1st Year English Play 3 The Oyster and the Pearl Notes MCQs Short Questions

english 11th notes play 3

1. Miss McCutcheon is nothing more than a pretty girl who is going to give up in despair and go home Here the word give up means


2. I’d like a poodle______if you don’t mind.


3. Youth and intelligence need excitement. Here the word excitement means


4. Miss McCutcheon is a______at school.


5. The children in the town are


6. Clay wants to buy a present for his


7. Clark has scarcely noticed her. Here the word scarcely means


8. Harry does not give haircuts to


9. Here the word turn out means


10. Clay is giving haircut to


11. Children do not care about


12. Miss McCutcheon expected to see a much older man. Here the word older means


13. Harry is the only______in the town.


14. Harry could not kick. Here the word kick means


15. Why does Clay need money?


16. The writer and Harry talked about the effectiveness of the gadget. Here the word effectiveness means


17. She wants to teach the children toe


18. Now and then I get a dollar. Here the word Now and then means


19. The water of the sea is full______things.


20. I’ve got an oyster; I want you to______it.


21. Harry calls Applegarth


22. Nobody seems to have any______ambition.


23. I’m looking for a______to take my time.


24. That’s fair and square. Here the word fair and square means


25. Do you______if I have a look at the oyster?


26. The sea washes up some pretty good things. Here the word washes up means


27. On the top of that, almost all of them are unruly. Here the word unruly means


28. They live on next to nothing the rest of the year, Here the word next to nothing means


29. Miss McCutcheon has long blonde hair. Here the word blonde means


30. The writer does not get a haircut but pays Harry


31. Nobody seems to have any sensible ambition. Here the word sensible means


32. Miss McCutcheon wants to go back to


33. Harry and the writer talked about a gadget. Here the word gadget means


34. Miss McCutcheon wanted to quit and go back home. Here the word quit means


35. There’s a pearl in it, worth at least______hundred dollars.


36. I want to______and go home.


37. To look better and serious she wants


38. You will bring merriment to the


39. What is McCutcheon wearing when she comes first to Harry?


40. I’m nothing than a pretty______who is going to give up in despair.


41. Miss McCutcheon looked bewildered. Here the word bewildered means


42. Most of them can’t afford to pay for the______I give them.


43. The O.K-by-the sea is a


44. Han’ would not cut Miss McCutcheon’s hair in a nightmare. Here the word nightmare means


45. Why does Harry not go with Clay?


46. You plan to______wozzeck that he has found a pearl.


47. I am looking for a chance to


48. Children in her school are not


49. Harry is a great helper of


50. How’ve things been going______you.


51. How much did Harry own when he bought the shop?


52. What did Clay do to get his father back?


53. You will bring______to tired old human heart.


54. I’ve found______what I was looking for. 1


55. Miss McCutcheon was out of her mind. Here the word out of her mind means


56. Harry was afraid he might damage the pear if he


57. Miss McCutcheon brings things from the


58. Harry’s philosophy of life is


59. I plan to______three hundred dollars to Clay.


60. She expects a husband to


61. Clark’s fishing tackle was safe and sound in the closet. Here the word safe and sound means


62. I got to poking around and I found this oyster. Here the word poking means


63. School need an old


64. id rather he didn’t know I was around. Here the word around means


65. The atmosphere of O.K-by-the sea is


66. What did Clay’s father write on the wall?


67. Once oyster does not make a stews Harry. Here the word stew means


68. Children are interested only in


69. Compose a symphony, paint a picture, write a book, invent a philosopher. Here the word symphony, means


70. Harry invented a


71. When did Clay’s father leave home?


72. Why does Clay go to the beach?


73. That sounds______good.


74. I got to poking around and I found this


75. Our school needs an old battle – axe like the teachers we had. Here the word old battle – axe means


76. It is a sentimental comedy. Here the word sentimental means


