1st Year Computer Science Chapter 8 Word Processing Notes MCQs

computer 11th notes Chapter 8

1. A group of sentences is called


2. Computer at home can be used ?


3. The extension of MS-Word file is:


4. The Ruler is used to set the


5. ____ is used to control all the parts of a manufacturing process ?


6. Which of the following is used to edit text in a document?


7. A common font size used in business documents is


8. A word processor includes the process of


9. ____features of word processor allows to specify margins of the documents


10. Tables allow the text to be displayed in:


11. ____ feature enables you to reverse the changes you have made to the document


12. The benefit of CAD may be summed up as ?


13. How many typing modes are provided by word processor?


14. The size of the characters to be printed is measured in:


15. ____ keyboard shortcuts is used to change the case


16. Which of the following keys is used to delete characters in a document?


17. The Word window has many common elements of a typical window such as:


18. _____is not related to paragraph formatting


19. Which of the following is not included in Document Management Systems ?


20. Which of the following is popular full featured word processor?


21. Which of the following is not a type of page margin?


22. A word processor can:


23. Paragraph formats include:


24. During text entering process into document, the cursor automatically shifts to the next line when it reaches to the right margin. This feature of word processor is called


25. Computer based weather forecasting depands on accurate collection of data from ?


26. _____keys of keyboard in conjunction with arrow keys is used for selecting text


27. Header & footer option can be used from which menu?


28. The bar that displays the name of program and the name of documents is called


29. Which of the following is an example of a font style?


30. CBT software is used in ?


31. ____ menus contains the ‘Page Setup’ command


32. A word processor can be used to ?


33. Which of the following can be used to launch the WordArt?


34. MICR stand for ?


35. ____ features of word processor allows to insert text from one file into another file


36. Many banks provide the facility of ?


37. The insertion point in the document is also called


38. The direction of paper in printing is referred to as:


39. Which of the following is a word processor


40. Word processing programs are used to create:


41. Which of the following is related to business ?


42. The process of moving up or down in a word processing document is called:


43. The Enter key is pressed to insert a in MS Word


44. The Redo command


45. Font effects include:


46. Which menu is used to insert page numbers in the document?


47. ____menus contains ‘Paragraph’ command


48. The bold text specifies the


49. Which of the following feature enables you to reverse the changes you have made to the document?


50. ____ menus contains ‘Picture’ command used to insert a picture stored in a file on disk


51. ____menus contains the ‘Page Numbers’ command


52. Word processing includes the process of:


53. A____ is an automatic pr ogrammable machine?


54. Typically an ATM can be used ?


55. CBT stand for ?


56. The area in which text is entered, manipulated and viewed is called:


57. ____ menus contains the ‘Column’ command


58. Which of the following feature is used to reverse the changes made to a document?


59. The shape of the insertion point symbol is:


60. ____can be used to launch the Word Art


61. CAL stand for ?


62. ____is most commonly used word processing package


63. Benefits of using computers ?


64. Which of the following is relevant to office automation ?


65. The fly by wire system is used in ?


66. The symbol that shows where the next character will be typed is called:


67. Page setup option is available in which menu?


68. Many products are designed by using ?


69. ____menus contains the ‘Header and Footer command


70. In MS Word, the data that is being copied or moved is


71. Font size is measure in


72. Modern computer can perform calculations?


73. Which mode replaces the existing text?


74. ____is not a feature of simple word processor or text editor


75. ____ refers to the orientation of the lines of a paragraph with respect to themargins


76. The bar that contains the group of commands is called


77. ____shows the margins, position of tabs, and indents etc


78. A word processor can


79. ____is a Word processor


80. The name of the document is displayed:


81. ____ menus contains the ‘Print command used to print the document on printer


82. The bar that shows the total pages of document, position of cursor etc. is called


Short Questions

1. Define Macros?
2. Define Title Bar?
3. Differentiate between Insert Mode and Over Write Mode in MS Word.
4. Distinguish between save and save as command?
5. Explain a simple word processor (text editor).
6. Explain about margins?
7. Explain Font Size, Font Style and Font Color in MS Word.
8. Explain Undo and Redo command?
9. Explain Word Art in MS Word.
10. Explain WYSIWYG.
11. How will you print an MS Word document ?
12. List some uses of word processor?
13. What are header and footer?
14. What are Tables in MS Word ?
15. What choices do you have for alignment in MS Word ?
16. What do you meant by indent?
17. What is a Word Processor ?
18. What is Clipboard in MS Word ?
19. What is clipboard?
20. What is mail merge?
21. What is meant by word processing?
22. What is paragraph formatting?
23. What is text editor?
24. What is undo command?
25. Why fonts are used?
26. Write shortcut key to print a document?

Long Questions

“1. Write a note on the following:
• Word processor
• Clipboard
• Word Art”
2. What is a text editor? Describe its basic features.
3. Describe features of a full-featured word processor.
4. Define font and discuss its types.
5. Describe formatting features for paragraph formatting.

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