1st Year English Play 2 Visit to a Small Planet Notes MCQs Short Questions

english 11th notes play 2

1. There is something wrong with the way that create re looks Here the word creature means


2. Spelding nods wearily. Here the word wearily means


3. ____years are required to tell the story of travel.


4. Kreton wanted to dominate the earth. Here the word dominate means


5. I am about a_____years too late.


6. It’s a trifle old fashioned. Here the word trifle means


7. Meteors are blazing hot. Here the word blazing means


8. I realize the importance of it Here the word realize means


9. The house of Spelding comes under


10. Powers was thinking about his


11. Who shakes hands with Kreton first?


12. You still want to be the first journalist to interview me Here the word interview means


13. Of course my friends think me perverse to be interested in a primitive society. Here the word primitive means


14. They think Kreton a monster First. Here the word monster means


15. I have come here to take charge of the whole


16. Spelding wants to interview


17. How big is the spaceship?


18. What does John grow?


19. The against being hit by an object of that size are roughly ten million.


20. You’re in Pretty serious trouble Here the word Pretty means


21. spending is making an announcement about


22. I can’t permit them to wreck my ship. Here the word wreck means


23. General Power was thinking about


24. Roger wanted to marry his daughter with


25. Kreton can_____the minds of the people.


26. The visitor was dressed in the fashion of


27. Without broadcast, they would starve. Here the word starve means


28. An ambitious man makes his mark in the world. Here the word makes his mark means


29. It is an optical illusion. Here the word illusion means


30. shakes hand with the visitor.


31. You’d be surprised what a thorough study I’ve made. Here the word thorough means


32. John grows


33. Ellen is_____years old.


34. You language is still not familiar to me. Here the word familiar means


35. What does Ellen want to live after marriage?


36. General Powers calls Kreton a Joker. Here the word Joker means


37. He looks perfectly nice to me. Here the word perfectly means


38. There is something wrong with_____the way that creature


39. Study of the earth’s people is Kreton’s


40. I don’t mind curiosity. Here the word curiosity means


41. Kreton’s impression of the house was


42. I do hope I don’t sound patronizing. Here the word patronizing means


43. The people of earth are living in_____age.


44. Who brings the news of the landing of the spaceship?


45. I must’ve know the theory_____which they operate


46. The flying object seems to dissolve to the living room of speeding’s house. Here the word dissolve means


47. I wonder how much damage he did to my rose garden. Here the word damage means


48. They stop stunned. Here the word stunned means


49. He goes as we fade out. Here the word fade out means


50. Spelding lives in the state of


51. Spelding’s house is a military reservation until the crisis is over. Here the word crisis means


52. You simply seethe with unlikely emotions. Here the word seethe means


53. Its diameter was


54. The people of Kreton’s planet do not


55. We want you to get a good impression of us. Here the word impression means


56. Spelding’s house is surrounded by


57. I’m sorry but this house is under martial law. Here the word martial law means


58. Poor fragile butterflies. Here the word fragile means


59. John is a


60. Go right ahead. Here the word ahead means


61. Kreton is a creature of impulse. Here the word impulse means


62. John is a


63. More thankless than a serpent’s tooth is an ungrateful child. Here the word ungrateful means


64. The earth people were wicked people. Here the word wicked means


65. The odds against being hit by a falling object are ten million to one. Here the word odds means


66. General Powers is accompanied by


67. Who says that they should go to cellar?


68. Spelding’s house was under


69. I’m sure you are teasing us and_____this is some kind of publicity stunt.


70. “I do hope I don’t sound patronizing” means that I am


71. I wonder how_____damage he did_____to my rose garden.


72. Kreton can read


73. Powers finally gave up before Kreton. Here the word gave up means


74. Spelding’s house is a military reservation. Here the word reservation means


75. I am either a_____from the earth or a spy from another world.


76. Spaceship was elliptical. Here the word elliptical means


77. We are afraid that you represent a_____race.


78. I am either a lunatic from the earth or a my from another world Here the word spy means


79. The flying object has given rise to impossible conjecture. Here the word conjecture means


80. I’m sure its some kind of meteor. Here the word meteor means


81. Ellen listened to the broadcast of her.


82. Kreton wanted to intoxicate himself with human mind. Here the word intoxicate means


83. Kreton twirls the globe. Here the word twirls means


84. The space man looked like a


85. How does the spaceship open?


86. Ellen is a lively girl. Here the word lively means


87. Kreton is interested in the study of ___ of earth.


88. It’s not very flattering when one’s own daughter wont listen_____what one says.


89. He has every virtue except the most important one. Here the word virtue means


90. Whom should Ellen marry according to Spelding?


91. Spelding favours the statement of


92. Mrs. Spelding warned about her


93. How does the spaceship look?


94. John does not have get-up-and go. Here the word get-up-and go means


95. Kreton wants to take charge of


96. I have a hunch we are in trouble. Here the word hunch means


97. Man is


98. Where does the spaceship land?


99. I like his whiskers. Here the word whiskers means


100. What does Spelding call Ellen?


101. Shouldn’t we go down to the cellar? Here the word cellar means


102. What would they do without broadcast according to Spelding?


103. The authorities are torn by doubts about Kreton. Here the word torn by doubts means


104. We are afraid you represent a hostile race Here the word hostile means


105. Alien is going to marry


106. He does not want to get


107. is one of man’s most endearing primitive traits.


