1st Year Computer Science Chapter 9 Spread Sheet Notes MCQs

computer 11th notes Chapter 9

1. The default number format assigned to a cell is the


2. ____symbols is used in absolute referencing


3. If the custom format is # ##.000 then the number 16.3 will be displayed as


4. —menus contains the ‘Print command


5. In a spreadsheet, columns are labeled by


6. Each number format consists of –


7.        ____represents valid range in Excel


8. ____ menus contains the ‘Cells’ command


9. Which of the following is not an element of a chart:


10. The second part of number format describes:


11. ____ function is used to return current system date


12. Each cell in a spreadsheet has a unique:


13. If the custom format is 00000 then the number 420 will be displayed as


14. Calling a cell with the reference of its address is called


15. The vertical axis in charts is called:


16. For a currency format cell, the number 461.593 will be displayed as


17. If the custom format is ##,### then the number 23349 will be displayed as


18. ____ menus contains the ‘Function command used to active to function wizard


19. Which tab of Format Cells dialog box is used to rotate the text?


20. A cell at third column and 15 rows has a cell address


21. The Wrap text feature is available under what menu?


22. ____ is not a table of Page Setup dialog box of Excel


23. Which Excel tool consists of the steps to create a chart?


24. ____ represents a label


25. Which of the following is a correct cell address?


26. Which of the following is a spreadsheet


27. In a worksheet, a bold rectangle border indicates (n)


28. The currently selected cell where data can be entered or edited is called


29. ____is an absolute address


30. Which of the following function is used to get the current date?


31. Formula can only be applied on


32. The 0.0000000001 is displayed in default column width as


33. A cell of worksheet, which is not active is called


34. Another name for an electronic spreadsheet is:


35. B2:E3 is an example of a cell:


36. Which of the following is not an element of spreadsheet interface?


37. The first part of number format describes:


38. What is the basic unit of a worksheet in which data is entered?


39. A block of cells is called:


40.  ____menus contains the ‘Name’ command


41. A mathematical expression that is used to perform calculation on worksheet is called


42. The third part of number format describes:


43. In a spreadsheet, rows are labeled by


44. Which is the faster way to change horizontal alignment in a document on?


45. The absolute reference of cell address A15 is written as;


46. The horizontal dimension of a spreadsheet is called:


47. The command used to merge a number of selected cells into one cell is called:


48. The cell that contains a formula or function will show:


49. The extension of MS-Excel file is:


50.  ____is a spreadsheet


51. A spreadsheet cell highlighted with a heavy border is the:


52. A workbook is a group of


53. Range of cells from C2 to C100 is referenced as


54. The intersection of a row and column form a


55. Which of the following is an absolute address?


56. ____ symbols is used before the formula


57. Which of the following is spreadsheet software?


58. ____ is not a feature of spreadsheet program


59. Each number format in Excel consist of:


60. A formula in Excel always begins with:


61. Graphic representation’ of data is named:


62. Which of the following is modified to add a title to chart and change title’s format?


63. The main window in spreadsheet is called:


64. A collection of related worksheets is called


65. The function that is used to get the minimum value is called:


66. How many worksheets are contained in a workbook by default?


67. The function that is used to get the maximum value is called:


68. The fourth part of number format describes:


69. The actual working area in Microsoft Excel is


70. The function that is used to count the number of entries in the give range is called:


71. SUM, AVERAGE, MIN and MAX are examples of:


72. The vertical dimension of a spreadsheet is called:


73. ____ cell addresses is correct


Short Questions

1. Define Spreadsheet?
2. Describe Features of Spreadsheet.
3. Differentiate between worksheet and workbook.
4. Explain Function SUM with complete detail of parameters.
5. Explain Labels and Values in MS Excel.
6. Explain Merge Cell and Wrap Text.
7. Explain Page Header and Footer.
8. How Chart Wizard works ?
9. How do we enter a formula in MS Excel?
10. How will you format a cell ?
11. List some uses or applications of spreadsheet?
12. List the features of spreadsheet program?
13. List three benefits of spreadsheet?
14. What are Named Ranges ?
15. What is a cell and cell address?
16. What is a column header?
17. What is active cell?
18. What is Microsoft Excel?
19. What is row header?
20. What is the use of formula bar in Excel interface?
21. What is workbook?
22. What is worksheet?
23. Write a Formula to calculate average of 10 cells above in MS Excel.

Long Questions

1. Define spreadsheet and discuss its basic features.
“2. Differentiate the following:
• Workbook and Worksheet
• Active Cell and Passive Cell
• Word Processor and Spreadsheet
• Function and formula
• Labels and Values”
3. Every cell in a worksheet has a reference number, how is it calculated? Discuss with examples the major differences between Relative and Absolute referencing.
4. Create a Pie chart for the marks obtained by your class fellows in SSC examination.
5. What do you understand by the term named ranges? Can it be helpful in simplifying the worksheet?
6. What are the advantages of using a spreadsheet program?

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