1st Year Computer Science Chapter 7 Windows Operating System Notes MCQs

computer 11th notes Chapter 7

1. ____  is an example of command line operating system


2. ____  is based on the NT technology


3. The files can exist in folders but folders cannot exist in:


4. Windows operating system can be used to:


5. Which of the following contains the administrative tools?


6. Which of the following is based on NT Technology?


7. The work area on which windows, icons, menus and dialog box appear is called:


8. ____  is most necessary to interact with the computer


9. The maximum number of primary partitions that can be created on a disk is


10. ____  involves the multiple processors in the computer


11. Which of the following is a mouse event?


12. The capability of an operating system to load multiple program into memory at a time and to perform two or more processes concurrently, is called


13. Add New Hardware option is available in:


14. Which of the following is used to manage files and folders?


15. All files deleted from computer are stored in


16. The devices that are automatically detected by Windows are called:


17. ____is not a mouse event


18. ____  is a Web Browser that is included with Microsoft Windows operating system


19. Which is a mouse event?


20. GUI stands for


21. ____contains the files and folders that are deleted from the hard disk


22. ____  organizes and controls the hardware and software


23. The maximum partitioning that can be created on a basic disk is:


24. ____ is used to surf Internet


25. How many types of partitions are there?


26. Which of the following services is provided by the operating system?


27. The ability of an operating system to control the activities of multiple programs at the same time is called:


28. How many types of operating systems are there on the basis of user interface?


29. ____  involves the processing on multiple processors in a computer


30. BY DEFAULT Lindows save the documents created in MS-Word in the folder


31. An operating system is able to perform multiple processes at the same time is called


32. ____events of mouse is used to select multiple items at a time or to move an item(s) from one location to another


33. ____folders contains the administrative tools


34. As compared to command line operating system, a GUI operating system is


35. Which of the following is the entering point in Windows?


36. Windows 2000 is a:


37. ____  event of mouse is normally used to select an object


38. A small image that represents a program, instruction, or file is called:


39. An operating system is a:


40. ___ is not an example of GUI operating system


41. A list of documents waiting to be printed on printer is called:


42. ____  acts as file manager for Windows


43. Windows was developed by:


44. Which of the following are considered as resource?


45. Ctrl + Alt + Del is


46. Windows explorer is used to


47. Software can be removed/installed through:


48. Which of the following is a keyboard event?


49. In DOS, a user communicates with the operating system by issuing:


50. ____  text stored in clipboard


51. What type of operating system MS-DOS is?


52. ____ is the entering point in Windows


53. Which of the following acts as an interface between the user and the hardware?


54. Which of the following is not a graphical user interface


55. The extension of an executable file is


56. The File Manager in Windows is


Short Questions

1. Define desktop?
2. Define event?
3. Define Multitasking?
4. Define some uses of clipboard?
5. Differentiate between GUI and Command Line based OS.
6. Explain any TWO Objects of Windows Operating System.
7. Explain Disk Management.
8. Explain File Management.
9. Explain Main Features of MS Windows.
10. Explain Mouse Events in MS Windows.
11. Explain two basic purposes of OS.
12. How do we control printing jobs ?
13. List different objects of Windows Operating System?
14. List some activities of Control Panel?
15. What are the different Operating systems?
16. What is File Management?
17. What is meant by GUI?
18. What is meant by primary partition?
19. What is primary and extended partition?
20. What is the purpose of Recycle Bin?
21. What is the use of Control Panel?
22. What is Windows Explorer?
23. Why computer needs an Operation System?

Long Questions

1. Define operating system and discuss their types.
2. Give a comparison between Command Line operating system and Graphical User Interface.
3. Discuss different features of Windows 2000 operating system.
“4. Write a short note on each of the following:
Disk Management Utility
Windows Explorer
Print Queue”
5. What do you mean by Plug and Play? Does Windows 2000 provide this feature?
6. Define Partitioning. Briefly describe primary and extended partitioning.
“7. Differentiate the following:
Multitasking and Multiprocessing
File Management and Disk Management
Single-User operating system and Multi-User operating system”

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