1st Year Physics Chapter 6 Fluid Dynamics Notes MCQs Bank

physics 11th notes Chapter 6

1. Bernoulli’s equation is applicable for?


2. The effect of the decrease in pressure with the increase of the speed of the fluid in a horizontal pipe is known as?


3. If cross-sectional area of pipe decreases, the speed of fluid must increase according to:


4. Equation of continuity is obtained by applying the law of conversation of?


5. Blood vessels are?


6. Turbulent flow is:


7. An ideal fluid flows through a horizontal tube of variable diameter. The pressure is lowest where the?


8. The law of conservation of mass gives:


9. The velocity of the flow of liquid through an orifice at the bottom of a tank depends upon?


10. Two fog droplets have radii 2:3, their terminal velocities are


11. When fluid is incompressible then?


12. The study of properties of fluids in motion is called


13. A man standing near a fast-moving train may fall?


14. The raindrop falling from the sky reaches the ground with?


15. Drag force is given by


16. The density of human blood is nearly equal to?


17. The blood flow is __________ flow at systolic pressure.


18. If a stream of air is blown under one of the pans of a physical balance in equilibrium, then pan may?


19. For which position, blood pressure in the body have the smallest value?


20. When the body moves with terminal velocity the acceleration in the body become?


21. The equation 𝐹 = 6𝜋𝜂𝑟𝑣 is called:


22. As the water falls from tap, its speed increases and cross sectional area:


23. For which position, maximum blood pressure in the body has the smallest value?


24. Velocity of efflux is measured by relation


25. The drag force F on a sphere of radius r moving slowly with speed v through a fluid of viscosity η is


26. According to the equation of continuity, A₁V₁ = A₂V₂ = constant, the constant is equal to?


27. Terminal velocity is:


28. The flow of ideal fluid is always:


29. One Torr is expressed in 𝑁m⁻² as:


30. Stoke’s law is applicable if the body has ______ shape.


31. Which of the given has the least coefficient of viscosity?


32. The drag force increases as the speed of the object


33. Swing is produced to:


34. Sphygmomanometers measures blood pressure.


35. Venturi meter is a device used to measure:


36. Terminal velocity is given by equation.


37. Instrument used to measure blood pressure is called


38. Venturi meter is used to measure?


39. Bernoulli’s equation is obtained by applying law of conservation of.


40. Blood has density equal to that of:


41. The speed of the fluid is maximum in the venturi meter at?


42. Bernoulli’s equation is applicable to?


43. Laminar flow usually occurs at speeds which are:


44. Ball pen function on the principle of?


45. The maximum constant velocity of an object falling vertically downward is called:


46. A chimney works best if air exposed to the chimney is?


47. The mathematical relation 𝑣 =√2g(h₂-h₁) is known as:


48. Ideal fluid is?


49. When the body reaches its terminal velocity, the acceleration of the body becomes


50. When weight of an object falling freely becomes equal to the drag force, then the body will move with


51. An instrument used to measure blood pressure is called?


52. η Is denoted for coefficient of:


53. According to equation of continuity, A₁V₁ = A₂V₂ = constant. The constant is equal to:


54. Irregular flow of fluid is called:


55. The flow of an ideal fluid is?


56. Bernoulli’s theorem applies to:


57. The SI unit of coefficient of viscosity is:


58. Which one is venturi relation?


59. In equation of continuity, the units of Av is given as:


60. If radius of droplet becomes half then its terminal velocity will be


61. An object moving through a fluid experience a retarding force called


62. Velocity of fluid increases where the pressure is:


63. In cricket when a bowler produces swing, the wall will curve towards?


64. Speed of efflux can be determined by applying?


65. Carburetor of a car is an application of?


66. For _________ flow the path of the fluid particles cannot be tracked.


67. Systolic pressure is called?


68. The blood pressure in the vessels is always


69. The dimensions of coefficient of viscosity are.


70. The profile of Aeroplane wing which lifts it up is called as?


71. A flowing liquid possess?


72. Which would be the truck least likely to sink into a soft ground?


Short Questions

1. A liquid was passed through a pipe and it was found that the rate of influx is equal to the rate of efflux .what information do you get about liquid?
2. A meteor burns into ashes when enters into outer atmosphere. Why?
3. A person is standing near a fast moving train, is there any danger that he towards it?
4. A spherical body is dopped in two different fluids and its terminal velocity is found to be different. Give the reasons?
5. An incompressible liquid is passed through a horizontal pipe and it is observed that the speed of a mass of liquid when emerges is greater than its speed when it enters the pipe. How can it be possible?
6. Briefly explain viscous drag.
7. Define equation of continuity?
8. Define fluid dynamics and Define fluid statics.
9. Define terminal velocity.
10. Define Viscosity and Drag force.
11. Describe any application of Bernoulli’s equation.
12. Describe the method of measuring human blood pressure. 
13. Explain how the swing is produced in a fast moving cricket ball.
14. Explain the difference between laminar flow and turbulent flow?
15. Explain the working of carburetor of a motorcar using Bernoulli’s equation?
16. Explain what do you understand by the term viscosity?
17. Explain what you understand by term Viscosity?
18. Explain, how to swing is produced in a fast moving cricket ball?
19. For which position will be maximum blood pressure in the body have the smallest value?(a) standing up right (b)sitting (c)lying horizontally(d)standing on one’s head ?
20. How an aero plane is lifted up?
21. How are the blood pressure and the speed of liquid flow are measure?
22. How does the pulsation in plus show the heart beat?
23. Identify the correct answer. What do you infer from Bernoulli’s theorem? (i) Where the speed of the fluid is high the pressure will be low. (ii)Where the speed of the fluid is high the pressure is also high (iii)This theorem is valid only for turbulent flow of the liquid.
24. In an orbiting space station would the blood pressure in major arteries in the leg ever be greater than the blood pressure in major arteries in the neck
25. Is there any danger that he will fall towards it?
26. It is often seemed that leaves laying on the road start following the fast moving car when it passes through the road. Why?
27. State Bernoulli’s equation?
28. State equation of continuity?
29. State stokes’s law .Is it applicable at high speed?
30. State Torricelli’s theorem.
31. Two boats moving parallel in the same direction are pulled toward each other explain. 
32. Two row boats moving parallel in the same direction are pulled towards each other?
33. What are conditions of an ideal fluid?
34. What do you mean by drag force and Venturi effect?
35. What do you mean by terminal velocity?
36. What is co-efficient of viscosity. Write its unite?
37. What is meant by drag force(or viscous drag) (B)What are factor’s upon which the drag force in a small sphere of radius ‘r’ moving through a liquid depend ?
38. What is meant by drag force? What are the factors upon which drag force acting upon a small sphere of radius r ,moving down through a liquid ,depend?
39. What is the function of a Venturi duct in the carburetor of a car?
40. What is torr ? Write down the value of torr in SI system?
41. What is Torricelli’s Theorem?
42. What is venture ‘s’ effect?
43. What is venture-meter?
44. When water falls from a tap, its cross-sectional area decreases as it comes down. Why?
45. Why does a car has oblong shape design?
46. Why does the pipe of paper squeeze when air is blown through it?
47. Why fog droplets appear to be suspended in air?
48. Why fog droplets appear to be suspended in air?
49. Write few lines on blood flow.
50. Write two application of Bernoulli’s theorem?

Long Questions

1. Give statement of Bernoulli‟s equation for liquid in motion.
2. State the Stoke‟s Law and write its mathematical form?
3. What do you mean by terminal velocity?
4. State and explain Torricelli‟s Theorem?
5. Write the three characteristics of an ideal fluid?
6. Define terminal velocity and state Torricelli‟s theorem.
7. What is Venturi‟s effect?
8. Define systolic pressure and diastolic pressure.
9. What is meant when we say fluid is non-viscous and incompressible?
10. What is terminal velocity? Show that terminal velocity of a fog droplet is directly proportional to the square of its radius?
11. State and explain Bernoulli‟s equation.
12. What is the relationship between pressure and speed of the fluid in a horizontal pipe system?
13. State and explain equation of continuity?
14. State and explain Torricelli‟s equation.
15. What is venture relation? Explain?
16. Explain what do you understand by the term viscosity?
17. Certain globular protein particle has a density of 1246 kgm⁻³ it falls through pure water (viscosity = 8 x10⁻⁴ Nsm⁻²) with a terminal speed of 3cmh⁻¹. Find the radius of the particle.
18. Water flows through a hose internal diameter is 1cm, at a speed of 1ms⁻¹ what should be the diameter of the nozzle if the water is to emerge at 21 ms⁻¹.
“19. The pipe near the lower end of a large storage tank develops a small leak and a stream of water shoots from it. The top of water tank is 15m above the point of leak.
(a) With what speed does the water rush from the hole?
(b) If the hole has an area of 0.060 cm² how much water flows out in one second?”
20. Water is flowing smoothly through a closed pipe system. At one point the speed of water is 3ms⁻¹ while at another point 3m higher, the speed is 4ms⁻¹. If the pressure is 80kPa at the lower point what is the pressure at the upper end?
21. An air plane wing is designed so that the sped of air across the top of the wing is 450ms⁻¹, the speed of air below the wing is 410ms⁻¹. What is the pressure difference between the top and bottom of the wing? (Density of air = 1.29 kgm⁻³)
22. The radius of the aorta is about 1cm and the blood flowing through it has a speed of about 30cms⁻¹. Calculate the average speed of the blood in the capillaries, using the fact that although each capillary has a diameter of about 8 x 10⁻⁴ cm, there are literally millions of them so that the total cross section is about 2000 (cm)².
23. How large must a heating duct be if air moving 3ms⁻¹ along it can replenish the air in a room of 3000 m³ volumes every 15 min? Assume the air’s density remains constant.
24. An airplane design calls for a lift due to the net force of the moving air on the wing of about 1000Nm⁻² of wing area. Assume that air flows past the wing of an air craft with streamline flow. If the speed of flow past the lower wing surface is 160 ms⁻¹, what is the required speed over the upper surface to give a lift of 1000Nm⁻²? The density of air is 1.29 kgm⁻³ and assume maximum thickness of wing to be one meter.
25. What gauge pressure is required in the city mains for a stream from a fire hose connected to the mains to reach a vertical height of 15m?

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