2nd Year Biology Chapter 23 Biotechnology Notes MCQs Bank Solution

biology 12th notes chapter 23

1. The gene therapy in cancer makes the patient tolerant for


2. Recombinant DNA are expressed in


3. In gene sequencing, the colour of the fluorescent bands are read by


4. The plants produced by micropropagation of meristem are called


5. Organisms with foreign genes are called


6. The artificial seeds are produced of which of the following plants?


7. Gene pharming is used for obtaining


8. Enzyme obtained from thermus aquatieus is commonly known as:


9. Which of the followings is not a vector?


10. Which of the followings form genomic library?


11. The copy of DNA pieces in human genomic project is made by


12. Scientists are working on which of followings for increasing yield


13. Genome fragments can be separated according to their lengths during the process:


14. The first restriction enzyme was isolated by


15. The plants produced by micropropagation from single cell are called


16. The plant cells whose cell wall is removed are


17. The genes for the treatment of hypercholesterolemia are introduced in


18. The enzyme luciferase is produced by an insect commonly known as the


19. Somatic embryo are encapsulated in gel and are called


20. Pieces of DNA are jointed by


21. The enzymes which are used to cut out the gene of interest are known as:


22. Antibody used for the treatment of genital herpes is obtained from:


23. In cystic fibrosis, the gene codes for trans membrane carrier of which ion is missing


24. Which one is not biotechnology product?


25. E.Coli s a commonly used


26. The organism used as vector during treatment of SCID by gene therapy is


27. The entire genome has been sequence by the company of


28. The solution of Liposomes is sprayed on


29. A full set of genes of an individual is called its:


30. Thermus aquateua is a/ an


31. Production of identical copying of gene is


32. These are used in angiosplasty


33. Genes are cut by


34. Which of the following diseases is not treated by in vivo gene therapy?


35. Millions of artificial seed are produced in large tanks called


36. The bacteria used in industries for control of pollution are


37. Growth of a tissue in an artificial liquid culture medium is termed as:


38. The use of DNA analysis for convicting the criminal of rape is used in


39. The protoplast regenerates and produces


40. The bacteria are used in mining industry for


41. The use of transgenic farm animals to produce pharmaceuticals is termed as:


42. Green revolution was launched in


43. Which of the following is virus free?


44. Adult transgenic tobacco plants glowed when sprayed with the substrate


45. The commonly used restriction enzyme is


46. The first animal cloned was


47. The chemical that makes the bacterial membrane permeable is


48. The gene sequence of which of the following chromosomes was completed in 1999


49. The organisms which are used to produce human growth hormone in their urine are


50. The clumps produce


51. An antibody made by soyabeans can be used as treatment for


52. Which of the followings is used to transfer genes?


53. The genes which cause self destruction of bacteria are


54. Palindromic sequences are present in


55. The number of base sequences in man is


56. In micropropagation of meristem, the hormone used is


57. In 1958, F.C.Steward grew a complete carrot plant from tiny piece of:


58. A probe is a single stranded nucleotide sequence that will hybridize in to certain piece of:


59. Persons with Huntington’s disease have a unique site where a restriction enzyme cuts:


60. Taq polymarase is an enzyme present in


61. In which of these in vivo gene therapy is used?


62. pBR 322 has antibiotic resistance genes for:


