1st Year Computer Science Chapter 3 Data Communications Notes MCQs

computer 11th notes Chapter 3

1. Data is transmitted block-by-block in


2. Which transmission allows data to travel in both directions but only one directorate a time?


3. The conversation over a walkie-talkie radio is an example of:


4. Full duplex communication is made possible by devices called ?


5. This type of transmission is sometimes called start transmission ?


6. Which of the following transmission media is used in LAN ?


7. ____  communication medium requires “line-of-sight”


8. The flow of traffic on one-lane residential street is an example of


9.   ____ uses light to transmit data


10. BCD stands for


11. The process of converting digital data into analog is called


12. _____coding schemes is used by IBM


13. which data transmission type use clock to control the timing of bits being sent ?


14. ____ is an example of unbounded media


15. Satellite transmission stations that can both send and receive messages are called:


16. Which of the following technique uses modulation?


17. “bps” stands for


18. Which transmission allows data to travel in both directions but only one direction at time ?


19. How many characters ASCII 7-bit code can represent?


20. Which of the following coding schemes uses 4-bit code?


21. In microwave transmission system, antennas are placed on a high towers or buildings and these are placed within


22. The  is the physical path over which the message travels


23. Satellites are approximately         miles above the earth


24. The height of wave within a given period of time is known as  ?


25. which of the following coding scheme used by IBM ?


26. The is the physical path over which a message travels


27. The music and speech represent: 


28. ASCII 8-bit code can represent maximum


29. The process of converting a digital signal to an analog signal is called: 


30. The information that is to be transferred from one location to another is called


31. —  is commonly used in LAN


32. Which is the most secure type of transmission medium?


33. ____ affects the quality of satellite transmission


34. Internet surfing is an example of: 


35. A device that receives messages is called


36. Which technique is used to transmit large amount of data such as voice and video, over long distance by using modulation?


37. ____ is the fastest communication mode


38. The electromagnetic waves representing data are called ?


39. Start/stop bits are not required in this type of  transmission ?


40. Data communication only requires:


41.   _____device uses the parallel transmission


42. Light, sound, and radio waves are examples of


43. An arrangement in which data can be received and sent simultaneously is called ?


44. Which technique uses modulation?


45. The data signals transmitted over telephone lines are in the form of


46. Transmission from Earth to satellite is called:


47. ASCII 7-bit code can represent maximum


48. All of the following are elements of data communication system except:


49. Which of the following has a 4-bit coding scheme?


50.   ____is not a communication media


51. Which communication technique can transmit the data over long distance


52. An idle line has value 1 then it is called


53. Physical path that connects the source and receiver is known ?


54. The height of the wave is called


55. Which of the following is the fastest communication mode?


56. The process of transferring data from one location to another is called


57. Which of the following devices uses parallel transmission ?


58. BIT stands for


59. How many types of data transmission modes?


60. The internal transfer of binary data in a computer uses:


61. IBM stands for


62. An asynchronous line that is idle is identified with a value


63. Data communication requires only a


64. Data is transmitted block by ?


65.  ____coding schemes uses 4 bit code


66. Modulation is performed:


67. Modem stands for


68. External modem is connected to the


69. The process of transferring data electronically from one place to another is called


70. Internet suffering is an example ?


71. Full-duplex communication is made possible by the devices known as: 


72. ____data type represents actions and movements


73. _____coding schemes uses 16-bit code to represent a symbol?


74. The diameter of fiber optical cable is: 


75. Sound light and radio waves are example ?


76. The chart graph picture and freehand drawing are example of ?


77. Which one is not unguided media?


78. How many characters can Unicode represent?


79. How many types, the communication channels are divided?


80. Transmission permitting data to move only one way at a time is called ?


81. EBCDIC is a


82. The process to convert analog signals into digital signals is called


83. The signals produced by a computer to send over phone line must be converted to


84. which of the following is fastest communication mode ?


