1st Year English Lesson 13 God be Praised Notes MCQs Short Questions

english 11th notes chapter 13

1. What request did Abul make to Chaudhry?


2. Which two Japanese cities were attacked __________.


3. His un-limited treasure of divine blessings. Here the word ” divine ” means


4. We would


5. Who Inaugurated the shop of Shamim Ahmad?


6. What did Abul’s wife teach to the girls of the village?


7. Maulvi Abul had slightly _______ eyes.


8. What was the total saving of Abul?


9. He put a match to dry twig and with it lit the lamp. Here the word twig means


10. How did Chaudhry consider his daily offering to Abul?


11. How much money did Abul pay for the suit of Mehrun?


12. Chaudhry Fateh Dad’s censure was purely religious. Here the word censure means


13. Where did Abul take Shamim?


14. Why did Chaudhry reprimand Abul?


15. What did girls bring to Abul’s house on Thursday?


16. Maulvi Abul smile and consoled her wife. Here the word consoled means


17. Shamim felt at ease, but could not overcome his embarrassment. Here the word embarrassment means


18. None to share their moan


19. Maulvi Abul had slightly bulging eyes.


20. Like the children who came in quick succession, the time too had changed fast. Here the word succession means


21. The play Heat lightning is written by ___________


22. When did Chaudhry send a piece of cloth to Abul?


23. She


24. These are not mere accidental names. Here the word ” accidental ” means


25. Do you


26. Oblivious of his surroundings, Maulvi Abul’s mind was racing elsewhere. Here the word Oblivious means


27. Who inaugurated the shop of Shamim.?


28. Its sweet pungent small lingered. Here the word ” pungent ” means


29. Shamim Ahmad was the son of a :


30. The name of Maulvi‟s First born child was:


31. I will send my mother with the marriage proposal. Here the word proposal means


32. All these years Maulvi Abul had ___________ sources of inspiration.


33. Maulvi had implicit faith in God. Here the word implicit means


34. This Zabda of ours has suddenly matured. Here the word matured means


35. For whom did Abul buy a suit?


36. Maulvi Abul took a momentous decision. Here the word momentous means


37. But his voice remained resonant. Here the word resonant means


38. Where did Abul’s wife save extra money?


39. The gilded tip of his cap used to shine brightly.


40. For his hair, he used fragrant oil. Here the word fragrant means


41. Its sweet pungent small lingered. Here the word ” lingered ” means


42. When did Shamim go to the city? When he was


43. Without whose love Bullah is in loss?


44. Besides, there was really no way to tell.


45. Mauliv Abul had slightly ____________ eyes.


46. Where are you


47. Who opened a cloth shop in the village?


48. How many attributes are mentioned in the poem God’s Attributes?


49. Where did Shamim open his shop in the city?


50. Has some body’s been bothering you. Here the word ” bothering ” means


51. He wore ___________ rings with large stones.


52. Who was the first customer of Shamim?


53. Chaudhry Fateh Dad was the member of the district:


54. Nobody could restrain Shamim Ahmad from celebrating his marriage any way he desired. Here the word restrain means


55. Maulvi Abul had saved rupees _______ only.


56. What would Chaudhry do if he was late in sending his offering to Abul


57. Before his marriage Maulvi used to live in comfort, even pomp. Here the word pomp means


58. Cotton bag contained 150 to ________ rupees collected from the devotees.


59. Mehrunnisa was put in seclusion in a private room. Here the word seclusion means


60. How much did Maulvi pay for the shoes of Umdatul Nissa?


61. Why did Abul’s wife arrange two baskets?


62. So are these names derived from God’s attributes?


63. Pakistan ______ by leaps and bound


64. Who was Shamim?


65. What had Chaudhry been sending to Abul for years?


Short Questions

1. Describe Maulvi’s appearance?
2. How did Maulvi console Zaibunnisa?
3. How did Maulvi inaugurated the shop?
4. How much did the Maulvi collect on every Eid?
5. How much was distributed among the needy and the poor?
6. How was Mehrun sent off. 
7. Wath did Zaibunnisa say after the departure of Mehrunnisa?
8. What did Chaudhary say about Shamim and what had he given to Maulvi?
9. What did he always carry with him?
10. What did Maulvi say to Chaudhary when he reprimanded him for a mistake?
11. What did Maulvi say to his wife about their daughter Zabda?
12. What did some people believe about maulvi
13. What did Zaibunnisa do after seeing the ever increasing, responsibilities of her husband?
14. What is the short story about?
15. What kind of songs were sung in Maulvi’shouse?
16. What was alias Abul’s full name?
17. What was his turban known as and where it originally came from?
18. What was the name of his eldest daughter?
19. What was the name of his wife?
20. What was the name of the memmber of the District Board where the Maulvi lived?
21. What was the real name of Shamim Ahmad?
22. What were the two main sources of inspiration for Maulvi Abul?
23. Who was Shanmim Ahmad and what did he do
24. Why did Maulvi’s prayers become intense prolonged?
25. Write the names of the other two daughters who are mentioned  in the story?

Long Questions

“1. Translate the following passage into Urdu. (Short Stories Book-I)

In the crowd, there was also a loud-mouthed old hag who seemed to have other views. In a loud whisper, she pointed out that several suits in the dowry had once belonged to a woman who had died young. There were others which had been part of Zaibun’s dowry. “Even the bracelets and the gold nose-ring are hers,” she added with conviction. “But the gold pendants?” She raised her eyes and looked towards the heavens as if they were a gift from there. “
“2. Translate the following passage into Urdu. (Short Stories Book-I)

After the ceremonies were over, Mehrun was made to sit in a palanquin: Beautifully decorated, it was covered with a large silken cloth so that the bride could go to the bridegroom’s house in strict purdah. As two sturdy villagers carried it away, Maulvi Abul walked a few steps with it. He must have cried silently for his eyes and nose were red and he looked pale. At the same time, he looked at peace.”
“3. Translate the following passage into Urdu. (Short Stories Book-I)

He was the only son of a Hafiz. After the death of his father, Khudayar, tried to follow his father’s footsteps. When he was about 16, he went away to the city, leaving his old mother behind. Later they learnt that he had worked in the house of a head clerk, after which he had managed to open a small shop on a footpath where he began selling cut pieces. After saving some money and gaining experience in the business, he returned to the village. He then begged Maulvi Abul to inaugurate and bless his shop by becoming his first customer.”
“4. Translate the following passage into Urdu. (Short Stories Book-I)

Before his marriage, Maulvi Abul Barkat, alias, Abul used to live in comfort, even pomp. On his head, he wore a light brown turban known as Mashhadi lungi, because it originally came from Mashhad in Iran. The gilded tip of his cap used to shine brightly above the turban. He always carried a walking stick, a sort of sceptre with decorative bands of brass and gilt. For his hair, he used fragrant oil. Its sweet pungent smell lingered in the village lanes whenever he walked through them.”

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