77. He gets out the weekly paper. Here the word gets out means


78. The barber shop is crowded with stuff Here the word crowded means


79. Clay and his family lived off the money they earned. Here the word lived off means


80. The people of OK have to live on next to______most the time.


81. Its population is


82. The writer told Harry about


83. I’ll take it out


84. There is not an eligible______in town.


85. I kept forgetting to take it


86. What sort of hair does McCutcheon have?


87. Wozzeck sold imitation stuff. Here the word imitation means


88. Various hats express the quality of the barber’s soul. Here the word express means


89. Miss McCutcheon is a


90. The playwright demonstrates faith in the goodness of human heart. Here the word demonstrates means


91. The regular price is a dollar. Here the word regular means


92. A pretty girl who is going to give up in despair and go home. Here the word despair means


93. Miss McCutcheon can teach children English and


94. Rexonne comes with


95. There is no______in the oyster.


96. The people of O.K-by-the sea are


97. Clark’s fishing tackle was safe and sound in the closet. Here the word closet means


98. Clay wants his______to come home again.


99. She was looking for a______to teach______better subjects.


100. A week at school had knocked her for a loop. Here the word knocked her for a loop means


101. Clay comes with Miss McCutcheon carrying


102. K-by-the-Sea? Last


103. Miss McCutcheon is looking for a


104. She is too pretty. Our school does not need a bathing beauty like her. Here the word bathing beauty means


105. While the going’s good I’ll stay. Here the word going’s good means


106. Most of them can’t afford to pay for the haircut I give them. Here the word afford means


107. When did Harry buy the shop?


108. Sounds like a great idea. Here the word Sounds means


109. Harry might damage the pearl. Here the word damage means


110. There is not even


111. In my sleep, in a night mare I would not cut your hair. Here the word night mare means


112. Miss America, I presume. Here the word presume means


113. How much does Harry get for a haircut?


114. He examines the shears clippers and comb. Here the word shears means


115. In which newspaper did Clay give the ad?


116. How much did Harry pay for the shop?


117. I’ll sit down and______my turn.


118. Harry says “All philosophies sound


119. Harry wanted to take his time. Here the word take his time means


120. Miss McCutcheon closed a colourful parasol. Here the word parasol means


121. There isn’t any elligib1e bachelor in town. Here the word elligiib1e means


122. What’s all this about an oyster and a


123. Youth and intelligence need


124. Let bygones be


125. Harry talks about


126. Clay does not know


127. There are many odds and ends in the barber’s shop. Here the word odds and ends means


128. Roxanna was with an assortment of shells. Here the word assortment means


129. It’s never too soon for any of us to______the truth.


130. The poor people had to do some______things


131. Compose a symphony,______a picture, write ‘a book, invent a philosophy.


132. Wozzeck comes in with a satchel. Here the word satchel means


133. Clark’s fishing tackle was safe and sound in the closet. Here the word closet means


134. What is McCutcheon carrying when she comes first to Harry?


135. How many years ago did Harry buy the shop?


136. The judge racks up a good look at Miss McCutcheon Here the word racks up means


137. Drop in again anytime. Here the word Drop in means


138. You can bring merriment to the tired human heart. Here the word merriment means


139. Harry had mumbo-jumbo ideas. Here the word mumbo-jumbo means


140. There’s a big pearl in the


141. Very few people here are well off. Here the word well off means


142. Where does Clay go?


143. I won’t forget this rudeness. Here the word rudeness means


144. Do you mind if I have a look at the pearl. Here the word mind means


145. Harry removed the towel he had wrapped around the writer’s head. Here the word wrapped means


146. Miss McCutcheon wants to change her


147. Clark gives 30 dollars to Harry for his


148. Miss McCutcheon wants______haircut.