63. The DNA sequence of which of the followings have been done?


64. The steps involved in DNA finger printing


65. The cell suspension cultures of Cnchona ledgeriana produces:


66. Restriction enzymes are present in


67. The degradation of pollutants with the help of recombinant bacteria is called


68. Kary B.Mullie developed the polymorase chain reaction in


69. The system used for the formation of specific product is


70. The genes for the treatment of SCID are introduced in


71. The single standard nucleotide sequence that hybridize into certain piece is


72. The hypercholesterolemia causes at young age


73. The microscopic vesicles formed during gene therapy of cystic fibrosis are called


74. Match recombinant DNA with one of the followings


75. The plants cells can develop complete plants.So they are called


76. The collection of different sized fragments is


77. Match Sanger’s method for generation of pieces of DNA with one of the followings


78. Which of the followings is produced by transgenic plants as well as transgenic bacteria?


79. Tissue culture and cloning seek help through:


80. Which of the followings is irrelevant for PCR?


81. Mendel’s work was rediscovered in


82. Each piece of DNA should be


83. Natural extra chromosomal circular DNA are


84. The smallest human chromosomes is


85. The first restriction enzyme was isolated by


86. Pieces of DNA are separated on


87. Aspartame is a:


88. Which of the followings helped scientist to pinpoint disease causing genes?


89. PSc 101 has antibiotics resistant gene for


90. Children with severe combined immunodeficiency syndrome lack enzyme:


91. Meristem is


92. In gene sequencing the nucleotide strained with fluorescent dye are


93. The insertion of genetic material into human cells for the treatment of a disorder is called


94. Complete carrot plant was developed from tiny part of phloem by


95. The acreage of transgenic plants in 1999 was


96. Organisms that have had a foreign gene inserted into them are called


97. Antithrombin is produced in


98. In gene pharming egg is fertilized


99. The antibody which is used for the treatment of genital herps is obtained from


100. The work of biotechnology is


101. The naked cells of plant are called


102. Number of restriction enzymes discovered so far are


103. In the cloning of mice the second nucleus is obtained from


104. Which of the enzymas sot as molecular scissors


105. Urine is a prefereable vehicle for bilotechnology product than:


106. FC Steward provided the phloem cells


107. The nucleotide sequence is stored by


108. Cloning is a form of:


109. The two different piece of DNA joined together, is called as


110. Callous can form


111. The antibody which can deliver radio isotopes to tumor cells is obtained from


112. The enzyme ADA is involved in maturation of


113. Patients of cystic fibrosis often die due to numerous infections of the:


114. The coconut milk contains the plant hormone called:


115. Cell suspension cultures of digitalis lanata produce:


116. Genomic library is a collection of bacterial or bacteriophage?


117. Anther is cultured in a medium containing


118. In micropropagation, the structure used is


119. Which of the following phages is use as vector?


120. An enzyme a-galactosidase that can be used to treat a human lysosome storage disease, is harvested from?


121. DNA analyzer is used for


122. The plasmids having resistant gene against tetracycline and ampicillin are


123. An undifferentiated group of cells is called


124. Which of the following products is prepared by recombinant DNA technology?


125. Transgenic bacteria are produced in large vats called


126. Naturasweet is


127. The enzyme extracted from Thermus aquaticus is


128. The number of frequently used restriction enzymes are


129. Biodegradable plastic is obtained from


130. In which of the followings plant pest and herb resistant genes are not used?


131. Cystic fibrosis patients lack a gene that codes for trans-membrane carrier of the


132. The human genomic project will take how many volume of encyclopedia


133. Which of the following techniques produces large number of copies of genes?


134. Which of the followings is model plant whose gene sequencing has been completed?


135. PCR technique was developed by


136. The production of genetically identical copies of the organisms by asexual reproduction is called


137. The genes which are synthesized from mRNA by reverse transcriptase are called


138. The disease not treated by Ex vivo gene therapy is


139. Match MaxamGilbert method for generation of pieces of DNA with one of the followings


140. Match target DNA with one of the followings


141. The technique used to produce copies of genes in laboratory is


Short Questions

1. Define angioplasty.
2. Define biotechnology.Give its application.
3. Define gene therapy?
