1st Year English Lesson 2 Clearing in the Sky Notes MCQs Short Questions

english 11th notes chapter 2

1. The land was fenced by __________.


2. Many of the trees were sixty feet tall and the wild __________ had matted their tops together.


3. In the clearing, the writer did not see a single __________.


4. The writer had never seen anything __________ upon this high point of the rugged land.


5. The writer’s father had gone to eight different doctors from __________. 


6. What did the old man want to show to his son?


7. In how many years did the old man improve the land?


8. The second bluff lifted abruptly from the land toward the sky. Here the word abruptly means


9. I had seen many species of hard and soft wood tress. Here the word species means


10. The clearing on the top was not more than __________.


11. What did Jess bring for his mother?


12. Where did Jess lose his little plough?


13. The old man let the dirt run between his fingers and said that it was like __________.


14. The old man made so many paths to know he was __________.


15. While climbing the second steep bluff, the old man stopped __________ to wipe the sweat from his eyes.


16. Jess’s father raised __________ of corn to the shock.


17. When he made up his mind to do a thing, he would do it even if he had to __________.


18. One of the doctors had told the old man not to walk the length of a __________.


19. He wiped more sweat from his face. Here the word wiped means


20. The morning wind was so good to breath in __________.


21. The land was fenced by


22. Within the distance of a few __________ several paths left the main path and circled around the slope, gradually climbing the mountain.


23. Why did the old man hunt the squirrels?


24. What type of special tree was found by the old man?


25. On the lower side of the clearing, there was a rim of shadow. Here the word rim means


26. “Look at this, Jess.” He bragged. Here the word bragged means


27. “That brings back something to me.” .Here the word brings back means


28. The old man wanted to show his son _________.


29. The writer had just finished walking __________ uphill from his home to his father’s.


30. The pines on top of the mountain above us looked as if the fingers of their long boughs were __________.


31. The day was _________.


32. What type of special tree was found by the old man?


33. Why did Jess’s father make many paths to the clearing?


34. My curiosity was aroused. Here the word curiosity means


35. I thought he had found a new kind of grass or an unfamiliar herb. Here the word unfamiliar means


36. According to Jess’s father, when you are past seventy, you feel like, __________.


37. In how many years did the old man improve the land?


38. What did the old man cut with his pocket knife?


39. I have cheated the death many times. Here the word cheated means


40. What did the old man cut with his knife?


41. What is the average age of a man according to the Good Book?


42. What trees were growing on the top of the mountain?


43. I managed to stand on land by holding a little sapling. Here the word sapling means


44. I could not protest to him now. Here the word protest means


45. Jess’s father lived to raise a family of five children. ” To raise” here means __________.


46. How many doctors had the old man visited from January until April?


47. Why did the old man hunt for squirrels?


48. How many years ago did the doctor advise the old man to take a rest?


49. He pointed across the high point of rugged land. Here the word rugged means


50. The writer could not drive his car because there were________.


51. In October, when the rabbits were ripe and the frost had come. Here the word ripe means


52. The rabbits became ripe in the month of __________.


53. How many children does the old man have?


54. What is the current age of the old man?


55. He would do it if he had to crawl. Here the word crawl means


56. A small cleared patch was in the heart of the wilderness. Here the word wilderness means


57. The day was


58. The writer had been over that point many times with the exception of the __________.


Short Questions

1. Describe the appearance of the old man.
2. What are the names of the vegetables the old man grew in his form?
3. What did everybody say when the old man bought that farm?
4. What did the old man remember?
5. What did the son remember from the childhood?
6. What had the doctors told the old man?
7. What is the moral of the story?
8. What was the reason that the old man planted that garden on that mountain?
9. What were the feelings of old man at the age twenty?
10. Where did the old man take his son?
11. Who are the characters of the story?
12. Why did the old man make a fence around the clearing?
13. Why did the old man not follow the advice of a doctor?
14. Why did the old man remember that mountain?
15. Why did the son at the age of six cried and cried?
16. Why had the old man planted his secret garden?
17. Why the old man did take the steep path?
18. Why were there so many paths circling around the mountain?
19. Why did the son not use the car to come to his father’s house?

Long Questions

“1. Translate the following passage into Urdu. (Short Stories Book-I)

“Twenty times in my life,” he said, “a doctor has told me to go home and be with my family as long as I could. Told me not to work. Not to do anything but to live and enjoy the few days I had left with me. If the doctors have been right”, he said, winking at me, “I have cheated death many times! Now I’ve reached the years the Good Book allows to man in his life time upon this earth! Three score years and ten!””
“2. Translate the following passage into Urdu. (Short Stories Book-I)

I didn’t want to go with him. I had just finished walking a half mile uphill from my home to his. I had carried a basket of dishes to Mom. There were two slips in the road and I couldn’t drive my car. And I knew how hot it was. It was 97 in the shade. I knew that from January until April my father had gone to eight different doctors. One of the doctors had told him not to walk the length of a city block. He told my father to get a taxi to take him home.”
“3. Translate the following passage into Urdu. (Short Stories Book-I)

“Oh, yes,” he said. “Early last spring, I couldn’t climb straight up the steep path. That was when the doctor didn’t give me a week to live. I made a longer, easier path so I wouldn’t have to do so much climbing. Then, as I got better, he explained “I made another path that was a little steeper. And as I continued to get better, I made steeper paths. That was one way of knowing I was getting better all the time.” I followed him down the path that wound this way and that, three times the length of the path we had climbed. “

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