplanktons include


44. The soil of grass-land is basically impermeable with excessive:


45. Arctic tundra


46. Which of the following is the most fragile ecosystem?


47. Which biome supports the least species diversity?


48. Littoral zone


49. Thal


50. Which of the followings is not correctly matched?


51. Cacti and Euphorbia are desert plants which store water in their


52. Deserts generally occur in region where annual rainfall is less than:


53. Primary producer


54. Gobi desert is found in


55. Which of the biomes has been increased in area by human activities?


56. Annual rainfall in deserts is less than


57. Which one is not desert?


58. Which one is not related with process of eutrophication?


59. In which type of ecosystem, the smallest fraction of nutrients is present in soil?


60. A dramatic example of process of desertification is


61. Northern coniferous forests are called


62. Distribution of biomes on earth is primarily due to pattenrs of


63. Arctic tundra stretches across North America, North Europe and:


64. Herbivores


65. The Sahara desert is found in


66. What biome will be with richest soil with nutrients and can be converted into agriculture?


67. Which biome supports the greatest species diversity?


68. The productivity can be indicated by:


69. Climate


70. Which one is a plant of a desert?


71. Limnetic zone


72. The zoological name of leopard cat is:


73. Phytoplankton


74. The average temperate deciduous forest is between:


75. Drifting or floating micro scoping animal  and plants are called:


76. A little light is left to power photosynthesis at the depth of:


77. Limnetic phytoplanktons include the:


78. Which one is not correct for littoral zone?


79. Which of the following biomes is increased by human activities:


80. The Macaca mulatto is biological name for;


81. Primary consumer


82. A dominant plant of the deciduous forest is the:


83. In temperate grassland, the rate of primary production is:


84. Saltwater ocean and sea being the largest ecosystems on earth occupy about what percentage of its surface.


85. Which one is not a forest ecosystem?


86. Northern coniferous forest are called


87. Cacti and Euphobia plants are found in;


88. Fresh water ecosystem covers less than


89. In Sindh the desert ecosystem is called:


Short Questions

1. Beyond which depth of even clearest water can photosynthesis not take place on account of very little light?
2. Can you differentiate between altitude?
3. Classify aquatic ecosystem?
4. Define productivity of an ecosystem.How is it indicated?
5. Define zooplankton?
6. Describe animal life of Grassland ecosystem.
7. Describe weather?
8. Differentiate among littoral, limnetic and profundal zone. Characterize littoral zone of fresh water lakes. What is limnetic zone mention its life.
9. Differentiate between Alpine and Boreal forests?
10. Differentiate between climate and weather. What is climate?
11. Differentiate between phytoplankton and zooplankton?
12. Differentiate between Prairies and Savanna.
13. Differentiate between thal and thar.
14. Differentiate between weather and climate?
15. Differentiate between Zooplankton and Phytoplankton.
16. Enlist the decomposers and detritus feeders of the profundal zone of lakes?
17. Enlist two adaptations in plants and two in animals for a terrestrial ecosystem. Give two adaptations of terrestrial ecosystem.
18. Enumerate the characteristics of the soil in temperate deciduous forests?
19. Explain littoral zone of water.
20. Give an explanation of profundal zone of water.
21. Give location of Tundra ecosystem in Pakistan.
22. Give the name of some major ecosystem on land in Pakistan?
23. How is the earth’s surface divided into fresh water, marine water and land?
24. How is the profundal zone associated with the littoral and limnetic zones?
25. How many biomes are present in the world name only five of them?
26. How many regions open water area is divided into?
27. In what climatic conditions are found the temperate deciduous forests?
28. List adaptations in plants and animals for terrestrial ecosystem?
29. Mention the characteristics of plant life in desert ecosystem.
30. Name six major terrestrial biomes.
31. Name some grasslands of Pakistan?
32. Name some predators of grassland?
33. Name the main factors of the aquatic ecosystem that determine the quantity and quality of life?
34. Name the organisms of limnetic phytoplankton?
35. Name the plants of coniferous alpine and boreal forosts?
36. Name the plants of temperate deciduous forest?
37. Name the sub-divisions of forest ecosystem?
38. Name the two main and basic kinds of ecosystems in the world?
39. Name the zones of eth standing water bodies such as lakes?
40. Name three zones in lake ecosystem?
41. What are Characteristics of littoral Zone?
42. What are plankton?
43. What are Prairies?
44. What are the four major requirements for life? Which two are limiting factors in terrestrial ecosystem?
45. What are the four major requirements for life?Which two are limiting in terrestrial ecosystem?
46. What are the kinds of coniferous forests and where are they located?
47. What are the supporting structures of land plants and animals?
48. What do you know about the animal life of coniferous alpine and boreal forests?
49. What does climate mean?
50. What is desertification?
51. What is hydrospheric or aquatic ecosystem?
52. What is Layering in ecosystem?
53. What is limnetic zone of the lake?
54. What is lithspheric ecosystem?
55. What is meant by layering in a grassland ecosystem? Give the layering characteristics of grassland.
56. What is plankton? What are its kinds?
57. What is profundal zone? Give its one character. What type of organisms are present in profundal zone of lake?
58. What is Savanna?
59. What is Taiga?
60. What is the annual Rain fall in grasslands?
61. What is the composition of air of terrestrial ecosystem?
62. What is the effect of human impact on Desert ecosystem?
63. What is the effect of human impact on Tundra ecosystem?
64. What is the field layer of temperate deciduous forests comprised of?
65. What is the location of coniferous alpine and boreal forests?
66. What is the location of deserts in pakistan?
67. What is the location temperate deciduous forests in Pakistan and rest of the world?
68. What is the productivity of grassland ecosystem?
69. What is the range of rainfall and temperature in Temperate Deciduous Forest Discuss animal life of temperate deciduous forest?
70. What is the range of Rainfall and temperature in temperate deciduous forest?
71. What is tundra?
72. What trees and animals are common in moist temperate regions of Shogran and Neelam valleys of Azad Kashmir in Pakistan?
73. What type of animals are present in temperate decicuous forest?
74. What types of animal life if present in tundra?
75. What types of organisms are present in profundal zone of lake?
76. What types of Plant life is found in tundra?
77. Where are nutrients concentrated in the aquatic ecosystem and why?
78. Where the Desert ecosystem is found in Pakistan.
79. Which factors affect life, specially on land?
80. Which invertebrate and vertebrate animals are found in the littoral zone of the lake?
81. Which organisms are found in the phytoplankton and zooplankton of the littoral zone of lakes?
82. Which structures of plants and animals help them regulate body temperature?

Long Questions

1. Give an account of desert ecosystem.
2. Write a note on Tundra ecosystem.

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