4. Define Molecular scissors. What are restriction enzymes? Give example. Differentiate between molecular scissors and molecular vectors?
5. Define plasmids?
6. Define tissue culture?
7. Describe genomic library.
8. Differentiate between Lucifer in and Luciferase?
9. Explain cell suspension culture?
10. Explain familial hypercholesterolemia?
11. Explain restriction enzyme (restriction endonuclease)?
12. Explain the importance of gene sequencing.
13. From which amimal antithrombin III is produced?
14. Give definition of hybridization?
15. Give examples of ex-vivo and in-vivo gene therapies in man?
16. Give two advantages of transgenic animals?
17. Give two advantages of transgenic plants?
18. How can hypercholesterolemia be controlled by gene therapy?
19. How can Parkinson’s disease be cured by gene therapy?
20. How can the useful (desirable) genes be obtained for producing recombinant DNA?
21. How gene therapy has been used for the treatment of cancer?
22. How gene therapy has been used for the treatment of coronary artery angioplasty?
23. How genes can be isolated from chromosomes?
24. How is the enzyme, DNA ligase used in genetic engineering?
25. How many methods are used for gene therapy?Name them.
26. How transgenic animals are developed?
27. How transgenic animals that secrete a product are often cloned?
28. Name different organisms and organelles whose genomes have been sequenced?
29. Name some biotechnology products produced by bacteria?
30. Name the enzyme which helps synthesize desirable gene in the laboratory, form mRNA.
31. plant cells are said to be totipotent.What do you mean by this?
32. What are Biofilters?
33. What are bioreactors?
34. What are biotechnology products?
35. What are clonal plants?
36. What are Palindromic Sequences?
37. What are plasmids?
38. What are protoplasts?
39. What are sticky ends?
40. What are teh restriction enzymes?
41. What are the various methods of gene or DNA sequencing?
42. What are transgenic organisms(animals or plants)?
43. What are transgenic plants. Give two advantages of transgenic plants.
44. What are various methods of gene or DNA sequencing?
45. What are vectors?
46. What can be used as vector, other than the plasmid?
47. What do you mean by palindromic (repeated) sequences?
48. What does genome mean?
49. What is a genome and genomic library?
50. What is a genome and genomic library? Differentiate between genome and genomic library. Define genomic library.
51. What is a probe?
52. What is a protoplast?
53. What is another name for recombinant DNA?
54. What is aspartame?
55. What is clone?
56. What is complementary DNA?
57. What is cystic fibrosis?
58. What is DNA Finger printing?
59. What is Dolly?
60. What is Ex-vivo gene therapy?
61. What is familial hypercholesterolemia?
62. What is gel electrophoresis?
63. What is gene pharming?
64. What is gene sequencing?
65. What is gene therapy?
66. What is in-vivo gene therapy?
67. What is Maxam-Gilbert method?
68. What is meant by cloning?
69. What is PCR and write applications of PCR amplification. What are the uses of PCR amplification and analysis?
70. What is recombinant DNA and its technology in genetic engineering?
71. What is recombinant DNA or chimaeric DNA?
72. What is Sanger’s method?
73. What is the advantage of genetic engineering of C4 plants?
74. What is the biodegradable plastic and its origin?
75. What is the method of ex-vivo gene therapy?
76. What is the polymerase chain reaction of PCR?
77. What is the purpose of primary goal of human genome project?
78. What is the role of molecular carrier-the vector? Differentiate between plasmids pSC 101 and pBR 322? Elaborate the use of plasmids. Mention the role of lambda phage during recombinant DNA technology.
79. What is the role of restriction enzyme in the preparation of recombinant DNA during genetic engineering?
80. What is the role of suicide gene in transgenic bacteria?
81. What is the use of dideoxy method?
82. What is the use of DNA or chimaeric DNA?
83. What is the use of genetically engineered bacteria?
84. What is tissue culture?
85. What is totipotency?
86. What is totipotency? What is totipotent cell? Define the term totipotent. Why plant cells are said to be totipotent?
87. What is vector?
88. When recombinant DNA technology is used and when PCR?
89. Where from PCR took its name?Why is callled chain reaction?
90. Which chemicals are obtained from cell suspension cultures of Cinchona ledger Lana and Digitalis lanata?
91. Which enzyme is Taq polymerase?
92. Which plant hormone is contained in the coconut milk?
93. Which resistance genes are carried by the plasmids pSC 101 pBR 322?
94. Who and when grew a whole carrot plat from a tiny piece of phloem?
95. Who and when said that the plant cells are totipotent?
96. Why transgenic animals are cloned?

Long Questions

1. Write a note on tissue culture and cloning.
2. Write a note on tissue culture technique?

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