108. What dose Mrs, Spelding say about John?


109. Who says that they should get a gun?


110. Who is more deadly than a serpent’s tooth?


111. It’s going to land right here. Here the word land means


112. Kreton belongs to


113. I could explain it to a_____but I’m afraid I could not explain it to you.


114. A girl should prefer to many a


115. What is not flatering according to Spelding?


116. Power wanted to grab Kreton. Here the word grab means


117. Kreton’s visit is impromptu. Here the word impromptu means


118. What does John lack according to Spelding?


119. He is unctuous. Here the word unctuous means


120. Power thinks it ridiculous that a single man would control the earth. Here the word ridiculous means


121. They talk if Kreton is an imposter. Here the word imposter means


122. I love to gas about Here the word gad means


123. As you see I am_____a hundred years too late


124. Roger Spelding is a


125. The earth people have assumption that all strangers are hostile. Here the word assumption means


126. I am not permitted to discuss your


127. Apparently you did not hear my broad cast Here the word Apparently means


128. We are going to take your ship apart. Here the word apart means


129. Then we are all in the same boat Here the word boat means


130. Where did the spaceship land?


131. I am not permitted to discuss your future Here the word discuss means


132. The spaceship was


133. The race of Kreton is


134. Mrs. Spelding was thinking that Kreton’s arrival was a


135. There is nothing wrong_____marrying a wealthy man


136. It makes me a bit giddy. Here the word giddy means


137. This is wrong costume. Here the word costume means


138. General Powers calls Kreton a


139. Whom does Spelding call?


140. General Power thinks Kreton is a


141. You deny your people intend to make trouble to us. Here the word intend means


142. You’d be surprised what_____study I’ve made


143. Mr. Spelding returned wide-eyed. Here the word wide-eyed means


144. Whose quotation does Spelding quote?


145. My head is vibrating like a drum. Here the word vibrating means


146. I approve of every thing you do. Here the word approve means


147. Here the word lunatic means


148. The theme of the play is


149. Learning languages is quite exhausting. Here the word exhausting means


Short Questions

1. Can the people of the earth compete with the people of Kreton?
2. Compare and contrast the people of two planets?
3. Describe the scene of the arrival of the flying saucer?
4. from where had Kreton come?
5. From Where was Spalding broadcasting his program me?
6. How did AIDE describe the ship?
7. How did Ellen defined John?
8. How did Ellen look/ appear?
9. How did Kreton look/ appear?
10. How did Kreton secure his ship?
11. How did Mr. Spalding look/appear?
12. How did Mrs. Spalding look/Appear?
13. How did Spalding comment on john?
14. How did the look ship?
15. How did the Spalding end his show? How did Spalding say good- night on T.V?
16. How does Kerton impress General Power?
17. How does Kreton his extraordinary powers? Write three lines?
18. How does the playwright expose the inferiority of the present race to that of the further?
19. How is room decorated in “visit to a small planet”?
20. How much damaging is violence in life? Write three lines?
21. How much impressive were the morals of Kerton?
22. How much more advanced is the civilization of Kreton than that of the earth?
23. To whom was AIDE asked put a call?
24. What announcement did Spalding make on T.v?
25. What are Kreton’s views about earth people?
26. What did General declare about Spalding’s house?
27. What did General Power ask AIDE to do about the ship?
28. What did General Powers reply when Spalding asked for his news?
29. What did General Powers say about the life on other planets?
30. What did General Powers says in his broadcast?
31. What did General want to do with the ship?
32. What did John lack according to Mr. Spalding?
33. What did Kreton say about his dress?
34. What did Kreton say for the second time about General mind?
35. what did Kreton when General Powers asked him if they intended to do trade with the earth people?
36. What did kreton’s people consider him perverse?
37. What did Mr. Spalding say when he learnt that kreton would spend the night there?
38. What did Spalding atop Kreton from living the place?
39. What did Spalding say on T.V about the flying object?
40. What four options did Spalding give about the falling about?
41. What happened of Powers and AIDE when they rushed to grab Kreton?
42. What information did General Powers get from Kreton?
43. What information did Kreton have about the earth?
44. What is a Superimpose Card
45. What is Roger Spalding doing when the play start?
46. What is the purpose of the visit of Kreton?
47. What is the role of General Power in the play?
48. What is the scene of the play ‘Visit to a Small Planet’?
49. What is the significance of the title of the play “Visit to a small Planet”?
50. What is the theme of the study of Kreton?
51. What is the wish of Mr. Spalding about the marriage of his daughter?
52. What lesson do we learn from the play?
53. What type of life do you foresee in the year 5000?
54. What was an extraordinary quality of Kreton about human mind?
55. What was Kreton’s opinion about the civilization on Earth?
56. What was the difference between Kreton mind and human minds?
57. What was the hobby of Kreton?
58. What was the rum ours about the flying object?
59. What were the restrictions imposed upon the members of Spalding’s house?
60. Where does the spaceship land?
61. Who was John?
62. Why did Kreton call the people of Earth poor fragile butterflies?
63. Why did Kreton not give any explanation to General Power about his planet?
64. Why did Kreton visit the Earth?
65. Why does Kreton compare his people with earth people?
66. Why does Kreton take interest in Earth?
67. Why does Kreton take take interest in Earth?
68. Why does Mr. Spalding oppose his daughter’s marry with John?
69. Write a note on Ellen?
70. Write a note on General Power?
71. Write a note on john?
72. Write a note on Kreton?
73. Write a note on Mr. Spelding?
74. Write a note on Mrs. Spalding?
75. Write a story of your visit to a fore off place in the north of Pakistan?
76. Write the story of the play?
77. Write the theme of the play?


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