149. Miss McCutcheon taught the troubled children. Here the word troubled means


150. Our school needs an old battle-axe, like the teachers we ____________when we went to school.


151. Clay needed


152. Where did Clay’s family pick cotton?


153. Greeley has______in the bottle with sea water.


154. It’s not often I get a______in here.


155. You may turn out to be the one man hidden away in the junk world. Here the word junk means


156. What does Harry put on after Clay has given him a haircut?


157. What are you looking for. Here the word looking for means


158. Let me get this


159. His father and mother haven’t been getting alone. Here the word getting alone means


160. Harry gets______for his haircut.


161. It is______tight, it’s alive.


Short Questions

1. According to Harry, how does one bring merriment to the tired old human heart?
2. Can Harry give a poodle haircut?
3. Describe Harry’s shop?
4. Describe the scene of the play. The Oyster and the Pearl’?
5. Do you think that it is right to allow Clay to believe that there is a pearl in the oyster? Explain your answer.
6. Do you think that this would good play to produce? Why or Why not?
7. Does Miss Mc Cutch eon believe that the there is pearl in the oyster?
8. Does the writer open the oyster? Why not?
9. how does Harry describe the inhabitants of O.K by-the-Sea?
10. How does Miss Mc Cutch eon view harry thinking about the pearl in the oyster?
11. How for is it to Hollywood form O.K-by-the-Sea?
12. How many barbers are there in O.K –by-the- Sea?
13. How much did Harry pay for his barber shop?
14. How much does Harry charged for haircut?
15. If your opinion, why is the writer willing to buy the pearl? What has he received in return? What does he mean by sating: As far as I am concerned, the whole thing’s a pearl?
16. In your opinion, does the play reveal the author’s view of life? If so, what is this view of life?
17. What did Clay find and from where?
18. What did Clay find Black Rock?
19. What does Clark give Harry? For what purpose?
20. What does Clay believe is in the oyster? How much is it worth?
21. What does Harry advise her to do?
22. What does Miss Mc Cutch eon think that a poodle haircut will do for her appearances?
23. What does the play “The Oyster and the Pearl” reflect about author?
24. What does the writer do with the oyster?
25. What does work the Man do?
26. What has attached Harry other people to O.K by-the-Sea? Is it the kind of town that appeals to you? Do you think that it resembles an ideal town? Give reasons for your answer.
27. What has Clay put the local newspaper?
28. what is Alllegarth’s complaint about the sea?
29. What is happened to Clay’s father?
30. What is Harry philosophy?
31. What is Miss Mc Cutch eon looking for? How does she feel about the children of the town?
32. What is the main concern of the playwright of, ‘The Oyster and the Pearl’?
33. What kind of gadget does the writer describe?
34. What kind of haircut does Mc Cutch eon wants?
35. What kind of Judge is Judge Applegate?
36. What kind of play is “The Oyster and the Pearl”?
37. What philosophy did Harry invent?
38. What things did Harry suggest to Clay to do to bring joy to tired old human heart?
39. What things were placed in Harry’s shop?
40. What was known about Harry’s dress as a barber?
41. What year is it?
42. Where does the play take place?
43. Where has Clerk Lara bee been? How does he get to O.K-by-the-Sea?
44. Where is clay going?
45. Who buys the oyster? How much does he pay?
46. Who is Greeley? What does he have a boatel?
47. Who is Miss Mc Cutch eon? How does she feel about her job?
48. Who suggests that they should open the oyster?
49. Why did Harry were various hats?
50. Why do they want Wozzeck to come?
51. Why does Clark Lara bee return?
52. Why does Clay need money?
53. Why does Miss Mc Cutch eon have a chair with three legs?
54. Why does the Judge think that Miss Mc Cutch eon will not last as a teacher? What kind of teacher does he think is need?
55. Why is the Harry sitting in the barber’s is giving him a haircut?
56. Would you call this play on of action? Why or why not? How would describe the play to a friend?
57. Write a composition describing your ideal town?
58. Write a three to four lines explaining why you liked, or did not like, this play?


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