85. The conversation of two persons through telephone line is an example of


86. What is required to send data instructions or information ?


87. Internet surfing or browsing is an example of


88. An important property of fiber optic cable is


89. Which of the following is the insulation on a fiber-optic cable?


90. In ____ ____ communication modes the data communication can take place in only one direction?


91. How many characters ASCII 8-bit code can represent?


92. The communication channels can be divided into ?


93. The music speech represent ?


94. In____ communication modes the multiplexer devices are used


95. Communication mode is ?


96. How many character in Unicode ?


97. The number of times a wave repeats during a specific time interval is called


98. How many character in ASCII7-bit code can represent ?


99. Microwave transmission, coaxial cables and fiber optics are examples of


100. Transmission from a satellite to its earth-based station is called:


101.   _____code systems can represent up to 65536 symbols


102.  ___is component of data communication


103. In Asynchronous transmission; mark state is represented by


104. The internal transfer of data in computer uses ?


105. The number of time a wave repeats during a specific time interval is called ?


106. Which of the following has a 16-bit coding scheme?


107. How many character in ASCII8-bit code can represent ?


108. The music and speech represent the


109. Television and radio broadcasts are examples of:


110. Which type of data consists of words, sentences and paragraphs?


111. Which of the following coding schemes used by IBM?


112. Which of the following is used to measure modem’s data transfer rate?


113. The electromagnetic or light waves representing data are called


114. Inside the computer binary data flows from one unit to another using


115. Which of the following type of data is used to display actions and movement? 


116. Which of the following converts digital signals to analog and analog to digital?


117. Which term uses modulation to transmit a large volume of data?


118. A telephone conversation is an example ?


119. Analog signal is measured ?


120. Which of the following is NOT a coding scheme to represent data in computer?


121. EBCDIC stands for:


122. Which type of modem can be added to the system unit through expansion slot?


123. Unicode is a:


124. The charts, graphs and pictures are examples of


125. Which of the following coding scheme uses 4-bit code ?


126. The height of wave within a given period of time is called


127. ASCII is ___bit coding scheme.


128.  ____ is guided media


129. Which type of modem does not require any cable as transmission channel to transmit signals?


130. The process of converting analog to digital signal is known as:


131. Which of the following type of data used to display actions and movement ?


132. Which kind of signal is mostly required by telephone lines?


133. ASCII stands for:


134. The bandwidth of the coaxial is


135. ____ is not component of data communication


136. Most data transmitted over telephone lines uses ?


137. Which technique does not use modulation?


138. Communication between a computer and a keyboard involves transmission


139. Which multiplexing technique shifts each signal to a different carrier frequency?


Short Questions

1. Compare simplex and half duplex mode?
2. Define analog signal?
3. Define communication system, draw diagram and explain its components.
4. Define Data Communication.
5. Define data encoding and explain FOUR data encoding schemes.
6. Define Data Representation and Explain Encoding Scheme ASCII Code.
7. Define Data Representation and Explain Encoding Scheme BCD Code.
8. Define Data Representation and Explain Encoding Scheme EBCDIC Code.
9. Define Data Representation and Explain Encoding Scheme Unicode Code.
10. Define Guided Media and Twisted Pair Wire.
11. Define MODEM, Transmission Rate, Speed, explain types of MODEM.
12. Define the term “Modulation”.
13. Define the term encoder and decoder?
14. Describe asynchronous data transmission?
15. Describe Bandwidth, Baseband and Broadband.
16. Describe Coaxial Cable.
17. Describe Components of Communication with Diagram.
18. Describe Fiber-Optic Cable.
19. Describe Microwave as a communication medium.
20. Describe Modem, Transmission Rate & Speed.
21. Describe Satellite as a communication medium.
22. Describe Types of Data.
23. Differentiate between Encoder and Decoder.
24. Differentiate between External & Internal Modem.
25. Explain Asynchronous Data Transmission.
26. Explain communication media, guided and unguided in detail.
27. Explain Full Duplex Mode of Communication.
28. Explain Half Duplex Mode of Communication.
29. Explain modes of data communication in detail with diagrams.
30. Explain Parallel Data Transmission.
31. Explain Serial Data Transmission.
32. Explain Simplex Mode of Communication.
33. Explain Synchronous Data Transmission.
34. Explain types of data transmission in detail with diagrams.
35. Explain Types of Signal with Diagram.
36. Explain Wireless Modem.
37. List different elements of data communication?
38. List three features of modem?
39. Name some bounded media?
40. What are digital signals?
41. What do you know about broadband?
42. What do you know about full duplex mode of data communication?
43. What is coaxial cable?
44. What is Communication Channel ?
45. What is communication Satellite?
46. What is decoder?
47. What is fiber optics?
48. What is meant by encoding of data?
49. What is meant by half duplex mode?
50. What is meant by parallel transmission?
51. What is receiver?
52. What is serial data transmission?
53. What is signal?
54. What is Unicode?
55. Write about external modem?
56. Write about modem?

Long Questions

1. What is data communication? Define the basic component of communication network.
2. Define the modem and its types.
3. Differentiate between Asynchronous and Synchronous.
4. Briefly explain the various communication media.
5. Define the Modem.
6. What is bandwidth? Explain bandwidth briefly.
7. Differentiate between guided media and unguided media.

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